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  1. Elodie sighed. Her hard-worked hands ached from a hard day's work and her legs begged her to rest. Cold eyes swept over her in the field as she plucked the cotton from the plant, gasping softly when an unusually sharp seed pricked her. Her mother told her to swallow the pain as she stared at the gaping red cut on her chocolate brown skin. "Ohh...".

    Harriet watched with weary eyes as the slaves toiled away in the sea of cotton. The drivers, mounted on their horses, watched them with hard hearts. At the house, the master sat on the front porch and read the paper to his children and wife, who was busy trying to rock a child to sleep. She shook her head. How could harmony live among such sorrow and pain?

    Elodie pulled the thin blanket over her sweaty body. Dark dreams threatened to overtake her tired mind, but she forced them away.
    "Moses is coming." she whispered to herself.
  2. Rosary was working her shift at the infirmary since the doctor had been sold off to another owner in Alabama. She couldn't wait for the day of Salvation. The day she and her fellow slaves could roam through the streets without fear. She stepped out of the wooden door into the scorching day only to see her friends whipped by a driver. She ran back inside, her dress flowing behind her. She knelt inside a hidden "Prayer Room" she built herself. When she exited, she saw a young man in agonizing pain on the bed.
    "This is defiantly a serious wound." Rosary sighed as she performed standard procedure. "I know the Lord is coming, but will it be too late for me?" She asked herself during treatment.