Most Embarrassing Story Time!

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  1. Yooo guys. I'm new here and I figured a good way to make friends is be silly and share our funny, yet shameful moments. ;P

    My MES (most embarrassing story) is when I was in my freshman year of high school. I went to Australia with a group of friends and we went swimming and surfing. I didn't really know anything about oceans, so as I was learning to surf, I fell off a lot. Duh. Well, my friend Daniel who was trying to stay close to me accidentally got too close and caused us both to topple off of our boards, and my bathing suit top fell down. I freaked the heck out, and he was trying to grab me and my board, but I thought he was a shark, so in all of my bare-breasted and brilliant glory, I began to flip shit and scream 'shark'.

    Needless to say, it caused a lot of drama and uproar. Oops.

    Now everyone calls me Sharkgirl and Topless Wonder, even still. I'm in my seniour year now. Hahaha. Oh well.

    Go on, don't be shy! ♡
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  2. I ate some really bad burritos as a teenager, and went to school. Unfortunately, we had a test that day.

    I couldn't hold it back.

    It sounded like the war trumpets from hell.

    Even the teacher looked ashamed of me as I sat there, in the wake of it all.

    Never been in a quieter room.
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  3. I was forced to play water soccer on my school's Sports Festival day. I had to become goalkeeper. So, I went into the huge blow-up pool and slipped and fell in the middle of the pool, in front of the entire cohort. They laughed at me :c

    When I was younger, I thought Seoul was in Rome and New Delhi is in Europe. I keep thinking Montreal is somewhere in Hungary or France.

    Now that I think about it, I felt really dumb back then lol.
  4. Ones I can remember right now:

    Sometime in middle school, I dun remember which year, I was on my period and bleed through my pad. To make matters worse I was wearing some tightass white shorts too. O__O With much mortification, I talked the counselor in to taking me home from school.

    There was the day I passed out at school too. A different week, a different period. >:[

    I can't remember much else. O_O Now these moments don't seem so bad, but back then I was completely destroyed.
  5. Never trust something that bleeds for days and doesn't die.
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  6. I was dared to run around my house naked by my best friends in high school. Not a foot out the door I stepped in a hole and twisted my ankle. Yet, I was still determined to follow through with the dare. So, in my birthday suit, I hobbled around my house, missing dog mines and all, back to the pool where my friends were dying with laughter, nearly drowning themselves.
  7. i shat my pants once when i was in 2nd grade
  8. I gave myself a black eye when I was a freshman in college....And it left permanent damage for some reason.... knuckles are tough yo. Trying to explain it to people was the worst part because it wasn't just like a little bruise, no it was an entire cartoon black and blue eye.
  9. wait what how?
  10. I was opening a bag of cookies.....and clocked myself in the face.
    (I'm assuming you're asking me.)
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  11. That is all sorts of epic win and epic fail.

    Quality fail?
  12. It was really hard to open! It actually opened when I clocked myself in the face XD
  13. I am patenting the term Quality Fail in your honor
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  14. Why thank you sir.
  15. Ok. So I had just gotten into Isshin-ryu karate, and was showing someone the charts while my Sensi was teaching someone else. Everything was going great, and I was proud of myself for how well my little group was doing. Till we got to the knee kicks. As we train to get our knees higher to produce more power I showed them that I did them as high as possible. As I went to show them I heard my name called, and lost track of what I was doing. Which let my knee come up, and smash into the side of my own face. On impact I was swept off of my other foot due to force, and more or less did a back flip, and landed face down on the floor. When I hit the ground I had busted my nose, and had a nose bleed for the rest of the class. >.< This still get brought up some three years later, and I have yet to be able to handle it.

    I have more from karate that one just stands out.
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  16. Quality Fail!

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  17. It hurt leave me alone >.<

    Story two.

    In karate it was a small class, and I was the only non Black belt in class. My sensi said that we had to practice break falls, and rolls. To which he brings out a poll, and tells us to roll over it. Now my understanding was that the Black belts there did not attempt the forward roll too much, and I had been working on it the pst few weeks. So I felt as though this would be easy enough. Getting a running start at the poll (note I am short, and needed the speed to clear it) I jumped, only to start my roll too soon. Flying through the air I land on my shoulder about three feet awat, slide (not roll, but slide) to a stop, and topple over.

    Now not only have I made a fool of myself, but I had also injured my shoulder to the point where I could not move it. Which only made everything worse as I lay there in the floor attempting to become part of the mats. I could hear my class mates laughing only to realize that during my slide my shirt which was way too big at the time had fallen down, and was now laying there one arm stretched towards them, like I was attempting to seduce the class.
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  18. ----Story 1----

    Eight years old. Dead of winter, power-swinging on the swings during recess and shouting Backstreet Boys lyrics with my BFF. Soccer ball comes flying off of the field (yes, we play soccer even when there's snow) and hits me in the face right as I'm swinging toward it. Soccer ball knocks me backwards off the swing and I land on my shoulders with my legs flailing in the air before flopping down. Luckily didn't break my neck but dammit that was embarrassing! >__<

    ----Story 2----

    .____. Eleven years old. Playing soccer during recess (summer this time). I'm the goalie for my team. Unfortunately the soccer nets sit right where there are ground hornets.

    :| Ran screaming and flailing all the way across the yard while hornets stung my chest repeatedly because they were trapped in my shirt. Everyone laughed. ;-; Looking back on it now, I probably looked hilarious.

    ----Story 3----

    Last winter. :| Going too fast up a hill on my snowmobile. Sharp turn to the right at the immediate top of the hill. Didn't make the turn. Sled threw me off. I did sprain my arm but the embarrassment of the group behind us slowwwwly driving by and snickering while I'm trying to pick myself up off the ground and roll my sled off its side... so much worse x__x;
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  19. I was 15 years old in my town's version of American Idol...and we had 3 MAJOR radio stations there that were the judges. The audience was full of scattered around talent agents and I felt like this was my biggest shot. I sang Can't Help Lovin Dat Man from the classic musical Showboat and I knew Charlotte Church's version like the back of my hand. Only problem was the only instrumental back track to the song that I could find was a jazz version. It had an 8 minute interlude in the middle and we could only sing for 90 seconds. So, I gave to the tech guy weeks in advance to edit and he said "sure!!! I'll cut and paste a bunch of sections together! You'll have it to practice!" Nope.....ahaha! I didn't hear his cut and pasted version of my song till I was already ONSTAGE performing!!!! He had finished it that very second!! I had no idea what was going to come up when and what verse would come up next. I did well at first when suddenly...a part that definitely wasn't even part of the main song came just a piano solo. I froze....

    Froze in front of the entire town, my whole school, agents, and DJ's from on air radio stations and everyone who was listening. Everyone was yelling keep going and I couldn't make a sound. Most embarassing moment. Then it was reaching the end so I just belted some random thing :) Worked out though! Ended up winning that performance. I was shocked. :-p

    So. As a kid and teen I NEVER EVER used the public bathrooms at school. I was horrified at the thought. So I would just hold it ALL DAY until I got home.

    One day in my tweens I needed to pee BAD. But when I got home my mom wanted me to go check the mail. D: I lived in one of those HUGE SPRAWLING apartment complexes that are like little mini towns/neighborhoods. Anyway, the mailboxes were several blocks away and I had to walk there. She wanted it RIGHT THEN. I don't know why I didn't fight for the right to pee first.

    Anyway, I got to the mailbox and pissed my pants. ;___; I had to walk all the way back home with peepants.
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