Most important lessons ever learned?

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  1. What are some important lessons you've ever learned in life? From funny to serious, list them below!

    - Never wear a tuxedo and drink a glass of milk before a party. Smh.

    - What goes around comes around.

    - Telling the truth, although scary as heck, can save your ass
  2. Never fry bacon in the nude.
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  3. Not to break on foot and then sprain the other by being to lazy to use crutches and hop around.
  4. Webpage building is 10% Preservation and 90% Tedium.
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  5. Speak when you have something to say. Not just because you can.
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  6. Knowledge is just what you think you know. Knowing that empowers you to constantly change your opinions, to make them more accurate when better answers than what you currently have are received, rather than disposing of them and permanently stunting your own potential to believe in something that may not even be true.
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  7. Choose your battles.

    The damage you do to your relationships and to people's perception of you by being contradictory, negative, or argumentative is bigger than you think. You don't need to point out, correct, or clarify everything.
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  8. LET IT GO. Everything that happened 10 years ago to last week to an hour ago is OVER. It doesn't matter any more. There is only the present and the future. You'll be a much happier person if you don't hold on to past events.

    Also, ALWAYS BE NICE TO YOUR WAITERS AND CASHIERS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS. You don't know what kind of shit they had to deal with all day at work. Too many people treat them like lower class servants. >:[ They deserve respect too.
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  9. -Cheating and giving your pokemon 99 rare candies is a bad idea in all but the newer games.

    -Putting big marbles in your mouth is a BAD idea. (Especially when upside down)

    -Tubas/Sousaphones are the best instruments and (usually) have the chillest people.
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  10. Emotions have different potency from person to person, and there's nothing wrong with that.

    Put others before yourself wherever you reasonably can. It's a pleasant surprise to have a bunch of people that you don't even remember doing anything for come to save your ass when you're in a tight spot.
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  11. Nothing happens in a vacuum.
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  12. Never be too quick to trust people, even if they're your friends, ESPECIALLY if they're your friends, it can really screw you over.
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  13. Leave your work at the office. Do not bring it home (either physically or mentally/emotionally). No-one will ever pay you enough to justify letting your job become your life.

    Shaving against the grain might hurt but it does a much better job.

    Don't count on other people coming to save your ass, but always remember those that do.
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  14. In life you'll always have to compromise one way or another.

    Never have High Expectations of anyone, as In 95% of the cases.. You'll end up disappointed.

    Under not circumstance.. Is a never a good idea to let your emotions/feelings to take control over you.
    You know better than that, is always good to accept some things as they are and simply move on.
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  15. Oh, here's a good one that I just remembered: Sometimes the only choices you have are bad ones.

    I've had some experiences with this in the past, more frequently in this past few months, but I don't think I really noticed it till much more recently.
    Now it just seems like kind of an obvious thing to know and I feel ridiculously stupid for not realizing sooner.

    Also, the quicker you fall in love, the quicker you get hurt. Take it slooow (but not too slow).
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  16. There are three sides to every conflict. Their side, your side, and the truth.
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  17. -Don't put tinfoil in the microwave.

    -No matter what you thought you may have heard, there is probably no food that requires 50 minutes in the microwave, so don't do it.

    -If your favorite mug just went through the dishwasher and is super hot, don't put something cold in it.
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  18. I still cherish my "Nothing happens in a vaccuum." but this WHOLE video is on my shit too.

  19. Don't pick a fight with a bigger, stronger guy if you don't know how to

    a) Fight dirty
    b) Run.
  20. Hello Babylon 5. :bsmile:

    If you never want to have writer's block again, do two things. First: Accept that no matter how excellent a writer you may become, you will have bad days, and not everything you write will be a golden calf so stop panicking about whether what you wrote is any good or not. Second: Every day, sit in front of an empty text document or a piece of paper and write nonstop for five minutes. Nonstop. Do not stop for any reason, even if what comes out of it is incomprehensible. The whole idea of that writing exercise is to put you on the spot, to focus your mind to the task of writing.

    Beyond that? Time and experience... Time, and experience...