More ideas for Roleplays :3

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  1. More plot bunnies I'm gonna spew out at you all~

    Just a reminder:
    - I honestly do not care for the amount that you write. o uo I'm all for the literate, semi-literate, and the not so literate!
    - I can play both male or female. Just tell me your wanted gender.
    - If interested, you can just tell me here or PM me if you want to talk in private.

    1. Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicals. xD Nuff said. You and I are in the same caravan, searching for myrrh to power our village's chrystal to protect the village from the deadly miasma. There are four races to choose from: Clavats, Lilities, Selkies, and Yukes.

    2. You are traveling down a road, searching for a new farm, and your horse crashes, your cart breaks, and you're found unconcious. When you wake up, you'll find two mayors trying to persuade you to move into their village. The one on your right focuses on crops. The village on your left focuses on animals. Which will you choose? I would choose this if you want a more relaxing roleplay, one without all dat drama. o uo Maybe except love drama if you focus on your relationships with the townspeople.

    3. Takes place in modern day. A man meets a woman on a rainy day, and asks her for a cup of coffee. The woman is actually involved in the society of the Nightworld, meaning she's either a vampire, werewolf, shapeshifter, or witch. Once the man figures out that she isn't human, he gets involved in a whole package of trouble.
  2. I'm interested in the first plot.
  3. o uo Awesome~ So have you played any of the Chrystal Chronicle games or no?
    Cause it's all good if you haven't.
  4. I'm interested in the third one.
  5. Tis all good ^ ^ Now, would you like to play the female or the male?
  6. If you don't mind I'd like to play the female.
  7. I don't mind a single bit :3
    Would you have your character be a vampire, werewolf, witch, or shapeshifter?
  8. Hmm, shapeshifter, I've never tried that before:)
  9. :D Sweet. Is there any other thing you want to add in the roleplay or...?
  10. I can't really think of anything right off the bat but we should elaboate the trouble you mention either now or a bit into the rp, like if the Nightworld society does not allow normal humans to know about them or if the man just gets more targeted if he knows too much.
  11. If you like romance roleplays, then his trouble would be falling in love with one from the Nightworld.
    But, if you perfer action/adventure/whatever this falls under xD, then the fact of a human knowing too much information will result in the human being targeted.
  12. Well I do have a soft spot for romance so I like that choice:)
  13. e we Awesome sauce~
    Anything else before I get started on the roleplay?
  14. Not really, would you want to start or shall I?
  15. Can you start if you don't mind? > A< I've been having a bunch of writer's block lately.
  16. No problem:)
  17. Are you still open to doing plot #3? I have a great idea for it .u.