More Than Forbidden

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  1. Brockcrest High School was one of two high schools located in the town which Gemma King-Porter and her family resided in. The eighteen-year-old and two of three of her brothers attended Brockcrest. It was the first day of the school year, and Gemma was enthused. Finally, her senior year had come. The hard facts of college pressure, moving out of her parents' home and the chances of her boyfriend and her's relationship not surviving past graduation hadn't hit her yet. Though, the relationship may end a lot sooner than graduation. Gemma had chosen to ignore that bit.

    Over the summer, she'd spent pretty much every day at her boyfriend's house. On several occasions, her boyfriend hadn't even been home. His mom had invited Gemma to stay and chat on those days. The young woman now wishes she hadn't. Actually, she was very glad that she did. But she didn't want to feel that way. She wanted to regret it. Gemma was quite content in her bubbly state of denial. She'd already picked up her schedule, but hadn't looked at it yet, and she'd found her locker in the senior hallway. Conveniently, her boyfriend's locker was just next to hers.

    Her boyfriend's mother also happened to be a teacher at Brockcrest. Gemma had never had her as a teacher before, but she'd heard she was quite strict which Gemma understood considering the woman taught only advanced classes. This year was the second year Gemma would be in any advanced classes and this year she was taking three, AP Chemistry, AP English and Honors Calculus. Gemma had worked so terribly hard to get into those classes. School in general had always been rather difficult for her. Before she'd been adopted by her moms, Gemma had been in remedial classes all through her time in foster-care.

    With just one glance at her schedule, Gemma's happy mood quickly faded away. The teacher for her first class was the woman she wanted so much to avoid. During one of those times Gemma's boyfriend hadn't been home, her and the older woman shared a kiss that was certainly nowhere near harmless. Gemma had been trying to ignore certain feelings she had for quite a while. She'd seen the looks and heard the whispers whenever her moms showed affection to each other in public. Gemma didn't want that for herself, even if that meant pretending to be something she's not.

    Gemma had been ignoring texts she'd been receiving from the teacher and ignored a few calls as well. Gemma hadn't spoken to her since the kiss, and Gemma wasn't looking forward to having to be in the same room with the woman for an hour. Gemma sighed and shoved her schedule into her binder without bothering to look at who she had for the rest of her classes before heading towards the classroom for her first class. Gemma avoided eye contact with the teacher as she entered the room. Gemma wanted to forget the kiss, but now she couldn't stop thinking about it.