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  1. The town of Mooreswood has seen better days. Rumors abound of undead rising in its ghastly bog, as well as talk of Lizardman organize for an exalted march against those not touched by their false deity of the sun. Yet these are all symptoms, it was the cause that would allure adventurer and scholar alike. For the magic of the land has shifted. An artifact as ancient as it is potent remains the heart of this shift within the ebbing and flowing of arcane energy.

    Join the last Sol vampiress Valerna in a quest to uncover the mystery and put an end to the shadows writhing within every dark corner. Will this tool be one of destruction, or one of salvation? As the players your choices will impact the world around you, as bonds between characters both old and new will be formed.

    Setting: Fantasy

    Characters: Can range from male to female of any race. Need not be restricted to a single universe. Though grammar is not a must as long as you read everyone post. Be anything you want, a noble who escaped the home of luxury for glory. A war tired veteran who wants to do one last good thing before he/she dies. A holy person sent on a divine mission, a guardsmen fed up with standing around. A scholar or mage trying to unlock the secret of the land, or an outlaw looking for that big score.

    Time: Each member will be granted three days to post. Failure to do so will result in you being skipped. If you are unable to meet this requriments due to pressing real lfie issues please us know and we will wait.

    Other: This is meant to be friendly for both “Elite” and newbie alike. As such I will not tolerate ooc drama, or any ooc interaction impacting IC actions.

    Conclusion: If you have any questions feel free to drop me a message or post them in this thread. Also most of all let us have fun.
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