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  1. Bri was awoken by a loud alarm clock, it was pink and made an irritating, piercing alarm in order to wake her up. She slammed it quickly and then decided to snooze for five minutes, which turned into ten minutes. She quickly got up and shook herself out. She then turned on some music from her pink radio and began to dance around even though she looked terrible. The dancing got her blood flowing, and she was more awake now. She switched her radio off and looked through her wardrobe in order to find herself an outfit.

    "Hmm... What shall I wear today? Summer is just around the corner! Maybe a dress?" She asks herself, looking through some of her floral printed dresses. She picked out her dress and took a shower. She got dressed and then did her hair and makeup.
  2. Sam had been awake for a while, watching the clock and waiting for the time to get up and get dressed. Now was that time. He sat up and walked over to his closet, taking the typical striped shirt and baggy jeans from their hangers. "Oh boy, summer." He said to himself sarcastically as he glanced out the window. Summer was Sam's least favorite time of the year, hot, humid, and never ending it seemed. He broke free from his thoughts and walked towards the kitchen to make breakfast. He poured a bowl of cereal and tried not to fall asleep whilst eating it.
  3. Bri went downstairs and had breakfast and then the school bus arrived. She got on the bus which was packed with a ton of other students. She was glad to get off the bus. She looked around, she was waiting for her best friend Sam. They'd been friends for ages and she cared about him an awful lot. He was kind and very caring. She had a couple of other friends at school, but Sam was her best friend.
  4. Sam left his bowl of cereal in a rush to get on the bus, He would have to get it later. Once he got off at school he jogged over to Bri who seemed to have been waiting for someone. "Hey, Bri." He said with a subtle smile, walking up to her.
  5. Bri hugs him and then blushes. "Hi! How was your weekend?" She asks. She places her head into his shoulder and realised she was still blushing. She never blushed like this around him before. Something was different over these pars few months, she began to like him a lot more. She didn't know how he felt towards her but she still liked him a lot. She didn't say anything, because she didn't want to ruin their friendship if he rejected her.
  6. Sam was a little hesitant with returning the hug. He liked it but it came somewhat as a surprise. "Uh... Fine. How was yours?" He asked, breaking away from the hug. Sam had feelings for Bri, he really liked her. But he was afraid he would make an idiot of himself by telling her about it. He wasn't exactly the person that was always in a relationship. In fact, he'd never even kissed someone before.
  7. Bri began to walk into the school building. "It was great! I went to the mall with my friends. We tried on a couple of clothes and then went to Starbucks" She shrugged and then heard the bell ring. "I'm going to class, Bye!" She smiles.
  8. Sam followed Bri until they parted ways, "Bye." He bagan to walk towards his own class.

    // Sorry it's so short. //
  9. Bri sat in her first lesson with one of her best friends who she went to the mall with. They talked throughout the lesson, until the teacher scolded them and they kept quiet. She wanted to talk to Sam, they hardly had any lessons together except for languages. When the last bell of the day rung she quickly weaved through the crowd of people and waited for Sam. There was a large smile on her face as she looked around for him.

    She didn't know when she'd confess her feelings to him, but maybe they could hang out or maybe go on a date somewhere. It didn't have to be a fancy dinner or anything they could hang out on the beach.

    [That's alright, Spectator! (:! Are you liking the roleplay so far?]
  10. Sam tried his best not to fall asleep and bump his head on the desk. He was in mathematics, which he was very good at, but it bored him immensely. By the time class was finally over he didn't expect Bri to be waiting for him, but was glad that she was. "Hello again." He said as he approached her.

    //So far, yes. I am enjoying it! //
  11. Bri giggles and then slipped her hand in his. "Hey Sam! I was wondering.... Do you wanna hang out some time? It'd be cool! But... I was wondering if your like to go on a date with me?" She could feel a sweat break out. Could he see her sweating? That'd be embarrassing. She quickly wiped a little bit of sweat that was attempting to slide down her forehead. She put a smile on her face, but you could see her nerves were kicking in.

    [Great! Me too!]
  12. Sam would have loved to go on a date with Bri, so much so that he often caught himself daydreaming about in it. He thought of it as foolish but now it was a habit. "Definately!" He forced an awkward smile and saw that she looked just as nervous as he did, "Where at?" He ran a hand through his hair to comb it down, trying not to make a fool of himself since he'd never been asked on a date before.
  13. Bri was smiling more brightly then, not feeling nervous now that he'd agreed to go on a date. "Nothing too fancy.. Maybe a trip to the beach. Maybe tomorrow after school? The weather's going to be sunny tomorrow" She replied. That was a change. The weather was usually rainy and gloomy.
  14. "That sounds fun." Sam answered. He didn't mind the beach, other than how he was usually sunburned somewhere on his body even if he did cover himself in cream. "What time?" He asked once again.
  15. "Sweet. How about seven? It'll give up both time to get ready" Bri said.

    She was so excited about the date tonight, he was such a great best friend to her and now she liked him even more. Maybe he felt the same way? She didn't want to ruin their friendship over this so she wanted to see if the date went well. Maybe they'd go on a couple, then she might confess to him.

    "I'll see you there" She says and then hugs him, breathing in his warm scent.
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