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hello everyone!

here's a little about myself:
i'm an aries
twenty years old
i've been roleplaying for about eight years, and i consider my writing level to be semi-advanced to advanced lit!
i prefer to play the female character in my plots, but i am not against doubling!

i suppose before i get into my desired plot, i should talk about my personal rules.

absolutely no one liners. i'm practically a novelist when it comes to roleplaying, i can write about six to eight paragraphs with ease. i know that's not the same for everyone, so i just ask that my partner can contribute at least three paragraphs or more. i'm all about quality over quantity but laziness makes me quickly disinterested in a roleplay, especially when i'm the only one contributing to making the experience as immersive as possible for the both of us.
you have to be somewhat open to dark themes as my plots usually center around things like murder, personality disorders, or other mature topics!
not sure if anyone here roleplays offsite, but if you wish to please know that i will only be willing to do google docs or email, possibly discord. convince me.
romance is a must must must! i am a hopeless romantic, but i do not want it to be the center of the roleplay. i like real and raw dynamics, but if our characters happen to get along a bit faster i'm not opposed to it.
please do not ask me to write smut with you if you are contacting me from this forum and not of the star one where you need to be over eighteen to access it. the answer is no, and will always be no.

now, the plots!

there once was upon a time: muse a is a children's book author, although some could argue that her stories with their harsh life lessons and gory illustrations are for anyone but children, who suffers from antisocial personality disorder. being born from money, success isn't a term she's foreign with. she grew up almost like a princess, a victorian mansion within the forest of the mountains being the place she called home. behind the scenes, however, her up-bringing was anything but a fairy tale. the only sense of normalcy she had was that of the distant relationship with a young boy who was in love with her, but unforeseen circumstances ripped them apart. muse b is a psychiatric hospital caretaker with an special needs older brother, on the much more poor side of his hometown. he fantasized about the pretty girl who lived in the scary castle isolated from anyone else for miles, even going to the extent of bringing flowers to leave at the gate of her property or following her around. unfortunately, it became quite evident that she was something he'd never be able to obtain as his mother is murdered and he's forced to run away with his brother so they aren't separated by the state. as time passes, muse a and b's paths cross as she does a reading for the admitted children within the mental hospital he works at. thus, their once upon a time resumes.

i will be adding more plots later. i'm also not opposed to any plots you guys have in mind that relate to this sort of theme!


one piece. oc x zoro. oc x oc
soul eater. oc x soul. oc x oc
kamisama kiss. oc x tomoe. oc x oc
code geass. oc x lelouch. oc x oc
tokyo ghoul. oc x kaneki. oc x oc
death note. oc x oc.
black clover. oc x yami. oc x oc
fruits basket. oc x kyo. oc x oc
darling in the franxx. oc x oc
bongou stray dogs. oc x dazai. oc x oc
legend of zelda. oc x link. oc x oc
full metal alchemist. oc x oc

(reminder: not against doubling! i'd be more than happy to play your favorite character from any of these fandoms.)

antisocial bitch / golden retriever boyfriend
witch / familiar
royal / bodyguard
pirate / royal
clearly suicidal girl (bc bitch run???) x vampire
isekai / princess
knight / isekai
isekai / witch
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