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  1. OK. I need some more rps. Preferably ones where people will be on at least a couple times a day. No one liners. Will not stand for those. I have many ideas I want to do but feel free to let me know. The italics are the ones I'm wanting to be hopefully out of the pairs.

    Master x slave
    Human x neko
    Prostitute x cop
    Kidnapper x kidnappee
    Uncle x nephew
    Uncle x neice
    Vampire x demon
    Demon x demon hunter
    Male prisoner x male prisoner
    Female prisoner x female prisoner
    Male wardon x male prisoner
    Male prison guard x male prisoner

    These are only some. I can't play dominant characters. I don't mine doing mxm mxf or fxf but I'll be playing the submissive character in the mxm or fxf. And I'll be playing the female in the mxf if that's OK. Thanks let me know. :)
  2. I'm interested in masterXslave
  3. Sounds good. Pm me and we can discuss details. :)
  4. Yay

    I'll pm you
  5. Sounds good
  6. I'd be interested in the human x neko if it can be mxm and I'd have no problem being the dominant. :)
  7. Oh! That's perfect! Pm me and we can get it set up.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.