Most anticipated Movies?

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What movie's are you most eager to see?

  1. Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens

  2. Captain America: Civil War

  3. Deadpool

  4. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

  5. Assassin's Creed

  6. X-Men Apocalypse

  7. Doctor Strange

  8. Warcraft

  9. Suicide Squad

  10. Star Trek Beyond

  11. Star Wars: Rogue One

  12. Sherlock: The Adominable Ride

  13. Other - I will say in the comments

  14. Other - And it's Private! >:C (It's Fifty Shades of Black...)

  15. Hmph! I care not for Movies you Mongrel!

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  1. Basically what the poll says. :P
  2. I thought this was posted a few days ago? O___O





  3. [​IMG]

    I'm not sure if it actually count's as a movie, but when I looked up "Most anticipated Movies" as to make sure I didn't miss anything important it was listed.
  5. Star Wars, obviously. Don't really know what to feel about Rogue One, because it feels a bit... pointless. Might as well just make the same story arc in Rebels, if you want to explain that reference in ANH. It's all canon anyway.

    And... wait.

    Wait a second.

    Assassins Creed is becoming a movie? Well I'll be darned.
  6. Really hope someone can pull off a decent video-games-based movie. All yoou gotts do is show it can be done and it'll open the floodgates for more....

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  7. You bring up Assassin's Creed but not the other video game movie coming out April 29th? harumph. Same movie I've been hyped for. Ratchet and Clank. Went to the movies just to see the damn trailer and felt like throwing my popcorn up in excitement when the trailer played.
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  8. Video game movies are like Russian roulette. Except with Russian roulette there's only a chance of killing yourself. With the movie it's basically six loaded chambers.

    No Independence Day: Resurgence? Just the trailer had me saying it's gonna be XCOM the movie.
  9. It wasn't until I grabbed the image though I realized they were exclusive theatre footage... Damn. :/
    I need to go see this in theatres.
    I don't know too much about it so far, I'm just thrilled to see a Star Wars Movie willing to go:

    1) A bit more brutal/dark
    2) Away from force sensitive's and instead focuses on common folk
    I guarantee if this happens fans will rage everywhere when their own choices aren't made. :P
    But by god would a trilogy still have potential.

    Actually... There's enough planets per game you'd probably need more than 1 movie per game.
  10. All of them and this one:

    And this one:

    And that one:
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  11. Most of what I'm looking forward to are animated movies, like Zootopia and Finding Dory.

    Oh, and of course I'm excited for the new Star Wars movie, it goes without saying.
  12. I'm actually most curious about captain America civil war. From the trailers, it's looking pretty good.

    Second place goes to Deadpool. And third goes to Star Wars. It WOULD be batman v superman... If they didn't summarize the movie in the latest trailer -.-
  13. The movies I have nothing but pure excitement for is Sherlock, Deadpool and Captain America Civil War.

    Star Wars as the day gets closer I'm getting more and more excited to see.
    But a bit of caution is still going to be applied until I actually see it...
    Then Sunday-Monday (Once my multi-day hangout with friends due to the movie is over) you'll all probably see me fan raging about how Disney ruined it, or freaking out over how amazing it was. :P

    Batman V Superman has a higher level of caution.
    If for nothing more than like already said the trailer gave a lot of it away, and DC trying to rush into Justice League too fast.

    X-Men, Doctor Strange & Suicide Squad are too far away for me to make strong thoughts on yet, Doctor Stange is Marvel so I trust it will be good.
    And most X-Men movies have been great too.

    Then Star Wars Rogue One?
    Like I said above, I'm excited to see the Universe enter a darker and less force crazy atmosphere.
    Though this excitement is bound to either increase or decrease once I've seen Episode 7.
  14. Tarzan looks like its going to be good.
    Central Intelligence seems like its going to be really funny.
  15. Star Wars, obviously.

    And even though it's still in casting, the Live Action Ghost in the Shell film with Scarlett Johannson as Motoko.

    It's not that it will be a good film (it probably won't be.), I just can't wait to see how Hollywood fucks it up.
  16. Tarzan looks amazing, but I would watch it even if it didn't because Alexander Skarsgard.
  17. Same here!!
  18. Finding Dory and Kung Fu Panda 3. :balletdancer:
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  19. Cell! I am pretty sure it's coming out next year. Argentina has a release date of March 3rd, so hopefully it will be the same for the U.S. The last Stephen King movie released in theaters had selected showings and very little publicity outside of fan sites. I don't know why, it was an awesome movie.

    However, Samuel L. Jackson plays a major character in Cell, so hopefully it'll get more publicity. Plus, it's an apocalyptic type movie with faux zombies! Who wouldn't want to see that?
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