Morality in Games

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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.
We live in a time where games give us options and paths we can take to become evil or good, like Fallout 3/New Vegas, the Fable Series, Knight of the Old Republic I/II

In those games I used to always drift towards the "good" side and it was a chore for me to be evil, but now that I'm older I end up being more gray, with a darker leaning, I don't know if I make choices that I personally would make or if I'm just amused by being evil in a world where the consequences aren't real.

What about you fine folk? Do you like unleashing your inner evil? Do you struggle to be good? Does it depend on the game?
Most of the time, I go for evil because it's more fun. Like...Fable! I'd slash at the random bypassers to gain evil points and refuse charity work just to be evil. >D It's so much more entertaining. Being good, you always know what's going to happen! And cruel as it is, I like to lead on as a good person to everyone, including the love interest... Theeennnn BAM, EVIL, YOU'RE ALL DEAD~

*Cackles madly and gets dragged away*
It depends on the game for me mostly. However, most of characters are good with evil ways about them. Its fun to do things with evil intent in RP land, for me at least.
Well fallout 3 I'm only "Good" because killing the bad guys (Raiders, Omertas, Legion) Is more profitable....and I murdered Caesar with a Grenade Launcher

so you could say I'm Chaotic Evil about being a good.

Robbery murder bye bye megaton!

Though black and white calls neutral simply because I don't harm my own subjects, its just stupid to.
Just purged the Ultra-Luxe of all Cannibalistic Heretics with holy flame.
I end up being a goodie-goodie in games like that. XD Sometimes I try to blur the lines a little bit, but in the end my inner hero wins out and I go turbo GOOD GUY.
I hate games with morality choices, because they don't let you go far enough.
Anyone play Black and White? That's another fun one that gave you that option.

Always pure good here. (I'm boring)
I'm neutral most of the time, evil on occasion. Though if the game had a way to judge how sadistic you were I'd always be evil.
Mass Effect 2 does this best.

I learn towards good or paragon, but the game easily can let ya get away with a few Renegade actions. Nothing like punching a guy out of a skyscraper, shooting a fuel canister and setting a bad guy on fire just as he's bragging and mono-logging or electrocuting a mechanic who was fixing up something you have to fight eventually.

Falcon Punching the reporter with her disingenuous assertions as well..I could go on but I won't.

Ah well, good thing the whole multiple playthroughs can let ya try both the good and the evil route.
My biggest problem with most games it its either saint or devil incarnate endings.
well, I usually find it hard to be goody good. in life I'm so neutral that it annoys people, I sometimes pick a evil choice but I always regret it because most games make the consequence of making one or two evil choices irreversible, ie GOOD BYE MEGATON! *BOOM*

I find it annoying to be good in most games because its HARDER! almost like real life, "so you want to be a goody two shoes? well be prepared for trouble" vs. "so you want to practice in the dark arts? HERE HAVE A STACK OF GOLD! LOL!"
almost makes me with I wouldn't feel guilt over being evil.
I must counter your point. Usually the short term rewards for evil are greater, but the long term rewards for being good more than make up for it. Example is blowing up megaton. Suddenly you have 500 (1000 with a little charm) caps you didn't have and a shiny new penthouse suit. But you have lost the best NPC to sell scrap metal to, and two people to sell other crap to, which along with the quest to enslave flack from rivet city makes it very hard to sell late game loot inventories.
I find that 4x games tend to do this exceptionally well, especially Side Meier's Alpha Centauri.

Their thing is that they don't have a morality bar.

In alpha centauri, it's entirely possible to nerve-staple the everloving bajesus out of your population, thereby preventing disruptive drone riots. Nerve-Stapling is alluded to being an extremely brutal form of mind control, and using it will get you some economic sanctions from the other factions. The thing is that even with that one supremely evil act, you can still have a democratic government with Eudaimonic future society. You can create your own position on the scale of morality through your actions, instead of having a few choices handed to you and the game deciding how evil you are for it.

Even the factions can end up everywhere. Sister Miriam is the anti-technology Christian Fundamentalist, and while this does make her seem like a evil person to me, several of her points about the dangers of science are right. And while "Space Hippies" may sound like a harmless peace-loving faction, know that they are more than willing to unleash hordes of mind-raping aliens on you should you choose to fight them.

Galciv 2 DID have a morality bar. It was a bit different, though, in that neutral governments got the best bonuses, and you could pay money to become any alignment you wanted if your deciscions earlier didn't quite put the morality bar where you wanted it.


;-; why?

Edit: I usually tend to go on the BRO side. Whichever side I feel is more BRO, YOU BET I'M GONNA BE ON IT.
I tend to be good because I find it hard to be evil. [personally]

The evil things I tend to do [if ever] are stealing and killing people I can't talk my way out of fighting.