Moonlit World Case File - The Devil Went Down To Jersey

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  1. Most of the time, the Accords are kept.
    It's simply more convenient, causes less stress for all involved, and most importantly, it doesn't trigger reprisals from those who enforce them.

    This isn't most of the time.

    This is Rashid Al-Manun. An Ifrit. He was visiting the USA on vacation, meeting with his cousin, Aaliyah the Janni.
    The Ifrits are in a class of infernal Jinn noted for their strength and cunning. And propensity for using fire. Lots of it. And of course, being immune to its effects.

    So, one can imagine certain questions would be raised if an Ifrit's body was discovered in an abandoned chemical plant in New Jersey, burned to death, and apparently drained of any trace of magic on his corpse.

    So far, those who enforce the accords haven't been informed of the death and the circumstances.

    And that's why the following happens...

    A Janni walks up to the door of a particular office, of a man who claims expertise in researching the paranormal.
    "Lucifer Anghelscu?" She asks, as she peeks her head into the converted chapel, still in the doorway. "Might I have a few moments of your time?"​

  2. It had been a slow month, ever since I came out of the closet as it were. The Vatican was not happy with me, something they were sure to express their displeasure about and I no longer had their backing in the cases I took. No authority, sic fiat.

    At least I could buy my equipment thirdhand.

    At least I could keep my sword.

    My card.


    Yes, I had dared to do the unthinkable. I advertised myself as a paranormal investigator in order to get people to come to me, rather then just be assigned to random places my ex-superiors thought more important. I can understand that- I mean, only so many places someone like me can be or others. But didn't mean I wasn't going to not try.

    Getting fired was just a minor setback in the whole thing.

    I still dressed like a priest, adding the longcoat mostly because it was comfortable, also because I absolutely loved the array of pockets. And for a few weeks, I was on top of the world.

    Right before being reminded why we don't just say aloud what we do. People called mostly to ask if I was serious. Others just to poke fun. I lost count of the old ladies who liked to berate me for my 'fake dealings.'

    Oh the stories I could share. But here I was, my bed was made and I would sleep in it.

    One paycheck at a time. I was cleaning the chapel, the main room of the small church I had taken for my needs and was considering ideas for redecorating when someone poked their head in. She called me by name and I turned, leaning on my broom to see who it was.

    I certainly didn't expect this.

    She was a dusky beauty, bringing to mind a few ideas I no longer felt guilty over since my priest license was revoked. Well, a little guilty.

    ....I wasn't blind.

    Attempting to look professional, I leaned forward and tried to smile welcomingly.

    "Of course. Come inside please. I invite you to my home and ask only that you do so in peace."

    This was the important part. Sometimes, my clients turned out to be people like me. Inviting them in, showed a level of trust and also allowed them to cross the threshold more easily. Its old magic and rules more than a few of us today. Fae, some vampires- The works.

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  3. She smiled widely and gave an old world curtsy before entering the rest of the way and closing with him. "I would like you to investigate a murder. This is one I can't bring to the mundane police, and I'd rather not take this through... other channels because... well... because of certain circumstances, I'd be a suspect."

    She sighed. "My name is Aaliyah Al-Fadil. I'm hoping to solve my cousin's murder. I'm sure it was murder. Of course, helping me would require your belief in what I'm about to tell you."

    Aaliyah shrugged. "I suppose the best way would be to fully disclose. How much do you know about the Djinn, Lucifer? I can call you Lucifer, can't I?"
  4. Ok, there were two things with those words that immediately raised my red flags.

    One was murder. From her phrasing and speech, she was obviously a Moonlit World citizen. Nominally, if there was anything major occurring in our factions- say, for example some vampire gets caught doing something taboo like sleeping with the local werewolf? The factions would be well within their rights to punish the guilty party however they saw fit. The werewolf might get off with little more then a maiming. The vampire would get the suntan of her life. If she was coming to me, about something like this? It meant that a misstep might just put her group's sights onto me as a scapegoat. Which brings me to my secondary concern.


    Djinn were rare, but powerful beings. Spirits of fire and wind, hailing from the desert portions of the world in their origins. A long time ago, to prevent their wars from overspilling(considering the magic they had), Solomon the Sorcerer tricked them into being imprisoned in specialized pocket dimensions, where a Geas would be placed upon them for life to obey the wielder of the prison. True old-world djinns were rare, but powerful enough to take on one of the White Council members of the Wizards and give em a run for their money. Was Aaliyah one of them? I had no idea.

    She had great legs though and to my senses, smelled like fire-Not the smoke, but more the essence of fire. Warm and comforting, full of life and heat. I smiled, wryly as I chuckled.

    "You can call me whatever you like."

    I was a sucker for a damsel in distress and goddamn it, she felt so nice to be around. Both combined might have influenced me a bit as I gestured her politely to a pew and sat down myself.

    "So what can you tell me about all this then? I'll need as much information as I can."

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  5. Aaliyah brought a folder out of the purse that was slung over her shoulder - a purse that he could swear wasn't there a moment ago, and flipped it open, revealing a photograph. "This is- was my cousin, Rashid Al-Manun. He was an Ifrit. So, when he disappeared while on a visit here to the states to see me in particular, I followed up to make sure everything was all right. It wasn't."

    She slipped a second picture out from behind the first. It was a picture of the inside of some sort of factory. Burned down. Lucifer might have heard of the abandoned Dow facility burning down, as it happened just across the river in New Jersey. At the center, it looked like an explosion had happened, and once he looked closer, there was definitely a dark shape that was vaguely humanoid in the middle of it.

    "My cousin, the Ifrit, was somehow burned to death and his body divulged of every bit of magic he had. I'm not entirely sure it even happened in that order. If the magic a Djinn has was somehow suppressed, well, Ifrit burn from the inside all of the time. His own flame could have killed him. I can't figure it out, because I'm finding no trace of magic anywhere in the building he died in. Since I was the last to see him, was named in his trust fund as the trustee and the primary beneficiary... well... I'd rather not take this through proper channels just yet." Aailyah shrugged.

    "I suppose it would help to mention that I'm a Janni. The lowest on the totem pole of Djinn, really. My own people might think I was trying to do a little social climbing if I went directly to them. Besides, I'm female, and our people... well, females aren't quite as liberated among them as here in America."
  6. Rashid Al-Manun. I made sure to memorize the name as I peered closely, looking at the picture to commit to my memory banks.

    It was the second picture that got me. I actually heard about this event, in passing. In a newspaper I was reading though I had other things on my mind. Hearing the particulars sobered me up as I frowned, before putting the picture to the side to listen to the rest. I had a feeling it'd be bad.

    It was worse.

    Something that drained or suppressed magic? Every faction would be flipping out, mostly because of the implications. I was slowly beginning to appreciate the scope of this case as I heard the rest. Muslim rituals... We tend to adopt the cultures we blend or originate from. Looks like Djinn were no exception. I looked at Aaliyah and nodded, slowly.

    "Did he have any enemies? Or people who at the least, might not have held him in the highest regard? Also if I may be so bold, what was the nature of your relationship to him? Were you two close?"

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  7. She shrugged. "He was-" Aaliyah sighed. "-to most he was a sanctimonious prick, which means he had a lot of people who didn't hold him in good regard. He and I only got along because we spent a lot of time together in our youth. We weren't intimate. Not for his lack of trying. We were friends, and he'd often stay with me when he had caused too much trouble back home, to let things cool down. I suppose, someone wasn't having that. But..."

    Aaliyah brought out one final picture from the folder. At the very center of the explosion, in the chest region of the depression, was a symbol.

    "I'm not familiar with this design, but it looks magical. I can't decipher the symbols, but it looks somehow related to the Judeo-Christians. I'm not familiar with that religion at all."

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  8. Lucifer's smile vanished.

    Perusal of the image told him the basics...Some variation on a demonic sign, if some of these symbols were any indication.

    It was the fact it looked disturbingly a lot like a summoning circle that had Lucifer on edge. Branded into the skin?

    He looked at Aaliyah and spoke.

    "I'll take the case. What was he doing last, did he go out partying and if so, who are his usual cronies?"

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  9. "He definitely partied, but he didn't have usual cronies. He kept friends only as long as he was buying rounds of drinks. Like I said he... what's the slang term? Ah, yes. He was an asshole." Aaliyah said with a shrug.

    "He did mention that he had met a woman that he wouldn't mind waking up next to, recently. You might check his social media. He tended to post a lot when he was out drinking, so you might find a recent picture. I wasn't in a habit of looking at his posts, as they were without exception, shallow and misogynistic. He also spent at least one night a week whenever he visited at the local Elysium. Not a place I spend a lot of time. People tend to think I'm looking for a partner whenever I go."

    "He was staying with me, so if you want to look through the room he was staying in, feel free, but he only brought one small suitcase with him and it was all either clothes or cologne."

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  10. He'd never actually been to the local Elysium yet. The official name for the Neutral Territory sections of the local Hidden Community, this one took the form of a bar known as the Fighting Irish in Brooklyn. Lucifer had avoided it as a whole, mostly because of the sentiment of the local less-then-lawful powers that ruled their territories in New York City. Still, first time for everything and he nodded once before speaking.

    "Alright, it appears I have my leads then. Where might I contact you, should I need to be in touch?"

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  11. "I'm at the Excelsior Hotel, in one of the penthouse suites, hence my sharing a room with him. Not that he ever spent a night in the place, it turned out it was mainly a place for him to come by in the morning, shower and change clothes. It's on the upper west side of Central Park. I like the view. You can ask for me there. I was only in New York to meet with my cousin, but now, I may want to find a more permanent home here in New York. I'm up here from New Orleans." Aaliyah admitted.

    "I won't move his things, in case there's something to be gleaned from his personal effects." She reached over and plucked up one of his cards from the desk. "I'll call you tomorrow morning, if I haven't heard. I'm not poor, but I do not think I want to be spending over three hundred American a night for much longer now that if I spend my cousin's money to split the bill as before, it makes me suspect. Is that acceptable?"

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  12. "It'll do."

    Lucifer remarked as he considered the implications. He'd have to go through a few contacts of his as he spoke.

    "I'll contact you if I find any breaks in the case. For now, I've a bit of legwork to do."

    And how. Once she was gone, Lucifer would fly to his desk, flicking through all his list of contacts...Specifically, those of a magical research and information type. He made a lot of friends in all sorts of places, it was time he went to one of them now with one of the few solid leads he had.

    That of the picture of the summoning circle.

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  13. [xtable=skin1]
    {td=left|top}Name: Mallory Queensland
    Race: Wizard
    Specialties: Summoning and dispelling, specializing in disrupting Necromancy but all summons are familiar to him.
    Previous Contact Notes: Confident, cocky, and proud. Can be somewhat condescending, but reliable.
    Best way to contact: Troll Market. Mallory runs a trinket shop where all manner of low end spells and seemings can be purchased.{/td}
    Name: Carol Spotts
    Race: Tiefling
    Specialties: Demon/Human relations. Specifically, she's a matchmaker for other Tieflings in the Tri-State Area. Very knowledgeable about demon summoning rituals and how to easily fulfill contracts and the best ways to get demons to return to their home plane of their own volition.
    Previous Contact Notes: Blogger, relationship advisor, and all around busybody. Though she helps Teiflings get together, she does her best to discourage behavior that would create more of her kind. Her occupation is officially a night shift nurse, but she's often helping those of the Hidden with their injuries and keeping them out of mundane view.
    Best Way to Contact: Email - or by dropping by the Starbucks at 65th and 9th Avenue during early morning hours - she drinks Americano with room for cream every day before going to bed.
    Name: Patricia Melendez
    Race: Faetouched Human
    Specialties: Handling supernatural disturbances, local official representative of Lady Titania of the Seelie Court's interests in the New York area.
    Occupation: Massage Therapist, on call.
    Previous Contact Notes: Driven, determined, and calm. Will do whatever it takes to succeed in her Lady's service. Single-handedly fought and defeated an Erinyes devil, keeping her sword and several demonic ritual books determined to be indestructible.
    Best Way to Contact: Cell Phone (718)562-8564, or her apartment on Staten Island, Hylan Dartmouth Apartments, 600 Hylan Avenue #137{/td}
    These were the three with the most relevant experience from Lucifer's case files.

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  14. Hmmm....Looking at all three, Lucifer flicked his eyes over each entry in his files before sealing them back in their hiding place. Without a word, he took his equipment- His crucifix, Saint Guillotine(currently deactivated, the handle of the sword hanging from his belt for ready access) and a silver dagger, which he slipped into his boot. His longcoat slipped over his shoulders from its usual place by his desk, he then headed out to the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Time to visit the Troll Market.

    "There is a fine line between being safe and asking for trouble. For example, if I take my entire contingent of weaponry and equipment into an isolated Hidden World area like the Troll Market, it'd be akin to showing up at the mall armed to the teeth and dressed in S.W.A.T. armor as I tote an AK-47, with a rocket launcher strapped to my back. I had to toe the line carefully, more so where the Troll Market is concerned."

    "Now Troll Markets are essentially the biggest collective of our kind, where we can move together and interact without worrying about some human finding us out. Here, we can be ourselves to an extent and even go about without the Glamour that keeps some of us looking human. Best place to buy magical ingredients, if you don't mind paying magical prices. A year of your life, your sense of taste for a day, perhaps a memory of your childhood- All could be a price paid in lieu of money. But see, the reason I was somewhat wary was two things. One, it had been made abundantly clear this case was dangerous. By involving myself, it was possible I painted a target on my head. Best to be cautious with a touch of paranoia."

    "Second, it was this Troll Market in particular that had me somewhat wary. While known as Troll Markets collectively, it wasn't always Trolls who ruled over them. Sometimes, you could tell at a glance which faction had the most influence around the Market. Vampires loved shadows, cunning stonework and lights marked the Dwarven factions of the Old Fae Courts. But the Brooklyn Troll Market was dangerous, if only for its master."

    "The Goblin Lord of the Unseelie."

    "Capricous tricksters at best, devastating troublemakers and kidnappers at their worst, I resolved to speak softly and carry my badge of faith wherever I went. My sword would provide for the rest. And so I left to see the Wizard, about a demonic summoning circle that killed a Djinn."

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  15. "Ah. Father. To what do I owe the honor? If it's about those seemings I sold the elves, I told them that they were specifically for use during the day. Moonlight has mystical properties that cannot always be predicted, especially during the full moon during a Lycan moot." Mallory began, closing a case he'd been dusting small figurines, presumably magical in some way, and turning to face Lucifer.

    The place was, well... immaculate. Moreso than any magic shop had any right to be. It looked more like a place one would buy curios, or a jewelry store. Well organized, smelling nice and crisp despite the restaurant across the street that catered to merfolk and troglodytes, and brightly lit. Almost painfully so.

    The man himself was in a purple crushed velvet jacket, with a black silk shirt underneath. His hair, perfectly coiffed, and that smile. People paid lots of money for lesser. He gestured for Lucifer to approach the counter, as he circled around behind it.

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  16. "Mr. Queensland. "

    "Mallory Queensland. The kind of guy you'd expect to find selling snake oil and exchanging money for Alaskan Dollars. As you can imagine, in my line of work I'd cross paths with him now and then, though mostly for information. He gets all kinds of people coming through here and now and then, I bust his ass for selling defective products. Its not that all of them are fake, most are just low-key magic items. Mass produced and soon dead after a week or so at most. But I always refrained from actually laying a hand on him in situations. Violence would only make him hostile- And if there ever was a better way to hit a Wizard? It was through their pride. Something about the whole, wise-guy act.

    Pride I knew how to manipulate.

    "I'll pretend I didn't hear that. As it is, I'm looking for an expert in the market, regarding a new magical sign. You wouldn't happen to know anyone of that nature, would you?"

    I peered over the counter at some of the items, pretending to inspect them as I opened my senses to Mallory and his physical state. I could hear the rushing of his veins, the beat of his heart- All telltale signs to someone who made a living, rooting out the truth.

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  17. "A new magical sign you say? My boy, there's been nothing new about magic for centuries now. Whenever one of these things crops up, I can always trace it back to it's ancient origins. You wouldn't happen to have access to a drawing or photograph of this sign, now would you? I'd be interested in seeing if it's genuine, or just someone's cheap rip-off." The wizard grinned widely as he leaned forward with interest.

    You know what they say, takes one to know one. If anyone would know about a cheap rip-off it would be this man.

    "Please, have a seat, yes?" There was always a plush bar stool or two in front of the counter where Mallory did his business. Well, the more up front business. He also dealt with people who needed discretion, and that would be in the back room, behind so many magical safeguards it felt like the wizardly equivalent of a Clean Room at the CDC.

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  18. "I appreciate your confidence and the offering of your skills to me Mr. Queensland. As it is, I do have a copy of the sign right now. But- I can't show it here. Perhaps in the back?"

    "I wasn't taking any chances. That and for all of Mallory and his bluster, I didn't want his death on my hands if I could help it. Whatever it was that killed Rashid had the knowledge to drain magic from a Djinn. If it could be used on a Wizard....Well, not if I could help it."

    If the request was honored, Lucifer would wait a bit as he sat down before showing the picture of the emblem in question, suddenly giving Mallory his full attention as he waited for his opinion.

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  19. Once escorted to the back room, which felt... well, isolated, once they were inside. It was soundproofed as well, even against enhanced senses, Mallory took a look at the picture.

    "This is tiny. You couldn't summon anything with this. I mean, unless. But no, that can't be right..." He stepped away from the table for a moment and came back with a bizarre set of goggles that he put on and looked more closely at the symbol with.

    "This isn't a summoning to Earth, Lucifer. This is a summoning to Hell. See, the symbols are all reversed. Where did you see this thing? You've got to destroy this. Anyone who steps on this symbol, well, if there's a summoner on the other end, they'll be dragged straight to Hell. No middleman. Not even sure if it's going to grab the physical body. This could just be a soul transfer. In which case, It wouldn't need to be big. But... no, there's no way this could be an operable sign. To make one of these work would either take a lot of demons working together - fat chance of that lot doing that. Or..."

    He leaned back and shook his head. "Or a genuine Demon Prince. There hasn't been one of those up here since the end of World War II. And if there were, there would be a lot more going on than just one little symbol. Oh no, this has to be someone playing at something they don't understand. I wouldn't worry about this thing, It's imaginative, but no one has the power needed to make this work the way it's supposed to. No one on Earth, anyway."

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  20. Lucifer listened patiently, taking in all the information as he tapped his fingers in thought.

    "What kind of effect would it have, branded on a body? This one was found on a magical creature...A Djinn to be precise."

    He had his suspicions but he wanted to clarify. More so, considering the circumstances around the explosion.

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