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  1. [FONT= ]Hey guys, well I am Adsila Tomlinson, yes my last name is Tomlinson. Oh yes I know what you will be thinking right now “Hey isn’t that Louis Tomlinson last name, the dude from one of the famous boy bands One Direction” I knew you would be thinking that and yes it is true, I am related to the one and only Louis Tomlinson.

    I heard the door being unclock and guys voices downstairs, my face turned from a frown to a huge grin, i recognised the voices and that only ment one thing


    I got up from my bed and ran down the stairs to see the guys had come home

    [hope that is okay :/]
  2. (thats fine :) )

    Zayn followed Louis into his house, and felt a tingling in his stomach. He had a small - no, a HUGE crush on Louis's sister - but had never got up the courage to say anything to either Adsila or Louis. He sighed, and leaned against the wall.

    Suddenly he heard footsteps, and looked up with a growing grin - she was here!
  3. Adsila smiled when she saw her big brother and ran to him and hugged him "I've missed you Louis, i really have the only face i've seen is Zak's" Adsila said and kissed Louis cheek and looked at Zayn and smiled going over to him and hugged him "Hey Zayn" Adsila said softly and smilled kissing his cheek and done the same with the other guys

    Louis laughed and hugged her back "I've missed you as well, but guess what we are home for some time now" Louis said and grinned but his face turned into a frown "Your telling me Zak has been here Adsila" Louis said a little annoyed, he didn't like Zak at all
  4. Zayn hugged her back, but his smile had faded a bit when she had mentioned her boyfriend. He didn't trust Adsila's boyfriend Zak, and obviously neither did Louis. He kissed the top of her head, and smiled. "I missed you loads, Addie."
  5. Adsila smiled up at Zayn "I also missed you as well" Adsila said and kissed his cheek and rolled her eyes at Louis "Lou, i'm 18 come on me and Zak have been together for almost a year now and it's not like we havn't done any-" Adsila started but then cut herself off, she was just about to tell her brother that she had made love with Zak while he was away, "Look Louis it's my life not yours" Adsila said annoyed and took her box of fags from the table and her lighter was inside and went out the door and closed it, lighting the fag up "Stupid brother" Adsila muttered

    Louis looked at his sister in shock "You and him WHAT" Louis said, he didn't know she had done that at all with Zak, he thought she hadn't she promised him she wouldn't, Louis sighed and looked at Zayn "I can't do anything can i" Louis said and watched his sister outside, he knew she smoked and had been since she met Zak at the age of 17
  6. Zayn watched her leave, and bit his lip. "Maybe I could talk to her? I think she just feels a bit repressed at the moment." He hated the thought that Adsila had slept with Zak, but he understood that it was her life, and he couldn't really interfere.
  7. Adsila sighed and sat down on the bench outside as she smiked

    Louis smiled at Zayn "Could you please Zayn" Louis asked him with a small smile
  8. "Kay." Zayn padded out to the back, and sat on the bench beside Adsila. "Hey. Just to let you know, I'm not going to lecture you, or tell you off for smoking....." He smiled softly. "I just want to know what's going on at the moment."
  9. Adsila finished off the fag and put it in the bucket with a loads of them in where water was and looked at him and smiled a small smile "Yeah you really shouldn't" Adsila said with a smile and put a arm around his waist and rested her head on his chest "Nothings really going on, i'm just tired with them making me do my modlling from 6 in the morning to 6 at night and then Zak coming round and that also keepin me up, i think i'm just over exhausted" Adsila said softly telling Zayn the truth as she normally would tell him anything and then sighed "And also that i'm ermm, pregnant" Adsila finished off, she had only found out last week and didn't know what to do

    [just made that up now XD, but she is going to get rid of it and not tell Louis or Zak and only Zayn knows]
  10. Zayn held her close, but was stunned when she admitted that she was pregnant. "Oh my God, Adsila...." He couldn't think of what to say. "What are you going to do?" She was only eighteen - a year younger than Zayn - and Louis would freak out if he found out.
  11. Adsila held on tighter to him and cried "I don't know what to do Zayn, i really don't a part of me wants to get rid of it, but the other part is saying to keep it, Zayn i'm scared" Adsila said and cried a little more "Please don't tell Zak, or Louis" Adsila said softly, she really didn't know what to do, she would keep it, but knew she was too younge and didn't know what Zak would do if she decided to, would he walk out and leave her, or stay with her, but then she wanted to get rid of it, she still had her whole life yet, she didn't want to give it up at 18
  12. "Ssh, ssh..." He murmured as he pulled her onto his lap. He glanced back towards the house and thanked his rarely lucky stars that Louis and the rest of the guys had gone upstairs, and weren't in sight of them.
    "I'm not going to tell anyone. But, Addie, you need to do something." He had an idea. "How about you come and stay with me for a while - to relax and unwind, and then afterwards you can decide what to do."
  13. Adsila cried into his neck and started to calm down a little and sighed when he said he wouldn't tell anyone "Thankyou Zayn, i know i need to do something, i'm not that far along about a week and a couple of days" Adsila said and sighed and getting off his lap "That would be a big help Zayn" Adsila said and kissed Zayn's cheek and went back inside and chucked her fags in the bin and then felt her stomach churn and she ran upstairs to the bathroom and threw up
  14. Zayn hurried after her, and held her hair back from her face as she was sick. He closed the door behind them so the guys wouldn't hear, and he stroked her face to calm her. "You'll be ok." He handed her a towel to wipe her face.
  15. Adsila was greatful that Zayn was there for her and him stroking her hair really calmed her down a lot and she took the towel from his hand "Thanks" Adsila said weakly and flushed the chain and got up brushing her teeth and she sighed and looked at Zayn "I think Zak has at least the right to know that i'm pregnant, i can't keep it from him and i guess we will go from there" Adsila said softly and opened the door and saw Liam there shocked and faceplamed, pushing past him and going downstairs to get some water

    [you want to play Liam for a bit?]
  16. Liam had excused himself to go to the bathroom, but it was already occupied. Assuming that it was just Louis and Addie's mum, he waited patiently outside. However, to his shock, he saw Adsila come out, followed by Zayn! He just stood there and looked at Zayn in shock.

    Zayn mentally kicked himself - how must this look? You and Adsila in the bathroom together? How can you explain this? He didn't say anything, and just hurried after Adsila. She needed him.
  17. Adsila sighed and drank some water, feeling really tired and exhausted, she had taken the day off work as she felt so tired and couldn't do it anymore and looked at Zayn and smiled at him and then sighed, her phone ringing and she looked to see Zak calling her and answered it "Hey Zak, yeah you can come round, i um, having something to tell you" Adsila said into the phone and felt tears coming to her eyes again, her emotions high at the moment "Y-yeah i'm fine, just be quick Zak" Adsila said and hung up the phone and walked back to Zayn hugging him again

    Zak had phone Adsila to see if it was okay to come around, he heard the voice of Adsila and knew then that something was wrong, and went to her house quick and knocked on the door,

    Louis heard the door and opened it, he looked at his sister crying and raised an eyebrow, but opened the door for Zak "Oh it's you" Louis said and Zak pushed past him and saw Adsila crying, he looked at Zayn and mouthed 'Thankyou' and pulled her into him "Hey shh it's fine Addie" Zak said softly and kissed the top of her head
  18. Zayn didn't say anything, as he could sense that she just needed to be silent for a while, and get her thoughts and emotions straight. He leaned against the doorframe and bit his lip.

    When Zak came in, he looked away, and moved into the living room. He didn't like Zak, by he wasn't going out with Adsila, so he couldn't control who she chose to date.
  19. Adsila sighed pulling back and looked Zak in the eyes and closed her eyes "I'm fine Zak, just when i tell you this, promise me not to freak will you" Adsila said and looked at her brother and the others, not caring if they heard now, "Zak, i'm pregnant a-a-and i don't know what to do" Adsila finished and shook her head at the sight of Zak's face in shock and ran out the door, not wanting to be shouted ta by her brother or for Zak to leave her

    Zak looked at her and was in shock, he wasn't expecting that at all, he watched as she ran out and hit his lip, a smile hiding, Adsila was carrying his child, he was happy but he didn't know what to do, he didn't know if they could bring a child up at their age, they would have to sort this out

    [you play le Louis?, you like playing him don't you?]
  20. Louis heard the door close, and hurried downstairs. He was just in time to see Adsila hurry out the door, and he frowned. He stared at Zak, and quietly said, "What's the matter with Addie? Have you hurt her in any way?" He then turned to Zayn, and demanded, "What's up with her? D you know?"

    Zayn looked at him, and quickly said, "Can we talk about this later? I'll go find Adsila." He grabbed his jacket and left to find her.
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