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  1. Zach was bored. This wasn't just your average, run-of-the-mill bored, though. This was full-blown, five-alarm, mutated strain of viral bored that had infected Zach and wasn't going to let go any time soon. With a small grunt, he got up off his duff and moseyed over to the phone. If he was going to be bored, then so was his besty. He dialed in her number and waited for her to pick up the phone.
  2. Caitlin was super bored, she just sitting on her sofa flicking the channels on her TV freaking bored. She wanted something to do and fast because she was going to go out of her mind of boredom. Caitlin heard her phone and she thought,hope somone interesting, maybe her best friend. She read the reciver and it was Zach, she smiled and placed it to her ear,"Hey Zach."
  3. Zach's expression brightened visibly at the sound of her voice, not that there was anyone around to see it. "Hey yourself." He said back, "Doing anything interruptible?" The last time they did something together was when Zach had gotten dumped. That was over a month ago and it felt like high time they saw each other again.
  4. "No you? How you been Zach?"Caitlin replied, she missed spending time with him. It had been ages since she saw him.
  5. "Good, I guess. There's this really interesting spot on the wall that I've been watching for about an hour now. It's cool, because if the light hits it in a certain way, it does nothing." Zach got sarcastic when bored. Needless to say, he was sarcastic a lot. "How about you? I'm glad you let me interrupt whatever you were doing."
  6. "I wasn't doing anything just flicking through channels, do you wanna do something to rid of our boredom,"she said with a smile hoping he would have a suggestion of what to do.
  7. "I think that would be a good idea. Feel like some early dinner?" It was only about five in the afternoon, but he was feeling hungry enough to eat. Besides, it would be a good way for them to get together again.
  8. "Sure, now?"She asked with a smile. She was happy she was going to see him again, it's been ages since they've seen each other.
  9. Zach smiled on his end of the phone. Caitlin was a good friend, but she could be a tad clueless at times. "Yes now. Unless you were thinking tomorrow"
  10. "No now fine, do you still in your apartment on fifth avenue?"She asked as it had that long since she had seen him and she barely remembered his address.
  11. "That's the one. Feel like having anything in particular or shall I surprise you?" Zach liked to think of himself as a sort of chef, cooking was enjoyable to him and most of the food he made that didn't end up burned tasted pretty good too.
  12. "You know I like surprises so surprise me, do you want me to dress up?"She smirked, she actually loved surprises and loved his cooking. He was her little chef and she was his tease perfect match right?
  13. "You can dress however you feel is appropriate." Zach smirked into the phone, "I'm not wearing anything special, so you don't have to either." A fiery blush swept over his features as he realized what he said sounded like something totally different, "I mean, wear some clothes, obviously! I didn't mean come nak... Never mind..."
  14. "Zach calm down, I will be there in half an hour okay,"she said with a smile. She loved it when he stuttered and she had missed it. Caitlin walked up to her room with her phone to her ear, she looked through her wardrobe,"what do you want me to wear?"She asked with a smirk.
  15. The phone was thrown onto the cradle before he pressed the button. Zach had some stuff to take care of before she got here. He ran about the kitchen in a mad dash for near an hour until dinner for two was prepared. Then he placed it somewhat artfully on a pair of plates and set them on the table, waiting patiently for her arrival.
  16. Caitlin put down her phone. She got out a black strapless dress with matching heels. She stripped her clothes off and put the dress on. Caitlin put the dress on and they went and put on some makeup first pink blusher and then mascara with a tad of baby pink lipstick. She walked out of her apartment and down to her car. She drove over to fifth avenue and then walked in the hotel. She got an elevator to his floor and went to his room and knocked the door.
  17. Zach was still prepping the vegetables when Caitlin to arrived. He had this new recipe that he'd wanted to try for a long while and he knew he could trust that she would give him a very unbiased opinion. He just about jumped when the door reverberated with the sound of knocking, but quickly got over it and walked over to open it.

    "Hey! How are you?" He asked brightly, giving her a hug. "I have this dish that looked good, but I figured that I wouldn't give accurate feedback. Tell me what you think, would you?"
  18. "I'm great Zach, I would love to give a opinion,"she walked in and smiled. She took of her jacket and set it on the sofa. Caitlin took a deep breath in and said,"well it smells great,"she walked into the kitchen,"what is it?"With a smile.
  19. Zach puffed up for a moment. "Herb crusted salmon with a side of mixed vegetables and mushroom risotto. I may have outdone myself." He pulled out the chair to let her in and gave a deep, joking bow. "After you, mi'lady." He said in an English accent, bowing with a flourish.
  20. Caitlin replied in a English accent as well,"Why thank you kind sir,"with a giggle. She loved the smell of Zach's food,"Zach you never outdo yourself, that's why I love your food so much,"she said waiting patiently with a smile. Caitlin was so happy that she saw him again.
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