Most annoying bosses you've ever faced

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  1. Name some of the most irritating bosses you've ever faced in any game and why?

    Seymour from Final Fantasy X. I FUCKING HATE THIS ASSHOLE! And you gotta fight him 4 times throughout the game! Hell to the nipple no!

    Young Xehanort from Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance. That goddamn clock!

    Shao Khan from Mortal Kombat. No explanation needed.

    Demyx from Kingdom Hearts II. Dance water dance! More like burn baby burn!

    Blinky from Pac-Man World 2. So many lives lost against that red bastard.

    Time Eater from Sonic Generations. Boost to win much?
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  2. [​IMG]

    Die, die you insufferable Mary Sue, die!

    Context: This is a character called Selvaria from Valkyria Chronicles. She repeatedly appears as a boss who is outright invincible to your attacks, even from a tank, because she can just... Ignore them. Because fuck you. When you do finally get to put her down, the game then hands her an automatic rifle capable of pouring out hundreds of rounds with pinpoint accuracy. Again, because fuck you. She also has the ability to dodge tank shells fired at her at point blank and can only be hit from behind, because fuck you. She starts off on a castle wall, because fuck you. She gets unlimited reaction fire on your turn while you're navigating your units, allowing her to kill your men for even the slightest mistake, because fuck you. One of the only ways to beat her, genuinely, is to take shocktroopers with resistance to reaction fire and constantly order-spam their actives up. The game simply does not allow you to beat her any other way, which directly contrasts with how the game is designed.

    Which is a damn shame because, well, she is kinda interesting, in a very two dimensional sense of the word. You only ever learn more about her when the plot directly tells you about her backstory, you don't really get to learn more about her through her actions. So she ends up both being a frustrating, overpowered, piece of shit Mary Sue, and she ends up being one that only disappoints you with how poorly her backstory gets handled.

    Honestly, her end game boss fight is the hardest in the game. Nobody else even comes close, because none of them can obliterate all but one unit type in seconds on your own damn turn. Then again, I've noticed that a lot of JRPG-type titles tend to have horrendous boss fights the likes of which only tend to break whatever coherency the universe may have had with a sickening crack over its knee. Aside from the occasional well done boss, most just feel like really poorly done Final Fantasy or Fire Emblem bosses. :ferret:
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  3. Nothing on this green Earth is as fucking horrible as Shao Khan in Mortal Kombat 9.
  4. Most annoying boss I've ever had the pleasure running into huh? Good lord here we go...



    See that hole over there? Kindly make your way over, jump in, and cover yourself with dirt! I hated HATED fighting these two in Dark Souls! I broke my rage quit record here no problem. No problem I tell you! Good lord. Most frustrating fight I've ever been through. Seriously ....

  5. Oh, God. I love the game, but Selvaria is an incredibly annoying boss. Like, incredibly.

    I need to replay that game...
  6. If we're talking annoying rather than hard or whatever, then Moldorm from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is right up there at the top of the list. He's actually kind of easy as far as bosses in that game go, but messing up once can get you knocked down out of the boss room which causes the fight to reset. Stupid fucking caterpillar thing. >:[


    Oh, and Ornstein and Smough from Dark Souls is worth naming again. I played through Dark Souls on the Xbox 360 and didn't have an account with the gold membership or whatever. That meant I was stuck with only Solaire to help me, which was okay for the first time though. New Game+ though? Hahaha, no, I learned pretty quickly on that bringing Solaire just made things worse because he would get smashed and then I was left with the bosses being beefed up to face two challengers. I probably died upwards of 50 times before I finally killed them on NG+. I just gave up on NG++ when I got that far and moved on with my life instead.
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  7. Fallout Death Claws.


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  8. I legit thought this thread was where we could bitch about awful work bosses and was about to lay down like paragraphs of pent up restaurant rage.

    I am glad I checked the content first. XD

    This being said, I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Sinistar yet. An unrelenting ghoul of a spaceship who follows you through an already devious twitch game? Those cabinets ate my coins. Also in the category of awful arcade villains is Mr. Egg from Burger Time. It just hunts you. The egg hungers...

    Also, two N64 era bosses that always gave me trouble: Brock from the early Pokemon games. Especially hard to face if you chose Charmander (ie the best starter) or were playing Pokemon Yellow. Somewhat of a brutal first matchup in your gym facing, 10 year old career. Worth mentioning from the console of that era are Goht and Gyorg from Majora's Mask. Also, I remember King K. Rool from Donkey Kong 64 giving me tremendous, both in that haunted castle and in the boxing ring at the end.
  9. Seymour from FFX. Every. Damn. Time.

    Fuck that asshole, seriously.
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  11. Okay so this guy was the bane of my existence through the early stages of Pokémon Yellow. I was young and inexperienced, so I didn't quite *get* the game, let alone the type match ups. I loved it to pieces, but after throwing a severely under levelled team of Pikachu, a Pidgey, and a Metapod at him a thousand times I realised the Ash approach wouldn't work. Unfortunately Thunderbolt does *not* work on Onix. Nor does Tackle. Or Gust. Or Harden. Fortunately the early game has a secret weapon. Look at this smooth criminal. He's a pink, well dressed bunny rabbit.






    And that is how I beat the toughest, most annoying boss I have ever faced.
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  12. [​IMG]
    Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you
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  13. [​IMG]


    Seriously after going through the hellish battle that is known as Diamond dog i had to fight something that is worse then him, whats worse is that it was all in Ness mind so everyone else was not with me, i also had low PP, i had a bag of Dragonite which can deal 600 damage to an enemy if your lucky enough or else it will deal something lower, what's worse is that the boss had 1000 HP and just when it seemed as if i was going to die again for the 500th time, i managed to kill it with the Baseball bat i found before this fight thanks to a SMAASH attack..

    Case in point if your about to play Earthbound then have fun grinding to defeat people like this guy!
  14. This thing made me quit a game I was otherwise really enjoying.
  15. Oh my god, I miss that game.

    I'm throwing in another nomination for a boss fight that was beyond infuriating and had me screaming profanities into a pillow as to not make my neighbours upstairs think I was murdering somebody with a rusty tire iron.

    The game keeps track of how many times you died and on what stage, so I can say I died 68 times on this stage, and at least 60 of those were on this fucking boss fight.

    This is a successful run, but to give you an idea, most of the videos I see on YouTube regarding this fucking asshole are at least 28 minutes long.

    Propeller Knight was not hard in the regular old Shovel Knight, but in Plague of Shadows where almost all of your attacks are ranged and you have much worse defense/ health than Shovel Knight, you're fighting a very fast boss who can deflect a lot of your attacks, whose attacks can knock you back into those pits on the side of the level (happens way too much), and he moves around faster than you can change your bomb types to land hits. Meanwhile, he's spamming the screen with shit like cannonballs which destroy the stage and make your ability to move extremely limited, all the while he's getting back in your face again. It doesn't take many hits to die, and since he has such a high health bar, the only way I found to beat him was to die 5 times so you can max out those temporary health boosts that spawn in the room before the boss fight so you can have 5 extra health bars (that go away when you die), equip the potion that heals you when you damage an enemy, and get extremely lucky with landing your hits and memorizing patterns enough to dodge attacks.

    I'm pretty sure by the time I finished that stage, if my head was like Inside Out, Anger would have dismembered the other 4 emotions and hung their bodies out as a warning for others.
  16. Sounds really pathetic but (and I guess it's not really a boss but still) that fucking troll in the Cruicible and trying to get on time. Fuck I hates it.
  17. I can't think of any hard bosses because I destroy bosses in vidya because I am the greatest gamer that has ever lived in vidya history.

    Nah I'm kidding, I'm only a tribute...
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  18. [​IMG]

    this stupid baby
  19. The one boss that annoys me the most is without a doubt Samus - X, one of the only foes in gaming history that has made me stop playing a game out of sheer fear. Nothing is more annoying and extremely terrifying than being chased by yourself. I mean just look at those eyes yo: [​IMG]
  20. Besides Selvaria (Who I think is sort of a cool character, but an annoying boss.)



    Zeromus from Final fantasy IV! Yes, you Lunarian son of a bitch! I have still have nightmares about this boss battle!

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