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  1. This Roleplay is OPEN for applications!
    Short Summary: A Slice of Life set around the Virtual Reality game Morpheus Online and that takes mundane activities and make them fun.

    GM: Fowlishness
    Slots Available: 6

    Rating: PG-13

    Welcome, Stranger!
    I would like to personally greet you into this futuristic fantasy roleplay of mine, and to explain a bit more what exactly is Morpheus Online. First of all you must become aware of the VRMMORPG genre, so I will summarize it for you:

    A VRMMORPG, or Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game, is a fantasy of most gamers where, in a fictional future, every online games will be as if you lived in them as long as you wore some kind of Gaming Helmet, a portable computer able to run through the senses of the wearer to make it seems like a whole new world was within reach. Of course, in the case of this RP, this will only happen while both wearing the Game Helmet and while sleeping, to prevent injuries and mishaps. While inside, the rules are like any or the MMORPG, with monsters, skills, stats and a levelling system.

    Now knowing this, I can get more in depth about Morpheus Online both as a RP and a fictional VRMMORPG. The RP itself will be about our characters and their lives, both in and out of the game as they start their journey into the first true VRMMORPG as some of the first player of this brand new game. In fact, the arrival and starting of the game will be the start of the roleplay, and thus the creation of the online characters will be a good part of the first few posts.

    Now, Morpheus Online will be on at night, and our characters' server will be the Eastern Asia main server for convenience, and as such all our characters will come from or at least live in that area. The rp in itself will be separated in Night and Day, and each post will be labelled as such. Since, in the present of this fictional future of 2114, the Republic of China is the main world power, our characters will of course speak Chinese.

    As for the game itself, it's setting will be a grand blend of Medieval, Victorian and Futuristic eras, making it so that paved streets and oil lamps mix with swords and sorcery as well as hovering ships. The levelling system will be by experience points and the PvE, PvP and Crafting skills will be as you wish them to be; nearly limitless, save for your creativity.

    This will be a slice of life, however, so don't expect your character to become 'badass' overnight, as things will be quite slow to promote character development and interaction as well as world-building. This will be a game of exploration and patience, don't forget it!


    No harmful behaviour in the OOC

    Take some time and effort into every post, excessive one liners will mean expulsion!

    Have fun above all!

    Character Sheet:
    (OOC Persona)




    Should I take control of NPCs, Monsters and GMs for you?:

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  2. Name: Yuo Zin



    Profession: Student

    Show Spoiler

    Personality:Yuo is a straight forward person and known for saying what others would usually fear to say, she can be really scared though and very attached to someone, but all that depends on the situation.

    Likes: Yuo is a natural talent in languages, she already speaks Chinese as she is from China, german, english and spanish, but she wishes to learn more, that aside she loves playing video games as a way to learn a language.

    Dislikes: She has a hate towards the water, she had an accident early in her life where she nearly drowned and avoids the water ever since, that aside she dislikes most of the asian food even though she grew up with it.

    Fears: Yuo fears the darkness, her room is constantly lit up and she always has everythig bright in her clothing too, she refuses to wear black clothes. Another thing she fears is being locked away, she grew up being connected to the web and feels lonely whenever she is not connected, this is so big that she actually gets scared of it.

    Dreams: She dreams of seeing the world and visiting every country, as she as a love for languages.

    I hope this is what you expected, or at least close :)

    Should I take control of NPCs, Monsters and GMs for you?:
    It all depends on how they influence the stories, I don't mind controlling weaker monsters myself, but a boss should be controlled by the GM while GM's too should be, NPC's depend on the situation too, if they only influence one of two players I may control them myself, if they influence a whole group it should be by the GM or a selected person.
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  3. Mhm, accepted :)!
  4. Phew I didn't expect to make up a character so soon :P glad I managed :)
  5. Oh my! The OOC popped up faster than I anticipated. I am currently without a functioning computer until my charger comes in the mail. If there is still a slot free when that day comes, I will definitely join! However don't save a slot or wait for me because I've already been waiting for a few weeks and there is no definite date when it will come.

    Whatever happens, good luck with the rp!
  6. Thank you! I hope that you get it all fixed soon! :)
  7. Name: Jiao Mei Xue
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Profession: Student;has a weekend job as an Entertainer and Waitress

    Show Spoiler


    Personality: Independent and flexible,Mei knows how to stand up for herself.She is cheerful and easily-approachable,but she can be hot-tempered and would just explode wherever when nobody holds her back.

    Likes: She has a passion for singing and dancing;the stuff that she does in her work(but that doesn't mean she likes her job).She also likes cooking food even though the only person she's feeding is herself.

    Dislikes: She does not like her job.Even though she gets to do things she likes,some people harass her there;the drunk men she serves beer to at night,to be specific.She hates(but at the same time somewhat likes) the uniform there because she thinks that it shows a bit too much of the curves of her body.(and that's actually the intention of the uniform).She had been planning to resign from it since forever.She also dislikes her British side of the family because they look down at her.This is why she decided to move to China and live by herself.

    Fears: Shirtless men.She just doesn't like getting near them and their bear bodies.This fear was caused by an experience in her work,where a shirtless man suddenly just hugged her from behind.

    Dreams: She aspires to be a world famous actress and to completely show her British family that she can stand up for herself.

    Should I take control of NPCs, Monsters and GMs for you?: Mmh....I believe I could handle them,but maybe at some points....maybe...yeah. .3.;
  8. Welcome, and accepted!
  9. Question! Does everyone have to be Chinese--err anime?
  10. Nope! :)
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  11. Character Sheet:
    (OOC Persona)
    Name: Ming Shou hui / Formerly known as Moira Tate
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Profession: Student / has a part time job at a restaurant.

    Appearance: Despite the image above, Shou hui tends to wear baggy jeans and shorts most of the time. She does wear too big sweaters and hoodies though. As for shoes she wears just about anything and can even go barefoot if it's allowed. ​

    Shou hui, is 4'9" but despises when people call her shortie or anything related to the term.
    Personality: It might take her a bit to get comfortable with someone, but when she does warm up to them, she can be loud and a chatter box. She's very curious and is not familiar with the phrase 'curiosity killed the cat'. Sometimes to stifle her curiosity she'll fire out about twenty questions and except answers right then and there.

    Likes: Meat, vegetables, her job, her Uncle, people who answer her questions, cooking, grilling, frying and baking.
    Dislikes: Fruits, sweets, the states, people who call her shortie, being called her English name, rude people and serious people.
    Fears: Having to leave her uncle and return to the states. She never felt like she belonged in the states and even though she loves her family, she prefers to live with her uncle in the Republic of China.
    Dreams: To create and run her own restaurant that sells only meat dishes.

    Should I take control of NPCs, Monsters and GMs for you? ​

    I thought the GM was you? Or do you mean the ingame GMs? Then yes you should control the GMs. Also the bosses should be controlled. I think the regular monsters can be left alone but some people might take advantage of that and do one hit kills. So you might wanna give some monsters a life bar. (Like the demon mushrooms have 50 HP points or something).
  12. Uhm...maybe I should change my character up to a male? Seems like an all girls character thing so far, just giving the option in case GM prefs it
  13. :O Well during in game character creation I was planning to turn my character into a dude. :P
  14. that charrie from Tamako Market? .3. //shot
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  15. [​IMG]
    I was right .A.
    And I haven't even watched the anime yet *shot* *shot again from being off topic*
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  16. Love that gif tho ><
  17. Accepted, and by GMs I indeed talked about the In Game ones.
    As for males, at this rate I will be making one, so no need to change her if you don't want to.
  18. Character Sheet:
    (OOC Persona)
    Name: Aaron Lun Zi
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Profession: ER Nurse
    Appearance: He has dark, auburn hair and hazel colored eyes--Aaron has a lot of tattoos on his shoulders and back, all hidden by scarves or clothing. Usually, he'll wear very baggy and comfortable clothing as for most of the early morning hours he's confined to his uniform.

    Personality: At heart, Aaron is a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and if it weren't for his parents constantly nagging him or for their "rich ties" he wouldn't have a job in the first place. Most of the time, he's grumpy and serious, but has a great sense of humor and is actually light-hearted. It'll take more than a casual conversation for him to warm up to you, but once you have his trust and friendship, he'll make sure nothing ever harms you.

    Likes: Dogs, Rock, Sweet foods, Challenging obstacles, and cooking.
    Dislikes: Most people. Cats.
    Fears: Death, losing his mind.
    Dreams: To become the best at gaming, even if people beat his ass.

    Should I take control of NPCs, Monsters and GMs for you?: Umm, (owo) I can do it whenever the situation calls for it. I play a lot of MMORPGS myself, so I know how stats go.
  19. Waaait! Can I still join this!?
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