Mortalities Requiem

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  1. The sky above was grey with heavy clouds, and the air was crisp with the promise of rain. People were bustling about completely unaware that demons were walking the world around them, and angels were soaring through the skies above them. Unaware that at any given moment their lives, no matter how insignificant, could end or be thrown into chaos. That they could become stuck in the middle of a war. A war between the imortals of Hell and Heaven. If they knew that the warriors of Heaven were on the brink of descending to the soil of Earth to attempt and wipe out the rebellion of demons that had been cast out of the eternal paradise for their sins, than mortallity itself would be forced to battle what has always been considered myth, or religious beliefs. So, the question is...What side do you fight for. Are you a Demon, a foresaken soul that can never again enter an Eden of Paradise. Or, are you an Angel, set to wipe out what you believe to be a disgrace to everything that Heaven stands for, bent on wiping out those who were cast out. Or, are you a mortal, unaware of the promise of war until it is to late, and you are forced to pick which side you're playing for?
  2. Celestia flew around the sky. She saw the sinful humans, and the wretched Demons that walked among them.
    How terrible dirty these creatures were.
    At least a few manage to repent and come close to the Holy one.
    She flew in mere circles, watching below, her wngs catching themselves in the wind.

  3. (Inspired by Darksiders, Razor? :P)

    Ezekiel sat in his apartment, diligently tapping at his keyboard keys. He was working on a new application to help pirates crack copy-protected games. Six foot tall, lanky, dirty blonde haired, green eyed, and 130 lbs, Ezekiel was a geek and a programmer. Though a pirate, Ezekiel was a believer in Heaven and angels, Hell and demons, and the Creator. A shy, well-kempt, klutz, Ezekiel was a tender soul who was a bit anti-social, having been picked on severely when he was much younger. His heart was in the right place, and he desired to do good at all times.
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    ((Actually no haha I haven't played that game DX I have been meaning to get around to it - considering I am a huge video game dork, go 360 haha, but I have been busy with ME3 lately.))

    Eris stood underneath the protective branches of an old oak tree, her hands stuffed into the pockets of her black jacket to keep her fingers warm, her hood was pulled up, and she was blasting Alice In Chains on her ipod. Her odd yellow eyes were cast towards the Heavens, where large drops of rain began to fall. She use to be an angel once...But she become an outcast, a Demon, and now she was forced to walk amongst mortals in disguise. She was sick of the Angels looking down at earth - at her - thinking they were superior. It was time that Demons took their stand against the Heavens and its creator. There was a war coming, and Eris knew it.

    A lopsided smile curved the edge of Eris's lips. Maybe it was her name that had destined her to fall. Eris was named after the Greek Goddess of strife and discord, and Eris always seemed to get herself into trouble, no mater where she was. When she had played amongst the clouds her eyes had been an deep blue, and her hair blonde and straight as silk, but when she had fallen she'd lost her wings. Her eyes are become a dull yellow, and her hair a stark black, that she cut into a messy short style. She still had devilish good looks though, which seemed a curse for any angel or demon. Small, curving horns had sprouted from her forehead, but the mortals of Earth were too thick, so to any of them she looked like a normal girl, and they couldn't see her horns or serpent like tail. Yep, all the stereotypes about demons were true, Eris had learned that the hard way.

    She pushed away from the tree and walked out into the rain, hunching her shoulders forward to keep whatever warmth she had left. Maybe she would go find some food or something to do - if not, she was heading straight for the comic store. Eris didn't have the luxury of money, so her two job options had been between stripper or Black Cat Comics, and she had sided for the comic books, always being a fan of the ever funny Deadpool.

    Demons from all corners of the Earth shared Eris's feelings about the Heavens, and were gathering in secret to start a rebellion against the angels, and the time was coming when Eris would soon be recruited.
  5. Ezekiel sighed and sat back. And four hours of programming, his fingers were numb and his neck was sore. He stood up and flopped onto his bed and gazed up at the ceiling. All his life he wished to do good. To make a difference. And the most he could do now was program an .exe file so those who could not afford games could download them and try them out. This was the extent of it all. He decided to go for a walk. The eighteen year old programmer grabbed his blue-jean jacket and headed outside. Nature soothed him. It helped him think.

    He walked outside in the rain for awhile, and after 20 minutes, he headed into the Black Cat Comics store. Soaked and exhausted, pushed open the door, the bell ringing above him. He walked about the aisles slowly, glancing at the titles and the covers. Not too much of a comic book fan, however he loved the art work on them, and there were a few he did enjoy. Deadpool being one of the few. He plopped down in front of a Deadpool comic book, reading through the pages, half asleep.
  6. Eris had failed at finding something more interesting to do, so she headed into the comic store to start working, surprised when she actually saw someone in there, sitting in one of the small isles, a comic propped up in his lap. Eris was even more surprised to find it was a Deadpool comic he was reading. She slid her soaked hoodie off, wearing a black tank-top underneath. Her skin was really pale, but it was due to having been a celestial being once. She walked over to the boy and looked down at him and the comic, leaning against one of the comic racks.

    "The Regeneratin' Degenerate?" She questioned, using a nickname Deadpool had given himself in one of his later comics. pointing down at the pages of the comic with a raised eyebrow. She recognized the comic as an issue she had read last time she'd actually forced herself to come to work. "You a fan?"
  7. Ezekiel looked up slowly. The first thing he noticed was her strange yellow eyes. He looked into them for a moment and slowly nodded his head. Ezekiel, being a quiet and very distant young man, simply nodded an affirmation and spoke a soft, "Yes." His accent had a slight Southern twang to it, and although his was a geek and a programmer, his skin was covered in a light tan. He was by no means an exceptionally handsome being. Lanky and awkward in mannerisms and appearance, although his emerald green eyes were without a doubt extremely beautiful.

    Ezekiel also took note of how stunning the girl was in front of him. Not only was she stunning, she was speaking to him. Something was strange about her, he knew. His father taught him to trust his gut, and his gut told him that this girl was no like no other. Whether she be good or bad, he knew not yet.
  8. Celestia watched these two people from the sky, silently amused. Never before had she actually seen this kind of communication between a demon girl and a mortal boy.
    She might even create some mischeif.
    She silenly laughed.
  9. Eris shrugged her shoulders. "Glad to see someone appreciates comic genius in this rat hole of a city." She muttered to him, her eyes glued to the pages of the comic. She looked at him a moment, and her eyebrows raised again. "You have a very rare eye color there," she pointed out bluntly, leaning in closer to get a better look at the boys eyes. "Lucky you." She mumbled, thinking of her own eye color. She leaned away from the boy, deciding she was probably making him uncomfortable by her proximity. "Well, my name is Eris if you need anything...I'll be right over there." She said, gesturing behind her shoulder with her thumb at a small desk for employees.

    She turned and walked about fifteen steps before coming to the counter. Man, that shop was small. She stepped behind it and sat down reluctantly, and tapped her fingers against the top of the counter, starring at the computer on her left that was being stubborn. It fired up, but bleep when an error occured before succumbing to a blue screen of death. "Shit." Eris muttered, angrily hitting the space bar as if that would magically fix the computer.

    Than a chill ran up her spine and she stiffened. One of them was watching her, she could feel it. "Noooo," She moaned to herself, holding the sides of her head in a dramatic display as if she was being tortured. Please don't let one of them come to her comic store, not today. She had trouble getting along with angels, they were aloud to freely travel between a place of Eden and the Earth, while Eris was stuck here, she envied that.
  10. Ezekiel smiled to himself as he heard the computer beep and the girl swear. Deciding that it was time to actually help someone, he slowly stood up and placed the comic book back where it belonged. He walked over to the counter, his hands in his pockets. He looked at her with a goofy, cute smile, a smile that said, 'Have no fear. I am an expert in these sort of things.'

    "May I took a look at it?" he asked politely. A Southern gentleman, that much was for sure. What was such a boy doing in this city? As he asked, he slid his left hand of its pocket and pushed his glasses up on his nose.
  11. Eris looked up at the sound of the boys voice, coming out of her dramatic scene. She gave him a skeptical look, and tipped her head to the side. "Be my guest....But if you break my computer even more your buying me dinner." She joked, and hurried to say, "that was a joke, I'm not really going to make you buy me dinner. Can't have you spending your cash," She laughed and got up from her seat behind the counter, gesturing for him to take her place.

    She walked out from behind the counter and walked over to one of the wall length windows at it's left, scanning the drenched streets carefully. One of them was out there, she knew it. He hands clenched into tight fists at her sides when she thought about her trial, and how cruelly they had cast her away.
  12. Within five minutes the geek had solved the issue. "Virus," he stated informatively, but not in a condescending tone. "Went through the BIOS. Got into Safe Mode. Manually deleted the file. Works fine." He backed up from the computer and gave her that same goofy grin.

    "If you ever have any trouble at all, simply ask. I drop by here at least twice a week." With that, he went back and sat in the corner again and continued reading the Deadpool comic, not even bothering to ask for a thank you, or wait for a hug or a kiss. Clearly, he was a shy, humble individual. His awkward personality showed this, and showed it well.

    If anyone would want to understand him, they would have to approach them on their own. He was simply too timid and nervous to make an approach on his own.
  13. Eris grinned when the computer came back to life slowly. She hurried around the counter and sat back down. "Thanks a lot!" She called at the boy, "by the way I didn't catch your name." She opened up on of the many games that had been downloaded onto the computer, excited to finally get through the last few parts of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. She looked up in surprise when her boss came blundering out from the curtain that was just a little further back behind the counter. He looked at Eris, his reseeding hairline making Eris's grin widen. Poor guy. He glared at her, and jabbed his finger her way in an accusing manner.

    "Look who actually decided to show up for one," He said, wiping his arm under his nose when it began to run. He was probably catching a cold from the weather, good thing Eris didn't get sick....Ever. "What's your excuse this time?" He demanded. Eris sat starring at him with a bored expression, than she stretched her arms above her head and growled when she noticed her bosses eyes running down her body and back up again. Eh, men.

    "Actually...My mother has been quite sick, and I was helping her get better," Eris lied smoothly. A perk about being a demon was they were good liars. Believable liars. The man looked at her and rolled his eyes, than disappeared back behind the curtain again. "Well that was fun..." Eris said to herself, pressing resume on her game.
  14. Alexhandr looked up at the boss and shook his head. Such anger was not required. He could afford to be calmer and more benign.

    "Sir," said the quiet Ezekiel. "There is no need to raise your voice at her. She must take care of her Ma. Family comes before all else. Wouldn't you take care of your parents? Would you not place them on a pedestal, for they are more important than your occupation?" He smiled to the man and nodded as he disappeared behind the curtain. He became quiet again, reading the comic book in silence with a sweet smile on his face.
  15. Eris looked back over at the boy with an appreciative smile. For a mortal he sure was persuasive, or maybe the boss just didn't feel like dealing with anything today anyways. Eris was about to say thanks when she got distracted by the clock on the wall above the boys head. She stood up and walked towards the door, pulling on her soaked jacket, yanking the hood up. Her shift had ended two minutes ago, which wasn't very surprising considering she had come in two hours late. She pulled the front door open, shivering from the cool gust of wind that swept over her body.

    "It was nice talking to you," She said to the boy, who had still not told her his name. "Maybe, I'll um see you around." She said, smiling at him and waving. She stepped outside, letting the door slam behind her and took off slowly down the sidewalk. She enjoyed the rain more than she should, and extended her arms out, spinning in a circle on the sidewalk.
  16. He decided that he should go himself. He had friends awaiting him online. Training day in one his strategy games. He also had more programming to do. He walked outside, maintaining a slow pace and keeping behind the beautiful Eris. Ezekiel looked up and smiled as she spun herself in the rain. Her spinning gave him enough time to catch up with her.

    "M'names Ezekiel," he said in his distinct Southern voice. "And, yes, I believe we shall see each other around." He grinned sheepishly at her, his tanned face turning red with nervousness. "Nice to see I am not the only one who enjoys the rain."
  17. Eris looked up and stopped spinning when she saw the boy who had finally introduced himself to her. "Well, nice to." She said smiling at him. She pointed down the sidewalk and sent him her lopsided grin. "You goin' that way?" She asked him, her head tipped to the side. She didn't wait for him to respond instead she started walking slowly down the sidewalk, looking over her shoulder to see if Ezekiel would follow.
  18. "Yes'm," he said softly. "Home's this way. Guess I'll end up following you for a bit, huh?" He blushed at this, feeling a bit odd. He did not want to give off a stalkerish impression, and because he had no idea how to speak to a lady, he was worried she would think of him that way.

    "Live in an apartment, I do."
  19. Eris laughed when he blushed and grinned at him. If he knew what she really was he wouldn't be walking in the rain with her, instead he would be running in the opposite direction screaming for help. Good thing he couldn't see her horns or tail. "Which complex?" She asked him to keep the conversation going, shoving her hands into her jacket pockets to keep them warm. She either had really bad blood circulation, or she just got cold easily...Either way.
  20. He shrugged off his jacket and held it out to her, seeing her shiver and shake. "Here, miss," he said. "Please, take this. And it is the southernmost complex. We are almost there."

    He did not appear bothered at all by the rain and the cold. He walked with her, rain pouring down on him, but showed no signs of being worried about sickness. He enjoyed the rain. A lot.