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  1. The colonists are drawn to the town of Moonshine in search of a better life, as the small town if well known for its vast mineral veins, hidden in the mountain ranges close to the town, just waiting to be mined. Of course, with wealth comes both traders and bandits. Some time after the town was established, the settlers discovered that there was a strange aura to the town, dangerously vicious at night, but dormant during the day.
    When groups of miners started disappearing, the remaining settlers bound together a rag tag group of people with different skill sets, to try and find the missing miners, and discover the source of the strange activities. Some of the group are doing it for money, some are doing it for the town, and yet others are doing it simply to survive.
    After two years, there was no sign of the miners, and many horrifying creatures emerged from both the mines and the surrounding area. A beacon of hope for the remaining settlers emerged in the from of a mysterious design, carved into the side of the mining mountain. This carving, loosely translated by a friendly Native American, was said to mark the mysteries of the treasures inside. The only problem is that the Native who translated the design was suddenly cursed into a deep sleep by some mysterious force.
    Yet with all the things happening in Moonshine, people seemed to catch a bit more interest in it. Traders hoping to sell all sorts of things that might help, people coming to see the horrifying creatures or simply people wanting the excitement of fighting such things. And lest we forget, bandits trying to use all that was happening in the area to hide themselves and their activities.

    Signups for the clearing of the mines:


    *Abide the rules of Iwaku

    *Swearing is obviously allowed, but please don't get crazy with it. We don't need a long string of cusses to know your character is angry or frustrated.

    *The Genre for this game is Weird West. It is a fantasy story, yes, but that is due to the slight uses and references to shamanistic and tribal magic's. Please do not go over board and do not get offended if Dedtoo or Esthalia ask you to edit your sheet.

    *Collaborative Storytelling means we are all telling a story. This is a chance for everyone to shine in the spotlight a few times and every writer want to see their fellow writers glorified to their writing and contributions. This is OUR story, let's make sure it stays that way. (Stolen from Jack Slender - these words are his, but they fit so perfectly.)

    *Each member is responsible for posting at least twice a week. We are all expected to write at least two paragraphs per entry. If you cannot do that, this RP might not be for you. It will progress quickly. If you feel you will not be available for a while, please pm either Dedtoo or Esthalia know and we will play for you for that time (Given your permission, of course). If you feel you must drop out, please let us know and we will figure out what to do.
  2. Name: Felicia Tourney
    Age: 20
    Appearance: View attachment 16153

    Equiptment: Guns. guns and more guns. Assistant 'character': Macguiver: A street dog who Felicia found stuck by a carriage and dying in the road. She showed him compassion- like he father showed her and nursed him back to life. He now is her only loyal friend and carries with him her ammo and supplies
    View attachment 16166

    Legend: Felicia was orphaned around the age of nine, left in an abandoned shack to rot. To her parents dismay, she was found by a traveling gunsmith, who stumbled upon the thin girl passed out face down on the dusty road into town. It would seem that Felicia was desperately trying to find her way back home, though she had lost her sense of direction. Over time the elderly gunsmith grew to care for the girl, trying to keep her safe from the dangerous dealings he did with bandits and other folk who would easily prey on her fragile body and soul. He raised her as his own, teaching her as much of his trade as he could.

    It was taboo for a girl to know so much about gun craft, but he poured his knowledge into the young lady, letting her absorb as much as she could. Surprisingly Felicia learned it all and even itched to experiment with crafting ways that her father had never even dreamed of. He indulged her curious ways and Life was swell until a quarrel over weaponry left him robbed and dead, the young Felicia witnessing everything.

    Over time she had taken over his shop, creating her own versions of the weapons he taught her to create and being one of the only weapon-smiths to craft successful elemental and out of the ordinary guns. Felicia effortlessly surpassed his skill, being considered a master craftsman and dedicating her life to the skills her adopted father bestowed on her.

    Over time Felicia too gave in to the pressure of selling to the wrong “type” of folks, drawing herself into the clutches of a local bandit leader and putting herself on the radar of others looking to get their hands on her dangerous weapons.

    Personality: Unlike her father, Felicia dedicated her life to building and improving her creations- completely blocking herself off from the outside word (other than when she made a sale, which was quick and to the point). She is very socially awkward and still acts much like a child. She always looking to feel secure, and that is when she does her best work. Normally she is crafting whilst cuddling with Macguiver. Felicia is very withdrawn until she is comfortable. After that she is very bubbly and happy go lucky.

    Felicia is a master at using any gun she creates- that is because of the way she builds them. She isn't better than any other average marksman or anything, but someone wouldn't be able to just pick up her signature guns and know how to use them right away.

    She has a unique- almost comical way to her gun craft.

    Ability- Boom Stick- Felicia creates custom elemental and out of the ordinary guns. The way they work, the type of ammo and the way they fire are all customization's that she can fiddle with.

    Motive- She enjoys the idea of avenging her fathers death, but is not much of a fighter, she hopes that it is one of her hand crafted weapons that brings the bad guy down.
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  5. Name: Deputy Jack Smith
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Skills: Trained to the use of guns and self defense.
    Equipment: A lever-action shotgun, a revolver and a knife.
    History: Jack is the son of one of the miners, though they haven't exactly been best friends. Jack always felt that his father did a lot of stupid things, like playing away most of their money on poker, or moving to Moonshine. Yet he never hated his father, and when he went missing in the mines, Jack signed up almost instantly. The sheriff himself decided to stay behind, to have at least some sort of defense of the city if Jack and the others shouldn't return.
  6. I'll post an app sometime later today.
  7. This looks fun. May I join?
  8. Name: Alaster Grand MacNeilWayne

    Age: 35

    Gender: Male

    Skills: Use a sniper rifle, crossbows/ bow and arrow, stealth tactics, mechanical engineering, climbing, juggling, and hand to hand combat.

    Appearance: Alaster Grand MacNeilWayne.jpg

    Equipment: Sniper rifle, 1 stick of dynamite, lighter, pistol, throwing knives, brass knuckles.

    History: Alastar was born on a summer night. It was cool and the hawks were crowing. On the rock where he was born there was a couple of homes, shops, and a medical clinic. His mother laid on the dining table while many surrounded her putting water on her head or supporting her. As she moaned a small boy came out from the bonds in which he was held. He was a normal kid most of his life. Alastar played in the creek, threw rocks at squirrels, and danced with girls around town. His life was rather mediocre until he picked up thievery. Though out his years he started stealing and taking things. He never figured out why he liked to do it but he did. Often he would steal pocket change, a couple wallets, or watches when he was young. Once he became older he started doing bigger jobs. Stealing weaponry, armor, explosives and such more. This was his life until he was caught. He was hired to steal some of the medical supplies when he noticed the doctor was still in his office. Quickly, he took a box of medical supplies and began heading out the way he came. Sadly, he didn't account for the doctor that would sneak around the back and wait for him. As Alaster came out the door the doctor plunged a syringe into his chest. Alaster gasped for air once he hit the ground from the blow. He could feel the doctor pulling him away. The faint sounds of the doctor could be heard as Alaster's body was brought to a hill. "You don't have long to live, this syrum was supposed to kill those beasts in Moonshire, if you want to kill me find me there." Alaster woke up realizing what had happened. He knew that he had to find and kill the doctor, or die trying to find him. Then he remembered where the doctor was going.... Moonshire
  9. Come with a character sheet and we'll see :3
  10. Okay I'll have a character up soon :)
  11. I hope more people join.
  12. Yeah, me too. Would be a bit boring with just the three of us >_>
  13. me three, though we could start it out with just us three and add members as we go. It's up to you guys...
  14. We'll just kinda... Find people in the mines filled with monsters then? The mines that has been abandoned since the miners disappeared?


    Well, I've heard stranger things! :D
  15. it doesn't have to start with the adventure into the mines. it can start up with us all coming in to town and being employed to go into the mines. Or some sort of side quest until we have enough people. Mayhaps we follow a word of mouth trail trying to find the missing miners? (in other towns or across the baron land?)
  16. Well, I suppose. But do we know where all the bad things are coming form or not? Seeing as my char's main motivation is to save his father who was a miner, going many other places wouldn't necessarily make much sense for him >_>
  17. Well this is a time before communication was so fast. We can assume they are traveling off word of mouth. If someone says they saw or heard of the miners in such and such town- don't you think he would go investigate?

    If he is trying to find him, he probably would be saddling up his horse and getting on the road asap. They are chasing ghosts until they can find an actual physical lead. Right?
  18. Well, that makes sense. But they had fast communication back then as well. The telegraph, ya know.
    But yes, that could be a way to do it.
  19. Are any of our characters wealthy or well connected enough to have or pay a operator to use a telegraph? Technology costs money, and you have to have connections to recieve telegraphs >.<
  20. Well, you'd think the Sheriff and his deputies would be allowed to send and receive a few messages >_>

    You might want to finish that.
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