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  1. Please, tell me what your most favorite roleplay of all time is! When I say this, I'm talking about how you react when you respond to the roleplay or talk about everything in private messages. Do you do stuff like creating a playlist for the main characters, or perhaps the NPCs? Do you make a list of quotes for your character hoping you can intergrate those quotes into the roleplay later on so that the scene may become funny, dramatic, or even passionate and/or romantic? Maybe you have visuals of how a scene would play out, like a fantasy that would probably never happen? I have my own roleplay in libertine (sorry adults :P) called Illicit Nurture, the main pairing being a teacher x student. My roleplay partner and I have become waaaaayyyy too engrossed with it because the characters with all of the drama, sexual tension, and flirting just makes up fangirl way too much! So, tell me, what's your favorite roleplay of all time? If need be, you cannot state just one, others are allowed as well. (:
  2. Aw, don't make me pick favourites :(

    My faves are usually the ones that are full of plot and twists; ie: the characters are never left twiddling their thumbs, and there's never too much dead air while we're deliberating what the story should do next. I also like ones where I can be creative with the setting.
  3. I have an incest roleplay going on right now that I'm really enjoying. Recently it's been full of tragedy and sadness, which I had planned for a long time, and I'm really enjoying the strong emotion that's been displayed in the roleplay. The reason why I know it's one of my favorite is because my partner and I are constantly discussing things about it in our OOC conversation and have become really good friends(in my opinion.) I've just never had many roleplays where I become friends with the partner, so it's a nice and new-ish experience. I also know it's one of my favorites is because everytime I see a new post for it, my heart skips a beat. But yeah, it's in private conversation, so uh sorry that it can't be viewed o_o.
  4. @Moogle It's cool. Nice to know you're enjoying that roleplay~ :)
  5. Odox.

    Not because it was the best.

    But because it actually finished.
  6. My favourite roleplay, nostalgically speaking, was called Archipelago. The GM got banned, probably for doing sexy-times with teens on a site that didn't allow sexy-times at all—not that I had anything do with that, of course. *cough cough* I joined a different roleplay from an alt of his later, and made sure to keep out of anything sexual, but he disappeared and got banned again. The thing I liked about his roleplays were the depth of his characters, the intricacy of his plots—both political and character-focused—and how he built foundations for each of the players to play a large, interrelated cast. There was so much potential, way more than I was actually fit for at that young age.

    Currently, my favourite roleplay is Legends of Renalta, by @Brovo. It differs in many ways from Archipelago, but is equally well-developed. Characters interact and shape less one another, but do have great potential to affect the world around them. In addition, it is far more stable—the only roleplay I've joined so far that didn't essentially die out in the intro.

    Outside of just posting IC for Renalta, I have spent hours chatting with other players—even months before I had any intention of actually joining—the variety of characters we could make, how they might react to each other, and what tactics might be most suited to their missions. I even went through the trouble of building a massive spreadsheet summarizing the over-twenty player characters that have popped up in its lifespan. Though I've only played one character so far, I developed concepts for a half a dozen back-ups, and one of my friends made dozens of backups.

    A lot of care was put in LoR, and it is an honour to be a part of it.
  7. [​IMG]

    Honoured to have you.
  8. I may have helped contribute to this. I definitely contributed to this.

    To answer the question posed by the OP, my favourite RP has probably been a Scion thing run by @Elendra. It didn't get too far, but the form of the RP (live google docs) really let us play up character dialogue and interactions.
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  9. SSG - a 12 year old rp between my sis and myself. Very sophisticated and requires waaaay too much research into everything. Honestly, I don't hate that my younger sister is smarter than myself. The twists, the lies, the murders---it's the best game EVAR.
  10. Please be excited for the Hero's Journey RP I'll be doing when that game is out. Because that's basically what it's gonna be, hopefully. But, y'know, with length.
  11. A favorite quote I wrote for a side scene between two characters. This is part of a larger
    story I wrote for my roleplay to help develop a past relationship. The green
    part is the section I got a personal little "heh, yeah I like that line" moment.

    Oh and Cassius does not use contractions.

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