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  1. It was a new day, and they were already set up in a new town, with a new crowd filing into the tents. Alex stayed in the shadows of one of the other tents reserved for circus people only, watching the crowd. All sorts of people with different sizes and shapes and lives. They all seemed so simple in that moment. Every one of them were there for a little piece of entertainment, a little sliver of fun in their otherwise hectic lives. He wondered if any of them would ever get to meet him up close and personal. He smirked and slipped into the tent. He knew it was a distinct possibility.

    Inside the tent was a mass of performers all getting ready. One of them, a young woman near the back was calling to him and waving her hand, frantically trying to get his attention. He slipped over to her as quickly as he could.

    "Oh, Alex, there you are! My outfit ripped, can you fix it real quick?" She asked breathlessly, motioning to her back.

    "I'll do what I can," he replied, slipping around her. There was a small tear in the back of the outfit. He pulled out a small sewing repair kit from his pocket and got to work on carefully fixing it. Although he wasnt a performer, his job was perhaps even more important. He was the costumer. He created and fixed all the wardrobe malfunctions that happened. His work was good quality, but after a few years, even quality work tended to get holes in them. It only took him a moment to fix it before he patted her shoulder. "All done."

    "Thank you, Alex!" She replied, giving him a small hug before hurrying off.
  2. lucky you you got my Lagendy Character))

    Cry came off the train with a frown. she hated traving Cirque. they piss her off but she need to be kind to everyone its not every day they get Lagendy Cry join there performes. she was told she was need her by her boss. and it was some favoer till they find some new person there. Her boss didnt like the fact he wa sending her but hey its not her falt she hade nothing to do. Cry whisle a taxi wich came fast. she told the man were she was needed and he laughed then drived off

    Cry was and still is amazing at: air Acrobat, tight rope, Trampoline, and her fav Silks. she always made the people cry on silks but the reason for it is that she dose it so bueatiful that its hard not to cry. another thing her stage name is The Swan reason was becase she played before the Cirque she did ballet. and her best performes was Sawn Lake wich she hade the lead role. but soon after she knew she didnt like it a joined the Cirque. and she loved it turn into one of the best in 3 months with her first performes of Alice in wonderland where she played Alice . and now she was going to some moveing Circue. greet.

    the man told her they were here and she looked out to she the please. she paid and got out. with the bags to her side she walked up to the place. she looked around to see anyone that may look some what not working on seting up shit. she wanted to find who ever worked here and talk to him before she even thinks of working here. her boss did tell her to be carefull around them but she didnt real see anything worng. but still she keep her gaurd up. as she shaked her head side to side her white hair wiped into her face. she looked down to her black combat boots to her long red coat.
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