Most despised part of role play

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  1. Ok, first, I do not mean role play as in the art of writing, but what the players do that turn you off.

    For me, the answer is a bit complicated; especially for those whom have not role played on a chat site. The single biggest pet peeve I have is when people are constantly out of character.

    To clarify, in the chat sites I have been to, you create one character and role play him or her out in the room, blogs, or forums. Yet more often then not, the majority of individuals remain out of character instead of role playing

    .......And that, America, is what grinds my gears.
  2. Hmm... well, it's kind of annoying when you're in an RP that someone's running, but one or more people seem to want to run off and do their own thing, or they try to add elements in that clash with the setting, like SUPER LEET cybernetics in a medieval fantasy RP.
  3. Mixing up me with my character. As in, mistaking what my character says, does, or feels as something -I- am saying, feeling, or thinking. o__o I have had moments where people have gotten pissed off at me cause my character hates their character, and they thought I was picking on them the player. And I was like "whaaaat?". Or moments where my character is a moron and doesn't know or understand something, and then the player tries to correct ME about it. Or when my character is head over heels in love with something, and assuming that me as a person would be too. I am not the characters I play. >:[ My feelings, thoughts, and knowledge is not always represented by my characters.

    Another peeve I have is when people nitpick about details. D: I like settings to believable and semi-realistic, but not to the point where it gets ridiculous and it starts taking all the fun, spontaneity and creativity out of playing. Like, when you're doing a Victorian time setting roleplay. You obviously wouldn't let a woman jog outside in the morning wearing spandex because that is stupid and totally outside of the setting. But you can give a little leeway when it comes to fashion styles. Or speech patterns. Of course you dun want to see someone using modern slang like "sucks" or "totally bodacious!" but you gotta bend a little bit. Everything does not have to be totally perfect down to the last tiny detail!
  4. For me is whenever some people take roleplay and turn it into their own personal booty call. Yeah.

    Before I began roleplaying on forums and such, I used to be a facebook roleplayer, mainly based on anime characters and everything and at first it was okay I had fun, I developed some of my skills but then after three years a odd trend seems to have sprung up. Instead of using their own characters name they started using their real names. And like say somewhat cheats on them IC well people take it seriously in IRL as if they were actually dating.

    Ex. There was an Ichigo dating a Rukia, but they referred to themselves as Amanda and Tyler.

    On that subject, I was roleplaying a guy and he was dating a girl right? Well one day they asked me:

    "Are you a guy IRL?"

    "Uh? No. I'm a girl."

    "Oh my god! Does she know that?"

    Like seriously? lol. in the end I'm thankful for that, it lead me here after all xD