Most Memorable CBox Moment

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  1. Now that the CBox has been replaced with the... *sniffles* "shoutbox,"

    I think it is right to pay our respects to the CBox's memory. CBox is a big part of community life in Iwaku for me. I'm on it nearly everyday. In memory of the CBox, share your most memorable experiences in it.

    Mine, of course, was pushing Diana down the stairs... two weeks after joining Iwaku.

    Also, Celest's theme song: DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUUUNNN

    What're your memorable experiences in CBox?
  2. I have been a part of so many CBox shenanigans now that I do not know if there is one that sticks out from all of them. I enjoy myself in CBox every day, and I think that every adventure undertaken there is worth a read. But now that I think about it, when members greeted me on my birthday, and wished me happy birthday, I was incredibly thrilled, and that was probably the high point of the day. So that is my most memorable occasion in CBox, I think.
  3. The one I fondly remember the best is this time where we put "Cock Punch" into movie titles. This happened a long time ago, so I forget who all was involved. It was a chat session that made me laugh 'till I cried, though!

    Oh, and this other time that Diana, Peter/Butterfly and I were the only ones in the Cbox... He changed his name to "One Cup". :|
  4. Calling everyone lying whores and watching it escalate into nuclear Armageddon.

    Flying a plane at Diana on top of a volcano and shooting her with a gatling gun.

    Giving Feral Angel a ten second countdown in which he had to apologise or be permabanned from the site.

    Running Johnny Sasaki over in my car outside a hospital.