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  1. werewolf.jpg Nightfall, usually an already uneasy time for most, but with the inner woods of a nearby village, night has become more of a nightmare. Men and women have been reported missing, bodies have been found mauled and half eaten, howls being sounded on the darkest of nights, and most recent, an entire family found torn apart on the very edge of the village of Bracksten. There very lives are in peril as whatever is lurking in the woods stays on the hunt. Ever since the beast causing these killings has showed, few go out after twilight. None have gone to hunt for game, fishermen have left there nets unchecked in fear of being taken from there boats. The fields are nothing but overgrown wildlife, littered with weeds and crops alike. It had been 2 months since they saw peace, and the people of the village were starting to lose hope once again, as night fell on a scenic full moon.

    But she knew better. Her bow was knocked with an arrow, her green eyes locked on the deer resting nearby. Food was becoming scarce for reasons that this place would not say. Bracksten, they called it. An eager home for the desperate and wanting. Sadly, Argenta was neither.

    She was already sixteen, and no man would dare try to claim her. She was too wild, to angsty, and too quick to give a swift kick to anyone who startled her. Her father had always compared her to a proud horse who would not be bridled. But as she pulled back for the killing strike, it became evermore clear to her that there was no man to please her. She would not be bridled.

    She let the arrow fly, the bow bouncing back to its original form. There was a moan from the creatures laying in the moonlight below, a shuffle of feet and fleeing. Then, there was only a few short kicks before there was complete silence in the clearing once more. She was satisfied, and dropped down from the low branch of the tree to collect her prize.
  2. As the sound of the bow string would sing in the midst of that cold foreboding night, a long drawn out howl would break the silence after the Buck would fall to the lethal shaft. It was the sound that all the villagers heard, it bringing men to nothing as they knew it would belong to the savage beast that had been terrorizing them for so long. The beast was close, the sound of the howl cascading through the wood and announcing his presence. The sound of foliage and fallen timber breaking under the beasts weight as it moved could be heard, it gunning for the blood scent that was emitting from the downed deer. After a few moments, a figure, dark in color and large in size was on the cusp of coming out in the open. The sound of savage claws scraping along the forest floor could be heard, the panting of the beast loud as its muscular chest heaved up and down from running about the trees. A muzzled maw with dagger like fangs came out before the rest of its hulking mass, it standing well over 8 feet where it to be on its hind legs, claws a little over 2 inches long on each paw, and thick, wild looking dark gray fur covered the mass from head to toe. It was indeed a sight to see, a lycanthrope, young and strong, and padding itself in front of the the hunter as if it meant nothing. It was indeed out to steal the kill of the bow wielding woman, it sniffing at the deer as it then heard the sound of the hunter land from her spot in the tree. It went from the deer to the hunter, a loud,deep growl emitted from its heavy frame as its fur stood up, it baring its fangs as it did its best to speak, though it came off more like gruff guttural speak, "And what do we have here...another meal for the taking? -snarl- You have a little more meat to you than that measly buck..." it said it stepped over the fresh animal kill, stalking ever closer to the huntress.
  3. She nearly fainted from the mere sight of the thing. She was not from this land, merely passing through, but to see a sight such as this was overwhelming. It was too large to face directly, those teeth and claws may as well be the weapons of a great army instead of attached to such a fine coat of thick fur. She saw how it glimmered in the light like a fine, dark silver under the moon and reached out to touch what had entranced her. But she shook free if its enthralling hypnotism and knocked another arrow to her bow.

    "That is my kill!" she hissed, and let the arrow fly.

    She aimed for the creature's eye, hoping to blind it a little either with its own blood, or actually blind it. As soon as the first arrow was free, she knocked another, prepared to strike again from her place in the trees. But she didn't know what this creature was, so she couldn't have known the little effect that her arrows of stone and wood would do to the thing. No, what she saw was food for a month, and warmth for two. Her black hair moved over the bow, her scent brushing off onto the arrows with every shot. But her arms were as steady as her eye. If only all of her targets were as still as her body.
  4. "Your Kill? You mean this Measly piece of meat you kill in MY forest..." he said in a snarl, his maw salivating as it thought what it might do to this ill-informed hunter that stumbled into his territory. Before he could act out any form of his imaginative processes, an arrow came flying at him from the hunter's bow. He was not quick enough to dodge the arrow fully, but at least enough to not get hit in the face. He moved his head just enough so that the arrow would sink into his shoulder. He flinched a little, the sting of the arrow still there but after a few seconds, he began to laugh. "And you intend to stave my off by shooting sharp sticks at me?" He said as eh grabbed the arrow and broke the shaft, a little of the wood still poking out from him. The wood, though it seemed stuck very deep in him, seem to start moving, it slowly but surely coming out of him as the blood from the wound she had inflicted quickly dried from his fur. "You don't know what you're dealing with, do you girl? I'm not just some mere animal you can hope to kill by simple means." he said as he was just a few feet from her and the tree she had been staying up in. HE was strong enough to easily shake her down, or ram down the tree, but he wanted to have a bit of fun with her first, seeing as how she was kind enough to fall the Buck as an appetizer for him. "So why don't you come down and make it easier for yourself...I promise to make it quick and painless..." he growled as his golden hued eyes stared up at her hungrily.
  5. She let another arrow fly as she slung her bow around her body, the string squeezing her chest lightly. She made a leap to the nearest tree, running into the trunk with a huff as the wind was knocked from her chest. The bark rubbed her skin to the point where it became raw. She couldn't stop there. She jumped once, twice, and then a third time, just to get a better angle on the creature. Staying in one spot was a bad move for any hunter. Stick to the trees, keep a good look on your kill, and you'll get it somehow with a little skill. Now her scent was in a few different trees, it would confuse at least one of the senses at night, where light was limited and sound was dependent on the racket of the forest itself. She didn't draw her bow again, she had a word or two to say.

    "Your forest? What kind of selfish beast claims an entire forest to itself? Come up here and kill your own meal you lazy thing!" she shouted.

    She snapped off a broken twig from the tree and jumped again, throwing the stick in a similar direction to throw off the sound. She was silent this time, a cat landing on its feet. She drew her bow without a sound and knocked the arrow, her aim steady once more.
  6. The next arrow sunk into his forearm, he chuckling now as he did his best to catch her movements. He found it easy, seeing as how she was sticking to the trees. His hightened senses alerted him of every sound she made, even the sound of her breathing was hard not to miss. He chuckled at her attempts to hide and taunted her by scrapping his claws along the bark of each tree she had moved from. HE found the chase exciting and a lot more fun than running after bucks and tearing into the occasional bear. Humans had become scarce, so when this morsel wandered in it was something he wouldn't just take lightly. "Aye, it's mine. As long as I'm the top wolf here to enforce my rule, no animal's dumb enough to come in and try and take it from me." he said in a snarl as he lost her movement for a sec. He was unable to see her, but her heart was beating loudly, it thumping so heard it was like listening to a quickening pace on a drum. He turned to where the sound was the loudest and grinned daggers, "And when any come to challenge me, I give them something worth fighting... So if you want to hunt on my territory, you're going to have to go through me...." he said with a loud growl.
  7. "Fine by me," she whispered, and let another arrow fly.

    She was severely disappointed by the results of her arrows so far. This thing was becoming more frightening by the second, and she was having a hard time keeping herself from shaking in her boots. But then, she caught ear of the old english, the accent she was more familiar with from living with her grandparents before they died. The arrow hit the creature's arm again, close to the other arrow, but it was yet again ineffective. Panic spread to her stomach, a migration of butterflies from her belly to her throat made her want to throw up. She hadn't truly had a good look the creatures' face until this moment, and it brought her to her knees.

    She locked eyes with the ultimate predator. It dragged its claws across the trees, almost absently, to her. To her, he was more interested in the chase, and the oncoming kill. It was not phased at all by the arrows she had sunk into its hide, and she realized the mistake she had made. This thing, though it may have been hungry for the deer, was more hungry for a hunt. To this thing, she was the mouse, and it was the cat. She froze, hoping that it wouldn't find her, as she sucked in a gasp of air. But then, she realized, as it turned its head and flicked its ears, that it was sound it was relying on, and not sight. She was ill-prepared for this, most of her prey were not nocturnal.

    'Stick to the trees...
    ' she thought to herself, and crouched down, frantically trying to calm her breathing down.

    She was terrified, frozen the her place as surely as someone had tied her down. Her heartbeat slammed against her chest, causing bile to rise up her throat from sheer force. Then, adrenaline kicked in, reliant as stone, and her legs steadied. One clear thought rang into her mind.

    'No creature is immortal... So this one must have a weakness as well... So the real thing I should be looking for is what it is...'
  8. "Heh...I think I'm done play hind and seek." he said in a threateningly low growl and loot loose an ear splitting roar, a beastial break of sound so loud even the trees themselves began to shudder. The hulking werewolf then rushed through the trees that he could hear her thundering heartbeat and cleaved his claws through the bark of the nearby trees. The gashes were so deep, the small of the trees would crack greatly then fall down with a thundering boom. His act, though terrifying, made it extreamly hard for her to jsut leap away. even a slight shift in wieght would cause the next tree to fall. He then scrapped his claw against a near bolder, making sure the claws were still very sharp. "Now come out here Hunter...and give me the fight I want...don't make me wait any longer!" he roared as the moon started to fall lower, and the sun was on the cusp of the horizon.
  9. Adrenaline was her best friend at this moment. At the point where it was silly to be afraid, and dangerous not to be. Her eyes focused, she waited for the angry beast to come below her. She slid her knife from her boot, a silver knife from her great grandfather before he had died, the family crest molded from the handle. A silver falcon with its wings spread as the hilt. Crystal blue eyes were embedded in the eyes, another symbol of her birthright as a hunter, unstained by blood. It ran towards the tree she was in, no doubt attracted to her wild heartbeat as she became excited by the thought of hunting such a thing. Her heartbeat leapt into her throat, overwhelming her head as if fire had covered her body.

    'Just a moment. One more moment...' she thought in anticipation, nearly shaking in the idea of cutting into the flesh of this beast.

    A moment passed, maybe two. But it felt like an eternity. Finally, moment came, like waiting for a clock to toll. She jumped, the branch bending slightly as she left the safety of the branch. In a single stretch of time, she was the owl that hunted this night. She had only one talon, but that was all she needed to maim this beast. A quick hit through the heart would be all she needed, well aimed and lethal. She was fast approaching the creature, but to her, the moments were too slow. Each second lasted an eternity until she felt the heat from the creature. So much heat was like standing next to a fire on this cooler night, filled with mist and mystery. All at once, reality came crashing back, and time resumed its normal pace.
  10. The creature would snarl as he felt himself getting closer and closer to his would be adversary. He went to the tree he knew she would be in, hearing the thumping in her heart grow louder and louder until-

    Wait....the heart had skipped a beat. It had moved. It was no longer up in the tree, no longer the sound of her breathing was something out of fear. He had waited far too late to strike, and it was going to cost him. He was only able to catch her movement just as she came crashing down and felt a silver blade plunge into his chest. It caused a grave amount of paint to come coursing through the feral's body, making it how in return. It grasped for her body in reaction, sinking claws into various parts of her body and wrenching her from his frame. He didn't care where she would land, but the blade still stuck fast into him. He roared in pain as he tried to grab the knife but was only scraping at its own chest. He finally fell to his paws, and heaved, feeling his chest bleeding out. The actual strike landed above his heart but was inches away. He growled low as he looked about, feeling the silver in the knife burning him like crazy and the blade tappin the top of his heart made the feeling ten times worse.
  11. She spat up a bout of blood as she hit the tree. She had claw marks across her stomach and arms. She had misinterpreted its size, and now she was paying for it. Somehow, she had lost her grip on her precious dagger. Maybe it had been the creatures hot blood on her hands that had made the oil for the slip, the soapy water to remove the ring. She struggled up to her feet, reaching for her bow, but it was in tatters across the forest floor. She took an arrow from her quiver, planning to use it as a makeshift sword.

    The cuts were deep though, and as she stood, the last bit of adrenaline in her body filled her head with thoughts of success. She felt insane now, as surely as you would feel a sickness in fever. She wanted to take this beast for her own, but killing it wasn't enough anymore. No, for what this ting had done, it would live through suffering if it gave her the chance. She was no longer the kind hunter become the hunted. She was much worse, she was a huntress now, the lioness stalking the hyena. Her eyes seemed to glow in the moonlight, a pretty pale blue light turned wrong to the beast before her. She came towards the creature, blood lust in her eyes.

    "I'm not done playing yet," she whispered, but meant it to be a threat.
  12. "Away from me you harrraaAAHHHH!" He howled as the sun started to rise, he struggling to stand as he looked up to the one that happened to best him for just a moment. He looked up to the pale look in her eyes, something that he was accustomed to himself and growled, "Stay away from me!" he barked as he cringed a little, feeling his body trying to change back to his human form but unable to thanks to the knife stuck in his chest. He could feel the bones strain to form back into something more compact but the pain wouldn't subside. He just lay on the ground, whining and kicking like a normal dog would once it was hurt. It curled its body into a feedle position and tried to free the dagger again but only managed to pushed it further in, letting its own blood start to gather into its fur, pool, and then pour into the ground, coating it with a crimson hue.
  13. "Not very dexterous, are you?" she said with a sneer.
    But she couldn't let it die yet. No, for its insults, it would suffer by living. She didn't really noticed the rising sun. But with widening eyes, she noticed the change. Its stature went from proud beast to whining dog as it tried to loosen her dagger. It howled in obvious pain before her, and tears came to her eyes. She felt shame. What she had done was not a hunters' way, but the way of a child. She decided that she only had two choices: Kill it or nurse it back to health. She walked over to it, arrow ready at first. With a sigh, she shook her head.

    "I'm going to regret this later. Don't kill me!" she hissed at it with a pointed finger.

    She grabbed the neck of the falcon and pulled. It must have caught bone, because it was impossible to pull out. She wiggled it left and right to avoid damage with the sharper end. Finally, it started to move out, the suckling sound making her want to vomit. And then came the smell, like a sweating, rotting dog. The blade obviously did not agree with this one. And she was taking this thing out? Even she wondered about her own mental reasoning. And then, it was free, the force that she had been pulling on the blade with knocked her on her rump a moment. She scrambled back up to put a hand over the bleeding, trying to still her turning stomach.

    "I need you to be still. Or you will die from this wound," she said as she removed her cloak to wrap it around its body.
  14. He couldn't hear the huntress's words as he writhed in pain, wanting to be free of the silver that was pertruding from his body. He felt a foreign presences come over him as he was stuck between his change and then a sharp twinge in pain as it grabbed the dagger. The sudden jerking of the metallic weapon caused more damage than she could have thought, slicing into the muscle and a little of the underlining organs, miraculously not gouging his heart. It roared in pain, but was too incased from the change to fight back, his tail wriggling frantically showing his discomfort. Once she had freed the dagger from his body, he barked from the pain and laid still, his body recovering from the insertion of the strange dagger.

    After a moment, his body was able to finally change into something a little more accommodating. His bones broke and refused, organs shifted in size and place and his overall mass decreased till he was something a little more familiar to her. He became a more human like being, the only faulting features being the golden wolf eyes, sharp fangs that showed in his mouth, and tail that showed at the end of his spine. He looked to be somewhere in his early twenties, not lacking in muscle or looks, with brown sunkissed skin and handsome face. The wound however, was still there, just above his heat and between his ribs. He was still breathing, but he had stopped moving.
  15. She was stunned once again, her cloak now a bed for the man. Her eyes wandered over the beast that was now a man. She lingered on his face, the slope of his nose, his lips. Her eyes warmed, softened, and a warmth settled in her belly the same way a cat snuggles into a warm blanket. His breathing seemed fairly steady, if not a little strained. That muscled chest of his seemed intoxicating to her mind. She saw his pulse jumping in his throat.


    "Oh my god!" she panicked and looked at the gaping hole in the man before her.
    Her hands were already slick with blood. Covering the wound with her hands again, she tried stopping the blood pouring from the wound. She ripped up some of her skirt, near the hem, and slipped the cloth underneath his body. She put some thick leaves on top of the wound, the leaves cool to the touch, before she tied it off. She looked around, only her silver dagger was still in tact. She grabbed in and slipped it into her boot. Her bow was useless and in tatters, so she did not bother. Instead, she focused on the one thing that she could do: get this man to the nearest village.

    Yes, because the fact that this thing just tried to kill you means nothing, she thought to herself.

    She began to drag him on the cloak across the floor, the village not too far. The fabric that had been covering his more private areas flopped to the side. She gasped a moment for his indecency and tore her eyes away from the sight.

    "I have no idea why I'm doing this." she said between grunts and groans from dragging the body with her cloak, "But you better wake up soon and explain some things. So help me, if you try eating me again, I will not miss this time. Dammit... I left my deer back there... You owe me."

    She continued to talk to her unconscious prey as she came closer and closer to the edge of the forest, following the path made by merchants now.
  16. The body would remain near lifeless, the head moving this way and that as they moved over grooves in the road. The tail, thankfully hidden by the cloak and his own body, lay still and his eyes remained shut. As she would drag him along the way, the villagers that had been plagued by the werewolf were at the ready, armed as best as they could have been with picks, pikes, make shift swords, spears, and one villager that had a surprisingly large axe. They stood, armed to take down the wolf should it come anywhere near the peaceful town, but were instead greeted by silence. Such a thing was unheard of after the long time of strife.

    All the while, the huntress dragged the lycanthrope along the merchant's road, getting closer and closer to the village, a light from the fires that had been cast in the center of town could be seen over a the hill. As she started to get closer, the sound of the lycan's breathing could be heard. It was deep and low, showing that he was in deed a VERY deep sleep. It would seem that nothing would be able to awaken him at this point. (Sorry for the late post. My internet's been out for a while PLease forgive me DX)
  17. She had to stop, her legs were burning from dragging around two hundred pounds of muscly man-wolf. She didn't know what else to call him, or it. Her breaths were labored and weary. On good hunting days, when the bucks were large and the trip was long, she could take multiple breaks, but she could not afford the luxury of time tonight under these circumstances. This man needed help, no matter his condition. He would give her answers when he woke up though. That was not an option. She leaned against the tree, catching her breath.

    "Somebody! Please! Find a doctor!" she yelled out, to no obvious answer.

    She looked over at the unconscious man, with the bleeding wound in his chest.

    "I need you to wake up, I don't know if I can carry you the rest of the way. I will try, but you weigh so much!" she said, knowing he probably wouldn't hear her.

    She wrapped his bandages a little tighter when she regained her breath, making sure that he was still breathing. If he died, she would have to deal with the murder charges. She prayed that he wouldn't die. She was not eager to face a mob of angry family members with her unlikely story.