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  1. Can be a random encounter, a boss, a miniboss, so long as it's something you're supposed to kill and you have rage issues against it, it qualifies!

    I dislike Diglett. I mean, I like it when it's IN MY PARTY, but Arena trap is a bitch when you're out of repels and just want to get through the damn area >.< Same with Wobbuffet

    Devils in Grandia II are not on my faves list; Ba-BOOM can go to hell with its OHKO-ness

    Oooh and Seymour in FFX. I mean, not only is he evil as a character, but all of his fights were insanely difficult for me! I'd realise the cutscene was leading up to a fight and just start weeping.
  2. Metro 2033. Those fucking blobs that explode and stuff. Oh god, so annoying. And they made it an escort mission, too. Fuckers.
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  3. Riku, in both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.


    This friggin' douche took me days to defeat when I was younger and knew nothing of video games. I finally beat him in KH1...
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    only to play Chain of Memories and discover that he's the damned boss after Axel at the end. To this day, I have yet to kill him, but maybe one day I'll master that card system and win out against his dumb butt. :|
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  4. Spiders.

    Does it matter the game? You name it, they probably poison you, slow you down, and come early in big numbers.

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  5. Hm. I know back in the day when I would play Wind Waker, those random giant octos would show up and slow me down. I mean **** just let me get to my destination.
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Other players.
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  8. Those mosquitos in Dark Souls.

    Simply because they caused the frame rate to lag/allow you to jumped by more dangerous enemies.
  9. [​IMG]

    These raging assholes. Scare the shit out of me every time.

    Also these guys:


    Hated them in the original Alice, hated them even more in the second game.
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  11. @Saren may want to tuck that Chain of Memories bit into a spoiler tag!
  12. I'm going to sound weird for this, but Barthandelus's second boss battle every single time I replay Final Fantasy XIII. I tend to space out when I play and for how long, so by the time I get to that battle, I forget the strategy for it (though I know his weaknesses), so I inevitably either figure it out without help or look it up and still have problems.

    Only boss in that game I have legitimate problems with. (Then again, I don't grind until Pulse/the end-game and what the hell are shrounds?) The final damn boss was easier for me than he was. Just thinking about the most recent (months ago lmfao) time I fought him makes me just
    It's the dumbest boss in any game to get stuck on (at least I bet a lot of people think so) and yet he manages to shaft me in that battle every single time.

    Also, I've played them enough where I don't care anymore, but every SMT game ever has burned my ass at some point. Probably because I consistently choose the hardest mode.
  13. Nothing on earth is worse than that final battle with Shao Khan in MK9. I have never experienced a more violent rage towards a group of pixels.
  14. The final boss in the Shinobi PS2 game, and I will never beat him because my ps3 is dead.
  15. Ornstein and Smough. They were the only bosses in Dark Souls that I actually had problems with. After a few tries with other bosses, I got the hang of it and beat them, but Ornstein and Smough were dicks >:[ Always fucking attacking at the same time.
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  16. Everything that come to mind for me is from Dark Souls 1 or 2.

    For the first Dark Souls, the Ornstein and Smough boss fight was a major pain in the ass, especially on NG+ and higher when the NPC companion can't really deal with their damage. I played it on Xbox 360 without internet access, so I was stuck with whatever I could do and whatever NPC summons they allowed me. Oh, and there was the Capra Demon boss fight, because those damned dogs turned what would have been an easy boss into a nightmare. Blowdart Snipers in Blighttown caused me tons of rage as well, because that fucking toxic effect was garbage. If they weren't one-off kills and respawned like everything else, I don't know if I would have been able to make it through that damned place without a couple ragequits.

    For Dark Souls 2, definitely other player invasions. I played early into the PC release, and dark magic was extremely powerful, so that meant that damn near all my invaders were dark magic spammers. Bastards. The Smelter Demon and Old Iron King bosses pissed me right the fuck off, because I was playing a fat tank style and those guys just don't take no shit from people who can't effectively roll to dodge. The NG+ versions of Flexile Sentry and The Lost Sinner were also pretty rage-inducing.

    If it sounds like Dark Souls makes me rage hard, that's because it does. The sweet satisfaction of grinding through the pain and defeating those challenging enemies is worth it though.
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  17. Dom fucking Beasley

    "Doesn't he give you missions?"

    Yeah he gives you missions to do as Franklin.

    "But, he's not really an enemy. He likes you and doesn't wanna hurt you, just be extreme."

    He's not Franklin's enemy, I suppose.

    But he sure as hell is mine.

    I've attempted to kill him more than every other named NPC combined after the first mission with him.

    And then I spoilered myself on accident while reading the thing I linked... so now I have incentive to do his missions just to watch him die.

    Fuck you, Dom. You're the real final boss of GTA 5.

  18. I actually been having no problems with Pikachu and snorlax. Nito on NG+ is a different story.

    In DS2, it's actually the damn skeletons in the basement of the house with the stone map. .____.;
  19. Malthael in Diablo III. He makes Diablo look like a Lego guy.
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  20. Dark Souls series wheel skeletons.

    Fuck those guys.

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