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  1. Hello! It is I, Xandra, and I welcome you to my thread! My posting can be sporadic, I warn you now. All pairing types are good with me. I play all genders. I am perfectly comfortable playing multiple characters in a roleplay. Modern realistic is what I am interested in most at the moment. I prefer having my characters be submissive with some fight in them. They may even try to battle for dominance from time to time. There must be more than just sex between the characters. It can start out as something recreational, but romantic feelings must develop eventually, even if it is just one-sided. I am open to other things than what is listed here, just ask.

    Some Pairings

    Teacher x Student
    Band Member x Band Member
    Open x Closeted
    Prisoner x Prisoner
    Criminal x Cop's Kid
    Kidnapper x Victim

    Transwoman x Open Lesbian
    Roommate x Roommate
    Best Friend x Best Friend
    Stepmother x Stepdaughter
    Outgoing x Homebody
    Older Neighbor x Teen

    Other Stuff

    A plot that I want to try out involves my female character having been in several abusive relationships with both men and women, and she finally realizes that the older woman who has been there for her every time she was hurt and after each relationship ended is the person she deserves to be with. I want there to be lots of complications and drama following her realization. We could also start before and go through some of the abusive relationships and work our way up to and pass the realization.

    I would also very much like to try out something involving polyamory.


    Send me a PM or post here for me to PM you.​
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  2. I would like to do stepmother x step daughter
  3. Cool. I'm PMing you now.
  4. I'm interested in kidnapper x victim if I get to be the kidnapper, and also in band member x bandmember. Both I'd like it MxM. What do you say?
  5. I will PM you in a moment.