Morality and Ethics

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    In what situations do you feel it's better to do what you think is right over what you're supposed to do?
    Have you ever been in a tough situation where you had to decide whether to abide by the rules or do what you thought was morally "correct"?
    What was the outcome of that situation? Do you wish you had decided differently?
  2. I have always been a man of principle and conviction. My "Moral compass" has been defined by the rules I have embraced. This may seem a flaccid reply, but it is an honest one. I have held my honor, integrity and resolve close to my heart. These are many traits that make up my being, sometimes bordering on the more nefarious aspects such as pride, stubbornness and ill temper. But as I grow older I have begun to toss such childish traits aside, instead embracing the former mentioned.

    The world we live in is beautiful, a lush array of colors. Nothing is ever black and white, for our world is diverse and thus rarely simple. This diversity has birthed countless pools of sorrow, yet at the same token, many springs of joy. Perhaps this lack of morality that spews forth suffering is necessary, allowing us to understand and appreciate the purer aspects of the human condition. Permitting us to grow, thriving as it serves as a catalyst for human progression. Not just in a moral sense, but also in a technological and sociological aspect.
  3. I do what is right for the moment at hand. Even if that contradicts something I have previously did the exact opposite on. o__o

    I used to have a very self righteous approach to justice, morality and stuff like that. But after awhile I realized that things are not easy, cut and dry. >< Sometimes you gotta do bad things to do something good, and sometimes you do something good and find out it was a terrible thing to do.

    So I just roll with the punches and hope for the best. And if I get the worst, I try not to over-think it too much, cause that will just drive me insane.
  4. I used to always play by the rules out of fear for being judged negatively and because I didn't want to get punished. That's just what everyone expected from perfect little Fluffy who's supposed to set a perfect example for her family and the rest of the world. I knocked that off, though. I mean, I'm not out robbing people and getting into fights... I'm just doing what's best for me instead of what everyone THINKS is best for me.

    My lifestyle of smoking pot is one of these things. It's frowned upon, illegal for the most part, and the majority is convinced that it's a really harmful drug. I eventually learned the truth... It's just a fucking plant. I won't detail the whole story, but I will say this: it's improved my life. I don't need an inhaler anymore for my asthma, my addiction to pain has decreased significantly, I have fewer anxiety attacks, I actually have friends in real life now, I'm depressed less often, and everything in my life is more interesting/fun/cheerful. It's no joke when people are like "It's a miracle drug, duuude."

    Whenever I make a decision with bad outcomes, I just accept it and do what I can to fix it, if possible. If it's long term, I just make adjustments accordingly. I'm not the type to give up immediately or go to others for help. My pregnancy is not a "bad" outcome, but it is one I could have prevented by being more careful. Even so, I wouldn't change a thing. I've been successfully preparing myself for this change in my life instead of doing what my mother or anyone else has told me to do. My attitude was this on the day my blood test results came in: "Oops, guess I'm a mother now." lol I didn't panic or anything... I just took it as it was and have toughed through the consequences quite awesomely. I'm in control, I'm the boss. So stfu. >:[
  5. When I was little I did everything as I was told was right, because I thought my parents and all my older relatives were perfect and could never be wrong, but since maturing I pretty much do what -I- feel is right. I try to avoid physical conflict when I can, but I'm not above attacking someone in defense of a friend. If religion conflicts something I do, no big deal. Actual law does, of course, but only because you know.. Prison rape.

    That said, I'm not gonna go running around stabbing people and selling drugs to kids. It's just that most of my personal morals agree with written law, I guess.
  6. I am a strange person when it comes to morality, and I do not think I could be classified as a person who would rather do something right than do it according to the book, or even vica versa. Most of the times, I face choices with a principal logic, and I may have a bit of Vulcan in me as I often think that the individual should obey the needs of a group. Then again, I do some pretty selfish things at times, which I guess are hypocritical of me, however, I do stick to certain principles. For example, I very rarely break the law willingly and I always try to stick what is 'supposed to be right'. In many ways, I am an obedient person who follows the laws of my country, but I also go against them on occasion or by accident at times.

    I really do not know how to classify myself so I will just stop talking about that. Fortunately, though, there have not been any big choices in my life where I have been forced to choose between what was 'right' and what was 'moral'.
  7. I don't always do what's right, but I'll do what's needed.
    My moral compass isn't the most well-aligned, I think with my head, not my heart.
    But when push comes to shove, I'll start smacking people with my moral hammer.
    Remember this - it's ALWAYS the quiet one.