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  1. Okay, so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a bounty hunter rp set in the modern time setting, mixed with a genre of romance and action. Perhaps a bit of mystery too. The plot that I’m thinking of kind of goes like this:


    Ruyo, an advanced bounty hunter, has been on a personal mission to capture his doppleganger for quite some time now. Ever since he had accidentally released it into the world. Of course, with the evil creature committing crimes left and right, he must be stopped at all costs. And Ruyo knows that he’s the only one that can stop his doppleganger for good. Better yet, he can seal him away if he can just find him and defeat him. The problem: his bounty hunter. Because his doppleganger looks identical like him, various bounty hunters continue to pursue him despite his attempts to explain the situation when it started. And although he had taken care of most of those bounty hunters, there is still one persistent bounty hunter that continues to pursue him even though she is still a novice and fairly new to the bounty hunter (though, with much potential) world unlike him. Needless to say, he easily manages to escape each time. Then again, being the playful individual that he is, he never lets go of a chance to ‘play’ with her before making an escape. The 20 year-old even finds her determination ‘fun’ and appealing, but what happens when she finally does catch him and he’s at her mercy? Will she turn him in, or will she find out what’s truly happening?

    Well, that’s basically it summed up. Forgive my summarizing skills. o.o; But I would love for someone to play as the female bounty hunter trying to capture Ruyo please~ I will also start this at a scene where he is being chased by her for the umpteenth time, but this is also the time that she finally catches him. She'll catch him with relative ease compared to all of the other times for...various reasons. XD
    I would like it if she could ‘delay‘ turning him in to the police so that the truth could come out at some point though. Um... Anyone interested? ^^
  2. I'm interested!
  3. Oh, awesome! I shall get an IC thread up soon then. =]
  4. It's fine! Give me a few minutes, I keep getting distracted in the cbox xD
  5. Haha, okay. XD Well I've got to go for now, but I'll be back later on.