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  1. Yes, you read that correctly. I have been playing a lot of MKX since it's release a couple days ago, and I simply adore it. To those of you whom agree with me, I have a simple question for you; Bro, do you even MK?

    Anyway, I'm really wanting to do an rp based on the MK Universe. I don't know much about specifics yet, but, I'm working on it. Is anyone remotely interested in this?
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  2. If this is going to be an rp where i get to Kreate my own Kharacter with a move-set and get him to brutaly destroy other Kombatants, then Kount me in!!
  3. Lol I'm going more for the new school ones where story is more important. I mean, you can certainly create your own character and moveset and such. But, character matters. I want their abilities to make some sense, their weapons, all that stuff. I would strongly prefer characters be thought out and fleshed out, rather than just be characters created to annihilate stuff.

    Also, in sticking with the newer gen games, death isn't going to be all that common a thing. Fatalities and such will happen, but not as often as some might like.
  4. I am interested!
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  5. I appreciate it. ^_^ I would really like a couple more people, though. Lol
  6. Since OC's allowed, that should help.

    Of course, there are plenty of good characters to take a look into.
  7. And just out of curiosity, would you be including any special guest characters such as Freddy/Jason/Predator?
  8. I thought about it not sure, though. I suppose I would allow them.

    I'm really fond of the characters from X.
  9. Sorry my comment came as missleading. I do care about a character that can fit in and perform based on the plot and all, but i was kind of emphazising that i´d be really fond of being able to create a character and because the mortal kombat universe is pretty brutal i thought it could be sort of a nice change of pace from mundane confrontations, where in this i could perhaps go into full detail about the damage delt.
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  10. I could just make a pink scorpion.
  11. Aha, and I apologize for my misunderstanding. I will gladly allow characters to be as brutal as they wish in some situations. Mostly NPC's mind you. Although, if a PC gives you permission, fatality away.

    So, if we do this; would you gents prefer we start at a tournament, or just go from another kind of story? Invasion of Earthrealm type thing. Or, we could even have the story take place in Outworld or Edenia.
  12. Pink Scorpion? You mean scorpion with a pinwheel?
  13. The rainbow Scorpion!
  14. I hope that is never a thing. Lol
  15. So, anyone else interested?
  16. Well , what about a a reality where the netherealm has succesfully assimilated the earth realm and the plot takes place in-between both worlds were an alliance of opressed people have secretly trained in hopes of fighting back.

    The other plot i had in mind was actually a bit more difficult and it consisted on introducing a new realm to the equation, one from which the casts of pc could come from.
  17. That could certainly work, my friend.

    So could that. So, tell me, which of those two would you prefer? I like them both.
  18. i kind of like the new realm deal, because it would introduce alot more to the lore and plot than there already is, seeing as it always turns down to be the debate between the earthrealm and the netherealm mainly
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  19. Sounds good to me. Would you like to help me with the realm? I'm honestly not all that good at running things.
  20. I´m not really good at this things either, that´s why i thought it would be difficult to make in the first place.
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