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  1. Okay so i have a drawing on my character that i like as a basis.

    However there are different points and turns in life for her and so im interested in getting Images of varying styles that shows varying Situations/poses and so on.

    Even if i am a poor student i am willing to pay for the work. Though if it develops into a lot of amazing pictures i would appreciate the willingness for a payment plan jut in case ^^;

    Currently im looking to have two images made.
    1: Is an image with a bit of a quality request. So i think it will be quite challenging if you are not very experienced in drawing a scene. Basically it will be my character worn down, wounded and with a broken spirit. I also kind of want this to be more towards realism then "manga" style. (Pm or post here for more details)

    2: This one is easier i kind of want an image of my character in action like hunting in the wild or sneaking.

    Images made for the lols are encouraged but will not be paid for :P

    Time pressure is low on both works. If i seem to push im only being the childish typical me acting all excited. Here is she is from the Character thread. With the first image i had made for her by Yokura <3.

    Original Application and Google scavenged image (open)

    Name: Eydis Leise

    Race: Anima - Anthro (fox)

    Nation: Pegulis, Aldus

    Show Spoiler


    Occupation: Ranger

    Notable Skills:

    Agile movement. Often on the move in harsh terrain and scaling a cliff now and then has made Eydis adept at agile movment. giving her an easier time to move where others find it difficult.
    Lure the Bait: (Good at tactically setting traps for oncoming wanderers.)
    Path-Finding: (Adept at navigating and following maps.)
    Crossbow Proficiency: (Is well versed in the use of a crossbow)

    Notable Possessions:
    Custom made crossbow.
    Pentagram gram pendant with a tree symbol
    Monocular - Artifact
    Shoulder Armour Piece with a dim red glowing rune. Enchant: Generate Warmth

    Aux: Arctic Fox
    Called: Thyrden

    Animal trail - If there are wild animals nearby. Thyrden can gain access to their memories of the wild trails that exists in the area.

    Snipe the Prey – Enables Eyedis to pick out a target from a long distance and shoot at it with great accuracy.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.