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Well, I finally have a working scanner, so I can actually do shit with my art! I'll probably put them up here once they're (nearly) done for you all to criticize and violate with your eyes. So, to kick it off:


One of the most important characters in my story/history, Kirsda is also one of the strongest. I like how she turned out here, but a) I didn't draw her sword because, at the time, I was still finalizing what it looked like in my head, yet has undergone minor changes since then. Also, b) her cloak here is blue because I thought it looked nice, but, in reality (well, as real as possible), her cloak looks like it was woven from cloth that resembles the night sky itself, and the starts and galaxies are always swirling about.

All in all, it's not quite done yet, since I need to do some shading and highlighting, but I need to figure out how to do it in Manga Studio EX first...
I didn't know you were an artist, J. That's really, really good. :3

Nice, bright colours~
...yeah compared to my goofy faces that I was doodling last time we chatted you are a much better artist than I mister!! XP SO NO MORE COMPLAINING! D<
Good work Blade, I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more. I could never really do anime and the like well. By the way the scarf description is BAMF.

There it is! Finally finished shading/highlighting. Personally, I think it looks decent, but then again, it is my work.

Let me know what you all think, and if I can do anything to make it better. Keep in mind, this is my first attempt at shading and highlighting on a PC EVER. >.>
First off, I love the creativity of the piece!

Now to get down to business.

The anatomy is a little off in some ways, I'd suggest looking up Grey's Anatomy.... NO NOT THE SHOW.

But, the ears are a little too thin, I don't know if that's what you intended or not, but it kinda leads to the alignment of the facial features looking a little off. Earlobes are usually end where noses do. The top of the human ear is the same height as the eyebrow. IT looks odd to me because you matched the top up with the eyebrow, but not with the nose...

Next, the cape looks... a little lumpy. To fix that, I'd actually try to think of it realistically. How does your character put it on? Does it tie? Where is most of the weight in it? The wrinkles and flow of the cape should follow the weight or pressure of it, or denote something underneath. Right now it looks like there's shoulder pads or something under it.


Look at the breasts realistically. the one on YOUR CHARACTER'S LEFT. Not our left, but it's left. The one you denote with a wide, shallow 'U' curve. It extends too far. That's the side of her body right there! to correct it, move it the other way a little bit, and make the curve a little less shallow.

After that, I was absolutely fine until I saw the wrists.

They are WAY too small. Again, look at it realistically, look at Grey's Anatomy.

This might help a little bit.
Hm, it's been a while since I last posted something. But I've been lacking in inspiration, so that's my excuse. Nonetheless, I have something for you all to enjoy. It's not done yet, as it still needs color, but this is the "inked" version. It's Myllis, the character I'll be using for Xindaris's RP, "The Hunters". I was randomly inspired to draw this character, and so I stayed up last night to draw her. Finished inking her not too long ago.

Tell me what you think!


As you can tell, she's not human. She is, in fact, a half-breed. Her mother is a Merfolk and her father (whom she doesn't know) is human.
*moves J's thread out of Museum* :3

She's lovely. I'm impressed with the detail on her scythe. Looking forward to the colour.
That's pretty good, Blade. I'm thoroughly impressed, Brosef.
Cool stuff, MLB. I like your style dude!

Post more!
That's very good moonlit, ever since I've been drawing antro animals I've never been able to draw a human as well as I used to.