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  1. Plot Idea:

    In modern society, the notion that a woman's beauty is determined by her waist-size is prevalent, leading many young girls and women who find themselves in the double digit pant size and shirt to feel less than worthy of love, intimacy, and respect. They are mocked, ridiculed, insulted and beaten down about their body's image until they themselves begin to believe that they are truly worth nothing. However, there are few who refuse to be shamed by the size of their body and actively work to encourage their fellow plus-sized sisters to accept and love themselves for everything that they are, whether they are skinny, thin, curvy, or plus-sized. My character is one of those women who loves herself and her size 18 body, her thick thighs and wide hips and pudgy stomach and soft, pliable breasts. She is not your conventional beauty, but a beauty all the same, a beauty that is funny, intelligent, playful and surrounds herself with good people, both thin and big. In this story, she meets a very handsome man that becomes enamored with her upon first sight, completely taken with her shining self-confidence despite the ridicule she faces day to day. He works to court her, finding that while she is confident in herself, has a harder shell to crack thanks to the cautious walls she built around her heart in order to protect herself from being hurt. However, he finds himself on the receiving end of criticism as well, people on the outside making comments that she isn't the right one for him because she's just 'too big'. Will he succumb to pressure or will he continue after the plus-sized beauty and fight through the mockery in order to let their love flourish into something unconventionally beautiful?

    This is a new idea I'm going with because I've decided to stay a little truer to myself. Being a big girl myself, but never really rping as one, I figured I'd see how this would go.

    The roles for the guy are listed below, though they are not limited to them:
    • The handsome older brother of a good friend that she meets at a party.
    • A new co-worker at her place of employment.
    • A patron at her place of employment that becomes a regular once he meets her.
    • A bad boy who feels a possessiveness over her (not the unhealthy kind) and wishes to keep her all to himself.
    • Mafia leader who falls in love with her and unwittingly pulls her into his gang life style because he can't stand to be apart from her.
    • A male-model who does a shoot with her for a special project and falls in love with her at first sight.
    • Her sweet neighbor next door who's been in love with her for years.
    • A foreign prince or nobleman that becomes devastatingly infatuated with her.
    • A police officer who responds to a breaking and entering call at her place.
    • A firefighter that moved in next door.
    • A doctor.
    • Her sister's boyfriend's brother/cousin/best friend.
    That's all I have for right now. Despite the roles listed, and whichever ones we come up with next together, the one thing that I would like to keep consisted is his character. I'm not going to completely create the man, but I would like for him to be a strong, dominant, kind of alpha-male kind of character that will love her hard and take care of her without controlling her. He'll make her feel more and more beautiful everyday and know how to work those curves 'between the sheets' if you know what I mean.

    There will be just as much sex as plot in this story. I expect my partner to be able to post a little more than once a day. I do understand that life comes first and everything, but please try with me to keep the rp going steadily; once it starts becoming too slow, I want to quit. I expect my partner to contribute to the story line, not wait for my cues each time. I prefer to do the rps in the forum threads. If you have any other questions or are interested in this idea, please just shoot me a pm. Thank you.
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  2. Just wondering if you found someone for this yet. Let me know! :)
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