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  1. So, this is an idea I had about a man (my character) who gets tired of his boring existence in the small town he lives in. He's a carpenter so with his skill set he builds an airship and uses it to travel and see the world. He stops at a major city to stock up on supplies when he runs into the children or child of the mayor who was murdered and whose assassins are now after them.

    I would like for one child to be an adult female. (just for a possible romance)

    The man stood at the helm gently guiding his airship through the clouds, the breeze blew his long red hair back. Kerric kept one hand on the wheel while his left hand ran through his hair, he looked down at the massive city below. " Ahh, this must be the city of Rydell." He said as he piloted his ship slowly downward and towards the skydocks, being a small ship and all it wasn't to difficult to fit it in. Kerric stepped down from the helm, gathering up lengths of rope used to tie down the ship, tying each not carefully.

    He stepped out of the ship and proceeded down the gangway entering the city, the streets were loud with the sounds the peoples hurried footsteps.
    "Why the rush?" He asked himself as he stepped onto the street, things were very different here than the were back at home, it was so quit and laid back there. He walked along the streets for about a block when he found what he was looking for, a grocery store. After purchasing a variety of of food and other supplies he stepped out onto the busy streets, crashing into an unknowing citizen.
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  2. A glint of light reflecting from a pole had caught her eye, another one? But a second glance confirmed that there was no malicious intent from that particular bit of shining metal. She only needed to worry about the man wielding unidentified weapons somewhere in the crowd behind her.

    With her eyes turned elsewhere Alexandria rushed directly into a man leaving a grocery store. She stumbled, falling backwards, just able to catch her head from hitting the ground. The brim of her hat bent against the pavement, levering it off of her head. Thick brown curls cascaded about her shoulders. Alexandria spared no time to check herself for injures. Sitting up she grabbed her hat and scrambled to her feet. "My apologies sir. Where are you going?" She addressed the man she had collided with. Quickly the young woman stashed her hat into one of his bags. She couldn't outrun her pursuer for long, but hiding in plain sight might give her an advantage. She was now just part of a couple out shopping, that is, if this man would play along. She looked around to see what else they might need to collect from the ground.
  3. Kerric watched the woman he had ran into as she got to her feet rather quickly and put her hat in his bag. " I was just heading back to my airship miss, I stopped to buy supplies." He watched the woman's behavior, she seemed to be in somewhat of a panic, like someone was after her or something. " Do you need assistance with something?" As he asked he saw a man wielding a variety of sharp blades coming down the streets, his eyes darted through the crowd, he was looking for someone. "I wonder..." He thought to himself as the strange man continued down the street. Kerric took of his eye patch and slipped it over the ladies eye, he grabbed all the bags with one hand and gently held hers with the other. "Is this man after you?" He whispered, just to be sure Kerric turned so that their faces were away from the crowd, as if they were looking at one of the displays outside.
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  4. Before any explanation of her need could be given, the man had already taken action. The eyepatch limited her peripheral vision, but was worth that price for the disguise it offered. Her hand clasped tightly to his. She stood close to his side to reply "Yes. They're hunting my family." Her words were quick and strained. "Would you take passengers Captain?" She studied the reflection of the crowd in a window, quivering at the glimpse of her follower.
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  5. It was a dark night and the cold mist was creeping in like demon's breath. Sebastian had been waiting, in the dingy air dock house, for an hour yet already he was afraid. Where was Alex? She had hid him here and told him to wait, that she would be back soon and she had fled.
    He glanced up through the window and wondered where she had got to. Or who had got her.
    He shook such grim thoughts from his head but it failed, doubt and worry gnawing away at him. He was fifteen and would never admit it but he was afraid, for himself and Alex. He had felt so helpless, as Alex had led the assassins away to find a way across.
    He sat down on a crate, hoping she would return soon, as the night air was filled with the noise of airships above his head.
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  6. Her words confirmed his suspicions, he wondered why they were hunting this innocent women, what has she done to deserve being hunted down as if she was an animal. Kerric turned his head slightly towards the street, he watched the man turn down another street, now was their chance to move. "I don't know how much time we have but we best use it while we can, let's move." Kerric turned and guided the lady down the street, their pace matched those around them as they attempted to blend into the crowd. " If that's what you want, sure. I could use a companion during my travels, the ship is rather small though."
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  7. The pace of the crowd hardly seemed fast enough, but steadily they moved down the street towards the skydock. Alexandria had been watching over her shoulder for an hour, it took discipline to only look ahead, to act natural. This man was willing enough to help one, she did not hesitate to ask for more. "I need help getting two of us out. We need passage...safely." She didn't say where they were planning to go, too many ears could be listening in the crowd bustling around them. Careful eyes could see through her shallow disuse. At the end of the street she turned a corner, leading to the dock house where she had left her brother. She wasn't sure if the lack of light would serve as a blessing or their ruin. There did not seem to be anyone lurking in the shadows at present.
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  8. The mist was getting heavier as time went and rain seemed to be threatening on the horizon. There were crowds in a street nearby and he could them boarding airships and then hearing the engines of the airships roaring into life.
    A sharp noise echoed in the room and he darted behind an upturned crate. Footsteps, two people he guessed, stopped outside the door. Someone knocked and he surreptitiously crept out, peeping through to the key hole to see who had knocked. Upon seeing the knocker, he pulled the door open and wrapped his arms around his sister.
    "Where have you been? I thought you were dead!" He ran a hand through his dark red-brown hair tiredly, green eyes worried and angry at the same time, before they alighted on the man beside his sister.
    "Who is this?" he queried, jerking his head towards the captain.
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  9. Kerric was surprised by the boy, was this her brother?. "My name is Kerric, young man, and I'll be taking the two of you aboard my airship." He stated, greeting the boy with a smile. "My ship is parked, we may leave whenever you two are ready." Kerric realized that he and the women were still holding hands, being near the docks and all he felt it was safe enough to stop with the act. " I'm going to put this stuff away, you may join me anytime for departure." He said as he started toward the docks.
  10. Wrapping her free arm around his back, Alexandria returned the sudden hug from her younger brother. "I'm sorry it took so long. Just watch, we are going to be perfectly fine now." She didn't mean to make a politician's promise, especially not to Eben, but she so wished it would come true that the words had come out all too quickly. "We ought to be going."

    Turning away from the doorway she followed after the stranger named Kerric. She flipped the eyepatch up onto her forehead before pulling it off completely. Carrying it as she rushed to catch up. "The sooner we are able to leave, the better."

    Watching from a distance, another assassin saw the siblings together. That confirmed them as being targets. Quietly he began the approach, past the buildings towards the docks.
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  11. Kerric was almost to his ship when he heard the hurried footsteps of Alexandria behind him, he nodded in agreement to her statement as he climbed aboard his vessel. "Just let me get the engine started." He stated, Kerric sat he bags of groceries down and began checking for holes in the balloon. He found no issues with the balloon so he started the engine. "Could you put those groceries away while I untie the ship? The galley is below deck, all the way aft." He asked, before stepping onto the docks.

    Kerric began untying the ropes that tethered the ship to the docks, he had one untied and threw it aboard. He looked up to see a man approaching, by the look of him he was an assassin, he wasn't the same one as before but seeing the variety of weapons he was carrying confirmed Kerric's suspicions.
    "Get below deck and hide." He said to his passengers, he knew the assassin saw them but he would try to get away. Kerric had two more ropes to release before the ship was free from the docks. He had no time to spare he pulled out a small knife he was concealing and began to cut away the remaining ropes. "Why did I have to be so thorough..." He said, cursing under his breath.

    Kerric had a short lived feeling of satisfaction when his knife cut through through the last rope. He knew had a decision to make, he knew he was no match to the assassin when it came to hand to hand combat, but he could threaten him with the pistol he was wearing on his hip. He had another choice though, the ship was free, he could get to the helm and take off, but there would be a chance for the would be killer to climb aboard as well.
    Kerric acted fast, he kicked away the gangplank and ran to the helm, he pressed a lever and the ship responded by ascending at a slow rate.
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  12. Samuel Kilan was the top assassin in his field. His resume was one filled to the brim in death, destruction, sabotage, mayhem and other such dark and deprived acts. His most recent contract was an interesting one...he was hired by a mysterious contact to hunt and kill a little girl and her brother. The pictures he had with them and he knew they were somewhere in town. He had eyes on the boy, but lost him.

    As he wandered around the airship pier, he spotted them and gave pursuit. They hightailed it onto one of the ships and he glanced at the man who he assumed was the captain. He was about to call out when he cut the ship loose and kicked the plank away, only to bolt off. "Why do they make it so damn difficult? Can't I have an easy catch for once!?"
    Reaching under his black tunic, he grabbed a pistol that had a gripping hook in it and fired it at the ship, smirking as it sunk into the ships structure and pulling him towards the ship.

    That girl is not going to get away! As he landed on the deck, he drew a short sword in his right hand and a pistol in his left. "Captain, if you can hear me then it would be wise for you to give up your passengers! Otherwise, you're going to get caught up in their affair." His silver eyes scanned the deck for signs of anyone, but saw no-one. His well built and toned body slowly turned looking for where the siblings might have gone. Wherever they went, they were still on the ship...and he would find them.
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  13. Alexandria had hesitated, but picked up the grocery bags to take them to the galley. She would be able to find places to put things away, even if the food items did not end up in their usual places.

    She was already descending below deck when Kerric's warning sounded. "Sebastian!" She called dropping the last few feet to the floor. She closed her eyes trying to adjust to the dim light quickly. It was indeed a small ship. But she had to find some place to hide. The bags dangling from her hands gave her an idea. Quickly she pattered towards the back of the ship hanging the bags on hooks in the galley. Crouching she began digging through a low cupboard hoping for room to squeeze at least one of them under the counter. The other would have to find a place in a barrel or closet or somewhere... one thing at a time. She had to make sure Sebastian had a safe place to hide before anything else.
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  14. Kerric was at the helm steering the ship when he saw the assassin climb aboard. "If you want them, you'll have to go through me, and that might prove problematic." He said, responding to the man's warning. Kerric knew he couldn't fight the man but he did know the ship better than anyone so he could use that to his advantage. Below deck it was dark and hiding would be easy for him, he could wait and ambush the man, but that would also put his passengers in harm's way. He was at the helm, on the deck that was positioned above the captains quarters. From his vantage point he watched the man walk around, if he could wait for the man to step too close to the edge he could jerk the wheel and make the ship turn in a sharp angle and potentially cause the man to lose balance and fall overboard. He had a choice to make and he quickly came to a decision, he waited for the man to make the wrong move and he put his trap into action, jerking the wheel and manuevering ship toward the side the man was standing, he took that time to draw his pistol and aim it at the man, he was no trained marksman, but the assassin didn't need to know.
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  15. The airship tilted, Alexandria threw her hands out, bracing against a beam to keep herself from falling. Regaining her footing she continued towards the bow of the ship. Getting as far from the galley as she could. The forepeak was significantly narrower than the rest of the hold, this was not the place to store large bulky cargo. But that meant it was light enough she could move it easily. Pulling several full crates and barrels away from one wall she made a space large enough to curl up in. Nestled among small cargo she put her head down on her knees and very quietly waited.
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  16. The assassin turned to the voice. The captain was at the helm and looked like he was plotting something..but what could he possibly do? Piloting a ship and trying to intimidate someone was tough enough and Samuel smirked. This captains got guts..but he doesn't seem all too clever. even if he tries something, it would more than likely fail. "Where's the girl? I would advise you to comply and work with me instead of against me captain. If you don't, then I'll find her on my own and kill you after the fact."

    He took a couple steps closer to the helm, keeping his position just off kilter to the middle of the ship. This one person wouldn't keep him from the best payday ever. No matter what he did or what he tried, it wouldn't make a difference. If he was foolish to try and attack, he'd kill him in the blink of an eye. If he helped, he may even give him a slice of the reward. "Tell you what I am a generous sort of assassin, you tell me where she is and help me, I'll give you part of that reward. You could buy 3 new airships and repair this one with what you get and still have enough to live comfortably."

    He had noticed what looked like a door to a storage room when he first jumped on board. That's where I would hide if I were scared and being chased. We'll see what the captain says first and then go hunting if need be. He wasn't prepared for the tipping of the ship and got thrown off balance, tossed off the side of the ship. He silently hoped that his luck held out and reached for the edge of the ship, barely laying claim to the side and gripping on for dear life. As the ship leveled back to normal, he hoisted himself to the side only to come face to face with the captain who had his pistol with him.

    His sword and pistol were gone, fallen to god knew where below them and to go after them now would be suicide after the fact of madness. "Clever maneuver captain. So are you going to kill me..or take me prisoner? Telling me to get off your ship would be no better than shooting me in the head right now. So please, tell me your plan because it is getting rather hard to hold on right now....."
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  17. Kerric knew that if his maneuver didn't work he and his passengers were as good as dead. It was a gutsy move, thinking of the alternatives, assassins were graceful the chances of it working were quite slim. Which made it all the more shocking to see the man desperately clinging onto the side of his ship. Kerric slowed the ship to a stop before stepping down from the helm, he tied a rope to his waist and attached the other end to the mast. Kerric crouched down above the assassin offering him assistance. "I know they must have a lot of money on their heads, but is it worth your life?" He uttered as he lowered his hand down to the captain.
  18. Alexandria’s head flew up. She had thought the ship was changing speeds, but dismissed it as paranoia. Now she was certain. They were stopped, left to drift with the wind. It meant the captain was not at the helm. Considering the dramatic tilt made it worse. What had been going on above deck? Was Kerric even alive, or had he joined the butler and a cook on the list of casualties? There was no time to spare thoughts for the fallen now. She was a sitting duck. This spot was decent enough for a brief search, but would be her grave if the assassin came hunting. But what options did she have? Quietly she began rifling through the cargo around her. In one of the crates were carefully laid tools. A hammer wasn’t going to be much good, but it was better than nothing. At least she had something to grip between her fists. Her eyes were adjusted, she would be able to see someone come below deck before they could see her.
  19. The assassin held on with everything he had. To fall and die here was not something he planned on experiencing anytime soon. He spotted the captain reaching for him. Was he seriously offering him help? What was his angle? Whatever it was, he wasn't about to deny any assistance he could get at this point and he reached up, grabbing hold of his hand and being lifted to the deck.

    As he breathed a sigh of relief, he sat against the railing glancing at the captain. "So now I take it you're going to restrain me? Interrogate me to find out why I'm chasing the girl? I'll save you the trouble captain...I don't plan on telling you anything. No matter what you do or try to pull, you won't get anything out of me."
    He was no stranger to interrogation techniques and he was as strong willed as most others could train themselves to be. Samuel wouldn't give up anything, but he would have to figure out what to do next. Right now he didn't have any other weapons on him that he could use against the captain and his tools were not going to help him right now.

    All he could do was wait and see what the captain had in store for him. After that, he could plan his next move.
  20. "What am I getting myself into.." He thought as he pulled the man aboard, he knew he was putting his passengers in unnecessary danger by allowing him back on board. He kept his pistol aimed at the man as they spoke, watching the man intensely. "Nothing like that, since your after my passengers, It's up the them to determine your fate. I would like to know how much bounty is on them though, just out of curiosity" He said, Kerric was trying not to say anything that this man could use to his advantage. "Lets call them up from hiding, shall we?" He said keeping the barrel of the gun pointed at him. "You can come up now!" He shouted, being careful to not look away from the man. He knew one glance in another direction would be all the man needed to gain the upper hand.
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