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Morgana's Children - My foray into the Harry Potter Fandom

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Maid of Spades, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. Once again, this is an Harry Potter OC idea, involving hopefully if not relate-able, believable original characters.

    First of all, please make yourself comfortable, for this may take a small while, or merely a moment, but you should at least be at ease while I outline my idea to you. As Harry Potter is a children to teen story, it is of course understandable that the villains are utterly nonredeemable and quite insane. What I wish to try here is to make dark witches and wizards that are both terrifying and driven, sound of mind and full of ambition. They are not maniacs, they are not devoid of emotions, and that make them even more terrifying. I want to craft a culture where the sophisticated rubs elbows with the primal, where dark rituals are the norm, and where even our muggle morals are alien.

    This would be a series of small tales, that will grow as we want it to, that we make a sole tale or that we make enough to give the bible a run for its money. I put this in the Libertine section because there will be gore, depravities and sex, and we will roleplay them out. The Children of Morgana would not follow an insane dark lord, and would be wise enough to hide their true nature from lighter factions. I see our tales starting either in the time of Grindelwald or in present days, and involve individuals of all ages, though the more sexual parts will not be shown about those of less than eighteen years of age. Beside that, all may be up for grab, and as such ask...

    That you tell me of your limits or no go.

    That you be able to post a few paragraphs per segments, more commonly known as posts.

    That you tell me if this get too dark for you.

    Finally, this will mean we will make quite a bit of characters with differing looks, abilities, interests and personalities, be able to vary your character concepts, please. If this interest you, please contact me or post below. Thank you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.