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Eons ago the existence of Earth was recognized by the Elder Gods. These Gods ruled diverse realms which make up the unstable universe all worlds must occupy. The delicate balance of a realm's existence rests on its furies - negative and positive forces that keep the realm from collapsing onto itself. Each realm is therefore very powerful, containing a portion of the energy which makes up the universe as we know it.
The tournament of Mortal Kombat started when a sadistic emperor bent on greed and domination chose to seize every realm in his path, transforming them into his ever-expanding collection of conquered realms known as the Outworld. Because our planet is in essence a gateway between worlds and other realms, it is deemed exceptionally desirable, thus making it attractive to other dark forces in the universe.
Lord Rayden, Earth Realm's protector and god of thunder, appealed to the Elder Gods who gave our realm a chance at stopping an invasion by the evil forces of Outworld. It would pin the finest warriors from both realms against each other in honorable kombat. The first Mortal Kombat was held nearly ten centuries ago, won by Shao Kahn's demon sorcerer Shang Tsung, who uses his dark and unholy powers to steal the soul of his vanquished opponents. But his reign as champion was not long lived as he was defeated by a noble warrior monk from the Temple of the Order of Light in China named Kung Lao.
Shang Tsung, an evil sorcerer from Outworld has united with Goro, a four-armed prince born half man, half dragon to secure nine straight victories over countless generations of Earth Realm warriors. Because the sorcerer needs fresh souls, he lured three of Earth Realm's best fighters to a magical island for the tournament, plotting to steal their souls after having them killed in kombat. And at one time it was written, one more victory will no doubt spring an invasion by Outworld on our realm.But Rayden has other plans to lead the three Earth Realm fighters to victory, including the chosen one. Liu Kang, a Shaolin warrior from the Temple of the Order of Light and direct descendent of former Mortal Kombat champion Kung Lao. Liu Kang travels to Outworld with the help of his friends, defeating Shang Tsung. Closing off outworld's portal once again.
After centuries of waiting patiently to take Earth Realm through Mortal Kombat, Sindel dies unexpectedly and Shang Tsung is beaten in the last tournament. Infuriated and humiliated, losing any patience he might have left, Kahn ordered his Shadow Priests to conjure up their dark magic to open a portal to Earth Realm. When the emperor reclaimed his Queen, it allowed him and his minions to finally enter Earth Realm. During his invasion, Kahn triggered a merger between Earth Realm and Outworld, causing our planet to deteriorate while being sucked into a hellish realm of baron wastelands and empty kingdoms.

Outworld armies hunted down the Earth Realm warriors while our planet fell apart. Liu Kang, the reigning Mortal Kombat champion, Princess Kitana, Sonya Blade and Major "Jax" Briggs. The fate of our existence was in the hands of the Earth Realm fighters. Liu Kang defeats Khan, sending his army back to Outworld. The merger between Earth realm and Outworld receded back to normality.
Centuries pass allowing peace to take over, until the new Queen of Outworld Hai Lung reopens the portals. Allowing three Outworld fighters and herself to enter. The elder gods give Earth a chance to stop the evil forces of Outworld once again in the tournament Mortal Kombat. Earth Realm's existence is in jeopardy, the fate of our future is in the hands of our Earth Realm fighters.
The chosen Earth Realm fighters will feel the change in the earth, a feeling of impending doom will surround you. Throughout your daily activities the gut wrenching feeling grows stronger, but some how you come across a scroll. It was either given to you by someone close, or it is delivered to your very doorstep. On the old piece of parchment your asked to join Mortal Kombat. Your way of travel is to take a boat from dock thirteen in Guangzhou, China. It will take you to the tournament grounds. The Temples of Prambanan of Yogyakarta Indonesia.


So here is the idea I wanted to do a RP on the Mortal Kombat movies and games. However I don't want to use the original characters, I want the offspring of those characters. For example if Mileena and Baraka had a child. There will be fight scenes and a tournament.
I'll be playing a narrator, and lining up the characters to fight against each other. I'll be setting up the scenery along with battlefields. You can also have side adventures with characters you meet up with. I won't start the plot until I see enough people join up. WARNING: Some OF Your Characters May Die In The Process Of This RP! Tournament Deaths Only!

As of right now I'll be playing Hai Lung and Earth Realm fighter (this will not be mortal kombat champion). I'll set my characters up shortly.

Characters need: At least two fighters from earth and need someone to play Rayden Earth's protecter and Three from out world.

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