Moonside Academy

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  1. Moonside Academy for Outsiders
    Moonside Academy is a school built for "Outsiders" by the notorious demon Lord Beelzebub LXII. The term "Outsider" refers to any humanoid race that is not human (IE; Vampire, Werewolf, Furry, Demon, ETC). The school is private and is free of cost to attend. The location of the school is undisclosed. The school history is vague, and is not spoken of. Rumors have been spreading that the school is actually a prison, and was not really created by Lord Beelzebub, but created by Anti-sider Cecero Arcadium. The OSR (Outsider Rebellion) has sent their most skilled teenage outsiders into the school to investigate...

    Participants may chose to play as either an OSR Investigator or a Anti-sider. Participants may also chose to be prisoners on neither side of the cause that may or may not team up with a faction.





  2. NAME: Nicole "Nickie" Josephine Audrey Layla Savannah Charlotte Barlow
    AGE: 16
    GENDER: Female
    FACTION: House of Linkain of the Reaper's Association
    APPEARANCE: Nickie has slate grey eyes, black hair that goes to her waist, and pale skin. Her hair is worn in a layered way that looks like flower petals trailing down her back. She has a slender nose and small ears. She has a curvy build. When she is not in school uniform, she likes to wear band t-shirts and black skinny jeans.
    PERSONALITY: Nickie is a typical student, not good grades, not bad grades, about a C- average. She is strong, stable, and arrogant, often thinking herself above others. She has lived in ten other places with the House of Linkain.
    HISTORY: Nickie was born into the House of Linkain and has studied to be a Reaper since she could hold a sword. The reason she has so many names is because her mother died giving birth to her and no one knows who the father is, so all the other Linkain Reapers gave her a name. She's been a nuisance to the Linkains her whole life, and after a certain prank gone wrong, which ended with a major lawsuit filed against the House of Linkain, it was the consensus' agreement to send her to a school for kids like her.
  3. NAME: Darrin Larraque
    AGE: 17
    GENDER: Female
    IF YES, OUTSIDER RACE: echidna (Can take a form where the lower half of her body becomes a snake)

    FACTION Vernier Caliper (Nicknamed VC and is veiwed as a cult though darrin truely believes in the group)
    APPEARANCE:[​IMG] 5'7" 36 D, 130lbs. wide hips and long legs, hourglass shape,
    PERSONALITY: She is very realxed and not easily shaken. Stubborn and willfull are the reasons the leaders of VC promoted her rank. Darrin is a good listoner and will give you the chance to change her mind but it is difficult. She is waggish around those she finds herself close too though she is taken as a mature serious person. She is highly intellegant and observant. A good studant.
    HISTORY: Darrin was bron into the VC and was given the same low rank of her mother, because of this she was never allowed outside of the community and was to spend all her time and effort building herself into a respectable member. Since young she was taught to know how to get what she wants and was taught what she "wants." Her faction has very stiff belifs in right and wrong. Though the VC associates with other factions often it is very distant, mostly so they don't loose members nor are their belifs shifted. Given her personality for being willfull, stuborn and intelectual, from a young age the leaders observed her. Knowing many eyes were on her she did her best at everything and though it was difficult she tried to make it look effortless. The leaders could see she had to put effort in to prove herself but that only made them even more convinced to rise her rank. At age 15 Darin was raised to a courtier, as many her age from within the faction were. she would often attend to any gathering of leaders except for the leader confrencess. She could be used as a pagegirl which would be one of the greatest honors for a courtier though she never was one. The job of a courtier was mostly to stand around and look pretty.

    (Is she acceptable or should i make some changes to the faction since it's pretty out there...)
  4. NAME: Kira Aikanaro
    GENDER: Female
    IF YES, OUTSIDER RACE: Drow (dark elf)

    FACTION: She is not in a faction
    PERSONALITY: Kind, sweet, gentle.
    HISTORY: Kira is the oddball, she always sees the good side to everything. She's mercyful but never wants to start conflict. To her family, a dark witch elf (female Drows who wield magic are called witch elves) should be cold, vile and evil: the complete opposite of Kira. They thought they could break her good heart by sending her to a school where she could learn about other Drows. On the way to that school, they were attacked and her family was killed. Kira was taken prisoner and sent to Moonside Academy. She hasn't said a word since that day.
  5. Making up a character, but I have a question concerning Factions, do we get to make them up or...?
  6. I made mine up~