Morgue Baby

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  1. This is some crazy news.

    My mind is blown that something like this could happen.. I guess the whole rule of 'expect the unexpected' is something legit.

    What do y'all think? How would you feel if you opened a casket and found a baby alive?
  2. O _O
    I can't...
    even imagine..
    I have no clue how I would respond. I'd probably just stare for a long time and not say anything.

    imagine growing up as the kid!
    With that story behind you.. like, srsly.
    If I were that kid, I'd prob brag about it all through grade school. But then it would probably haunt me a bit..
    Pretty effing amazing. I think.
  3. Just, another reason to feel ashamed of my country of origin.

    Seriously guys?
    Knowing the place like I do, I am not surprised.
  4. Woooow.
    This is sad but happy. The baby almost died because of poor work but it lived, so yay!
  5. If that wasn't an amazing moment of luck and destiny, I dunno what is. o___o;
  6. ‚ÄčI am honestly speechless.
  7. Unless you want me to rant my brains out, I think I can sum up my thoughts with the following sentence: "Where did those doctors get their medical licenses?"
  8. The baby is obviously a Time Lord and regenerated in the morgue.
  9. That baby is the next Messiah.

    Well, all nonsense aside, it's easy to place the blame game and say "DUH, CUZ IT WAS ARGENTINA" skahsakhshaijws-- but all that matters is the baby is alright and some how in on the side of being classed as a miracle.
    There is a high chance of the doctors being dumbshits and that it's their fault for not being extra careful and doctor like but maybe just maybe... the baby was indeed dead.

    Like in the movies... the heart monitor thing goes "BEEP" and the line is dead... and then, after like 10- 5 minutes it goes alive again and the patient is pronounced 'not dead?'. Sorta like that.

    The baby's name (Luz Milagros) is quite fitting... that kid's gonna have a very interesting tale for the rest of her life.
    So yes, good story, ol' chap.
  10. Somehow I wasn't all that fazed when I saw this headline on the news. Probably because it happened to one of my aunts before HUR HUR HUR.

    She had some complications while giving birth and apparently died in the process. They wheeled her down to the morgue & luckily didn't put her in one of those freezers right away. She woke up a while later & found herself in a dark empty place wearing only her hospital gown and later said she thought she really WAS dead and was in purgatory or something >_> Anyway, she managed to find her away out of the morgue and up into the rest of the hospital and found the rest of the family. Many bricks were shitted and a legend was born.
  11. Dude.. that's crazy.