More Plots Then We Know What To Do With! So Will You Help?

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  1. Hello Lady's and Gent's!

    So as you can tell by the title I have more plots then I know what to do with and need people to RP with. You don't have to be perfect in crammer or spelling but give me something to work with. I will tell you this you start giving me one liners or things I can't work with I will assume the RP is died and will sugest a new one.

    Also I will RP almost anything. I have crazy plots and what not. Everything from supernatural phenomenon to the red light district. Anyways Maybe one or two of then can be for more then one person. Anyways the roles can change to MxM FxF or MxF idc really xD.

    Assassin and girl he let live. (open)


    Revé (open)

    It's the 1800s era of the land, around the middle of a place called Revé. The world is dank and desolate, covered with the spiderwebs of old structures that have crumbled down to their skeletons, and trees that seem to be stripped of their vibrant hues and replaced with a broken version of life.

    In this place, the darkness thrives, hiding the conflicts of the darker creatures that roam the earth as they hunt for a sustainable life; one of which is hidden away in the human world, concealed as an amulet with a stone of vibrant emerald. Now, three of these creatures attempt to find it, hoping to free themselves from the dark lifestyle they lead as the nightwalkers they appear to be.

    Son of Hell Daughter of Heaven (open)

    The bonds of friendship are often tested, and now the friendship of two childhood friends, will be put to the ultimate test.

    In the sleepy town of Purgatory, in USA, Texas, a young boy and a girl felt a bond between them. First it started as friendship, the two going doing everything together, sneaking out at night to be with one another. And like any good tale, it blossomed into young, pure love.

    Their graduation and 18th birthdays all close in, on the same day. And as the days come, they find themselves in a strange land together. Split in half, this is Heaven and Hell, half of pure white snow, half of blackened earth. The Truce, which sent the son and daughter of Hell and Heaven to earth.

    Mermaid's Tale (open)

    Narcissa was a different kind of mermaid always finding herself doing thing other then sitting around sing or getting sailors to jump in sea like all the others. One day swimming around trying to find something to do she comes a cross a dark castle that looked almost abandoned by the fact there was no one around. No sharks or even other fish. Wondering in she finds a handsome merman sleeping. Noticing he looked quite ill she tried to treat him.

    Soon she realized she had saved a legend. A legendary being from merpeople folklore.

    War...War Never Ends. (open)

    War...war never changes...

    Every country enters a war at one point, and history is written by the victors. But there is a war that none know of. One that is fought behind enemy lines, at home, in the shadows. Spies and agents have been utilised by all since the dawn of civilisation to gain technology, information, and even kill...

    Now the race is on to find and recruit one special agent, the best some say. Trained by MI6, she went rogue after a mission and became a lone wolf. Killing and selling information to the right price, she is a woman who serves no flag, earning her the only known title 'The Privateer'.

    But the Privateer has earned herself the greatest prize of them all, the nuclear launch codes for every country in the world, and the motherboard to launch them. Each country has responded by sending someone to either kill her, or recruit her to the force.

    One young spy finds herself on the hunt of a lifetime, in a chase that spans across America, Asia, Europe and Africa. That takes her to the highest peaks and the deepest depths in order to find him. But will this rogue agent prove too much?

    Ninja Bounds (open)

    In the Chubu region of Japan, where the valleys are deep and the mountain peaks high, there is a secret shinobi school hidden deep amoungst the snow and clouds.

    Under the guidance of the Sensei, young children abandoned by family are bred into killing machines. Sabateurs, thieves and assassins, each work for the Sensei to bring in money to help the surrounding region, which was neglected by the Shogun.

    In particular Myre and Raisha, two young girls taken in by the Sensei, developed a bond that was unbreakable. They spent their free time together, eat their meals together and they completed missions together.

    But after one particular mission, assasinating an offical in the Kyo region, Raisha disappeared. Unknown if dead or alive, Myre hunted for her friend, across all of Japan.

    And then one day...

    Maid for Hire (open)

    She has family problems and her mom can't hold down a job. So now what's left to do is work. She is a highschool student who gets a job as a maid. Little does she know she is now the maid for the rich play boy every girl in school wants.
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  2. Hello there. I'd be interested in roleplaying "Beyond Thin Lines" with you, if it hasn't already been taken!​
  3. Oh no its fine. Even if its taken it will always change. PM me
  4. Hello, I would love to do the "Son of Hell Daughter of Heaven" story if your willing.
  5. Sure just PM me and we can start.
  6. Hello I'm a little new to this site but I have a little experience writing on rpnation's site. I am very interested in your "war...war never ends" if it's open!!
  7. Sure thing just pm me.
  8. Hi! I'd like to do the maid for hire one ^-^
  9. Sure thing just Pm/DM me okay. :3
  10. I'd love to do a rp with you I'll pm you.
  11. I'd love to do the "Assasin and Girl he let live" RP!!! It seems quite interesting ^^
  12. Would it be a bother to suggest something with the Avengers? Or something totally superhero related?
  13. Pm me
  14. Sorry I'm not a super hero fan.
  15. Hello, I am interested in 'Maid for Hire'. I was curious as to which role you preferred to play. I can do either, but I am most comfortable with playing the submissive partner.
  16. I'm normally the male role. I play females but its very rare.
  17. Oh, goody then ^^
    Should we take this to pm then?
  18. I'd be interested in the 'Son of Hell and daughter of Heaven' one if it's still open...
  19. I hope you know u don't have to pick the ones I have up. U can suggest an idea or even brainstorm together
  20. Oh... good to know... it's just that I'm dying for a plot with that pairing *^*
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