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  1. Moonlight
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    ((A few people have mentioned that my information post is a bit - overwhelming.

    Just to let all know, the history bit is just for the few who care to know the depths of this story. The majority of this information will probably not be used - or seen - in the story until the end, somewhere.

    So don't be intimidated by it.

    If you need any help, questions asked, for information explained, just post or PM me. I'll help however I can. ))

    The Curse

    Arandia was a great kingdom that resided over its portion of humble land. King Thorn ruled with great kindness and cared most for the people than for riches, because they were his heart. Often times, he would host grand balls in which all of the people, common and noble, were welcome.

    One special night he fell in love with Isabelle. She was of poor birth, only the daughter of a homely merchant from Dessway, but she was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Even though he was destined to marry a lovely princess from the parish of Tinduu, he broke all tides immediately in order to set out to woo this wonder. After three appearances at his balls, three occasions of enchantment in her arms, he asked for her hand in marriage.

    The love that they had for each other was true, and thus, they were blessed with two sons of same birth. Gadrial and Etrius were as different as night and day, but favored each other like a mirror’s reflection. They grew up joyfully, granting their parents and their kingdom with an abundance of grace and love as they matured.

    But bridges had been burned and the ambers were not smothered. There was a young princess whose heart was still shattered, and a mother who felt ashamed and angry for the rudeness of a smitten King. From Tinduu, a curse was spoken. The Witch Queen sent it on a whispered lullaby for the two young brothers; a song filling their futures with blood and flesh.

    Gadrial - forever prisoner to the moon.
    Etrius - forever prisoner of the sun.
    Both imprisoned in damnation.

    Isabelle was broken hearted when they learned of this and cried to her husband for many days, wishing for him to find a way to break the young Princes free of this curse. Sadly, in spite all his efforts, King Thorn could not find a cure; and thus, the young Princes lived as prisoners in their own home. Though it seemed that their fate was doomed from the moment the curses were set upon them, it did not change their love for each other.

    Years passed on, and the brothers grew up to be wonderful men, despite everything. They learned to control their demons, embedding them deep within, in order to appear normal. Unfortunately, such efforts would result in horror when those unforgiving things are mistakenly released.

    They held on for eighteen years….eighteen! But soon, all around the outskirts of the kingdom, farmers reported livestock being stolen. And then, the reports turned to slaughters of mass proportions. Hunts broke out searching for the beast capable of causing such carnage. The King and Queen feared the worse; locking their sons up tighter. This only made matters worse.

    An argument, a simple brotherly spat, opened the floodgates - and a loving mother stood in the way.
    Never before was there such a loss as this, for everyone in
    Arandia loved their Queen.

    King Thorn was devastated, broken beyond repair. His sons, although innocent, were dangerous; he did not foresee this outcome happening at all. The people wanted answers; how did the mysterious beast enter the city gates…enter the castle? He had to tell them something, create a beast for them to kill, anything to keep them away from his sons. But the issue still remained – his sons were murderers.

    The Kingdom of
    Arandia lived on within a lie harvesting fear, and the two Princes continued to live under their father’s protection. Through spies, mages and soothsayers, the King was able to find the Witch Queen, sending her to burn at the stake for her attack against his sons. Her only daughter was forced to watch as her mother burned, singing a silent song to her as she did. Without a father, long dead from wars before, the princess of Tinduu ruled with her uncle by her side, and a lullaby that fueled her hated for the Thorns forever more.

    King Thorn’s attempts to keep his sons safe and secure were taxing and soon broke him down. Time passed. The two Princes, now of 22 summers, sadly looked after their sickly father. The need for an heir to be named was necessary – and King Thorn’s silence caused the two loving brothers to look upon each other with hate and envy. They drifted farther and farther apart; just as the dying King feared, his two sons were not at agreement. He knew this day would come, when the two Princes’ stood against each other for the throne.

    The question they held - which one of them would their father give the throne?
    But, in King Thorn’s heart, the question was - how can he leave his kingdom to a demon?

    Sadly, the King died before an heir was named. He carried his kingdom’s peace to his grave.

    The story is unclear of exactly what happened afterwards, but one thing is known - the two brothers remained divided, claiming that they should rule over the Kingdom. Their anger caused their demons to erupt, breaking from their inner binds for the entire world to see.

    The people have found their beasts – and soon became their slaves.

    The two brothers created armies of their kind, and fought each other for their father’s kingdom – the very lands their hatred destroyed. Eventually, the people sought the wisest mages and the strongest warriors, and were eventually able to harness the demon brothers; sending them to their deaths…

    But, life takes on new forms to remain living.
    The battle has never ceased, even to this day.


    700 Years Past
    Present Day Arandia

    Jenascia Sands holds a sense of excitement and fear as her musical debut night gradually moves closer and closer. This opportunity of a lifetime meets her after years and years of hard work and dedication to the cello. She’s one of the youngest members of Arandia
    ’s Symphony Orchestra; and because of her amazing skill, she’s even been invited to perform a special duet with one of the most prestigious pianist known, one she’s adored from a far all her life. She should be thrilled. Instead, she fears the worst.

    Death comes to her at the best of times...and when it fails in taking her, it seeks another.

    Would she again have to face death, only to watch it steal someone else just because life has a stronger hold on her? Why does she have to go through this game again and again? She should be dead already, but no matter what horrors befalls her, she always remain…that sour voice always returns… And someone always dies in her place.
    When will it end?


    This story is about a 700 year war between Vampires and Lycans…and the unusual young woman who is unknowingly in the middle of it all.

    Etrius (Vampire) and Gadrial (Lycan) were the first – the Alphas; they are the most powerful. To their kind, their names are spoken as if they are gods. The generations that have come after them are weaker, but are stronger than the human race. With each generation, the bloodline continue to weaken, but there’s only one line on each side pure enough to remain. These two lines are the only true connection to the Twin Princes – and the two descendants are unknowingly holding within them their ancient spirits.

    They are the two who are the leaders of this generation war, now fought for a much greater cause, hidden underneath the modern bowels of the metropolis of
    Arandia. Humans have long forgotten about the demons of the past. There are those who still believe, and a handful who can recall present day accounts of such beings, but no one believes them.

    Deep in the scrolls of Vampiric and Lycan lore, clued in the text of horrors and mysteries written by madmen, are words spoken about the Witch Queen and the Witch Princess of Tinduu and the curse they’ve placed on the Kingdom of
    Arandia. There is a cure…and she walks in moonlight, as old as the Alphas. To claim her on their side, breaks the curse; but too seek a wish requires caution, for you may not get what you’re hoping for.

    The two sides must find the one who walks in moonlight to win the war…which has now become a race to break the ancient curse. The kingdom is no more…but the Alphas are dying. And if they die – their bloodlines die with them.

    The main situation is this: The two decedents of Etrius and Gadrial are slowly dying. It is written that there is one person out there with the key to unlocking their curse – and they must find her and keep her safe from the other side. If they are to have her, turn her into one of their own, she will cure their bloodline and the other will perish.

    But, there are a few unknown twists that will throw everything off kilter, and this fight for moonlight will perhaps end more than just a curse.



    But I've got a couple questions:

    1) Are players able to only be vampire or lycan

    2) Is this sort of like forcing her to change, or blackmailing, or wooing her, a mixture or choice?

    3) Do you require character sheets?
  3. 1) Are players able to only be vampire or lycan?

    No, there's the typical, as you've listed, but there's also a few (and I do mean a few) Dhampiers (human/vampire), Shifters(Human/Lycan), Upiris (Vampire abominations), and humans.

    The few are rare creatures that will enter deeper into the story later on (depending if I can get this group to the third Act.) If someone is interested in running two charries, I suggest taking on one of the rare types. I will explain further when I actually post the rest of my information.

    2) Is this sort of like forcing her to change, or blackmailing, or wooing her, a mixture or choice?

    However it goes.

    The original RP was mostly befriending the girl, which eventually lead to a mixture of brainwashing her with their version of truth about the other group. Soon, it lead to wooing once the two cousins learned of her life's story and felt compassion. Really, Etrius's host, being the pianist, used his fame to get close to her, trying to prove she was the moonlight. He was wooing her with friendship and through their common interest.

    The lycan's had no clue about her at the time, until one of their members saw her at the concert and reported it to his leader. Gadrieal's host just wanted to protect her... to prove his worth against his past failures. But soon, that changed too and he protected her like he would a lover.

    This RP does not have to run the same way... there's a bit about both the two hosts (the leaders) that I will reveal to the players who will run them, and that information will probably give them ideas about the spirits' personalities. The first group that ran this took the information one way. This group might take it, as you say, in the form of force, blackmail, or choice. And once they find out more about Jenascia...that idea might change again. It's all up to the group.

    3) Do you require character sheets?

    Yes, I do. This was actually an interest post, but for some reason the admins moved it here to sign up. The was not a sign up post... So, for now, since I'm here... if others are interested, let me know. I will be posting more information, as well as a sign up sheet soon.

    But, if anyone has ideas and such about this RP, we can discuss them here until I open an OCC.

    Also, if anyone is actually interested in looking through the original RP of this story, I can give you the link to my writing site to scan through it. It may give you ideas, or ways to create something new. Let me know.
  4. Thanks for your timely response, this certainly has given me some grand things to brainstorm about. *insert maniacal laugh here*
  5. HA! Maniacal laughter is good... *frozenfakesmile*

    Ummm...Yea! I think I can handle maniacal... *tucks Jena deeper in the folds of brain matter*

    Let me just...go grab a few....

    sharp things and...

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    and I'll be good.
  6. I'll definitely join.

  7. A Little History (Based off of the history of the Thorne name.)

    The history is not very important to this RP, but might come in handy and may serve to grow into importance through the run - possibly. It all depends on what you do, or not do, with it. You can skip this and go to the important stuff below...

    thorne.jpg Family Motto: Vincere Vel Mori - Conquer or Die.

    This RP is based in the present day year of 2022, 708 years after the birth of the Twin Brother Thornes in 1314. The brothers were born in Conisborough, 14th century England, to Lord Gilbert of Thorne and his wife, Isabelle. Their birth was the mark of prosperity for the country. Their reign was massive, but short lived.

    Royal status was claimed to the Thrones name through their cousin, William de Warenne, by William the Conqueror before the Twin Brothers were born. The Thorne family line (which held Warennes, Faguns, Sillers, and Nagarets) control all of South Yorkshire (Lordship of Conisborough) until the death of Lord Thorne in 1333, The Twin Wars and the execution of his only two sons in 1336.

    The Thorne family lines dispersed from England, running from the curse and deadly legacy the Twin Brothers had placed upon the name. The Church of St. Nicholas Thorne held control of the lands, cleansing them from the demons, until the Danish took over around 1350.

    What remains of the old kingdom is a stretch of land from Conisborough to Devonshire than holds portions of this family’s history. The Thorne family’s Norman beginnings can be traced to what is now the Scleswig-Hostein region of Germany.

    Present Day Locations:

    Conisbrough Castle.jpg Arandia, formerly Doncaster, is located southwest of Somerset, England - the Taunton Deane district. (This whole district was once the sovereignty of Conisborough-Thorne.) The years have changed a lot within the borders. The remains of the Thorne family castle still stands in what is now called Conisborough. The Keep is a museum cared for by Professor Franklin William de Warenne III. The original family manor in Thornfalcon is cared for by decedents of Fagun (Falcon) – a few distant cousins who had denied the family connection in order to stay in England.

    2363317.jpg Tinduu – was formerly Devonshire, England. Land of the Witch Queen Tinduu.

    Thorne Falcon North Curry sandstone.jpg Desswaya small parish southeast of Thornfalcon, England.

    RidsdalePanorma.jpg Thornfalcon & Thornargaret – the original settlement of the Norman tribe of Thorn/Fagun and Thorn/Nargaret.

    (If anyone creates a new location, it will be added to the map - once I actually build one... if I build one at all. Just check out a map of England.)

    The Legacies of Blood and Flesh:

    The families that left England were not, per se, family through natural means. They were the slowly emerging bloodlines of the demons that possessed the two brothers. Vampire and Lycans in this era are the 700th generation. These are various family names that are purely associated with the Thorn bloodline. If you choose one of these bloodlines, you are considered purer than most, but are not as strong as Thorne.

    Prince Etrius Thorn, Alpha Lord of the Vampires
    Etrius’ bloodlines fled to Newfoundland, Canada, claiming Torbay, the eastern side of the Avalon Peninsula.
    First Generation: Nargaret, Warenne, Siller.

    Prince Gadrial Thorn, Alpha Lord of the Lycans
    Gadrial’s bloodlines fled to Ulster, Ireland, creating the legendary Ossorian Lycan myths.
    First Generation: Ossory, Huguenot, Faguns.

    If you are interested in playing the hosts of Etrius and Gadrial, PM me with your template for viewing. You create your own charrie, but they are a decedent of one of the first generation bloodlines listed above. They are very special to this story.

    This is the important stuff!!

    Faction Types:

    Vampires – Typical folklore concept of vampires. They lure, seduce, play with emotions and manipulate the mind. They use a bit of telepathy, illusions, hypnosis, dream-weaving in order to lure their prey. They are beautiful and scented with glamour, but if one saw them for what they really were, death would be obvious, and probably the last senses you recall before death. (Not a lot of magic used in this RP).

    They have superhuman strength and speed, but are still weak due to their need for blood and their sun handicap. But, in the future, they have created means to allow for them to temper their thirst for an extensive period of time, and prevent burning under direct sunlight. (And no, it’s not a 5000 SPF of sparkle! Let’s not go Twilight, shall we.) Death is the same – stake through the heart, disfigurement and burning to destroy the body and the spirit.

    Dhampiers –
    Human/Vampires hybrids. They have superhuman strength, but are not as strong as vampires/lycans. They are, however, capable of sensing a vampire’s presence due to their half-vampire DNA. In folklore, Dhampiers usually become vampire hunters, and this is so for our world. Present day, there are a small number of Dhampiers, and those numbers are involved in law enforcement in some fashion. Their death is the same as vampires, because even if the human soul dies, the demon spirit will still live and take control of the body. So, stake – disfigurement – burning. Moonlight is their salvation as well, cleansing the demon from them to turn them back to human.

    (There will be a small amount of Dhampiers allowed...probably two or three. I will be holding one spot for myself.)

    Upiris – Vampire Abominations. Upiris are literally vampires who have gone beyond death and hell, disfiguring themselves with black magic, voodoo, anything they can get their hands on to protect them from permanent death. They are incapable of concealing their scent and appearance with glamour, so they cannot hide within the human population. Their hunger is feral and they can easily clean out the entire human population of one large city in a week. They also feed upon vampires; not the best tasting blood there is, but beggars can’t be choosers sometimes.

    They are the reason why most humans in this era know of vampires, or believe they’ve seen one. Upiris are rather persistent and lacking common sense or self control when they get involved in a hunt. They don't think before they do, which causes them to be seen by humans from time to time. Vampires fear that they will destroy the balance they’ve carefully established over the centuries. They also fear that Upiris will attack more vampires, wiping away families and giving the Lycan’s what they’ve hoped for. So, it’s best to keep them as far away as possible. To invite an Upiris into town is considered a forbidden action – death will fall swiftly upon you.

    Upiris live underground and travel constantly, for the vampire population dislike them viciously. They are in constant search for a place to settle, to hunt without restraint, but that’s impossible these days with the big cities and large rural areas occupied by vampires.

    Unlike normal vampires, they cannot die by typical means. Their death comes through the blood of moonlight – and they will end this possibility by any means necessary. But, it is believed that the one who walks in moonlight, if a Upiri is forgiven by her, her blood will actually purify them, turning their bodies back to the natural vampire state it once held. For an opportunity to live out of the bondage they’ve placed upon themselves, they will seek for moonlight.

    (There will only be about three Upiris in this story. If held one, understand that they are not involved in the story at the beginning, only watching the vampires from a distance and learning. When the time comes, I will PM people and awaken their presence in the RP.)

    Lycans – Lycans… large wolf forms that walk on all fours; our typical version of a Dire Wolf…large enough to ride on (if invited to do so, of course), extremely strong and very family oriented/protective. They use telepathy, are psychics, and use a lot of physical techniques and tactics to lure their prey. Packs run like an army troop – organized, efficient, structured. They are extremely disciplined, following the leadership of their Alpha male and female. They train, the study, they develop for war and for life.

    They believe in the land they share and respect humans as much as they can. They shift with the coming of a full moon. In so doing, they do not lose all control and understanding of who they are, but their wild, natural instincts are more prominent and can easily go out of control when not monitored. Without a disciplined awareness, when they do fight and when they taste blood, they can fall into a feral state and become something they themselves don’t want to be.

    I would say that the Twilight wolves fit into this concept a bit – without the overly-youthful attitudes they had. Lycans are very wise and have good control over their emotions (especially the older generations) But, they are very emotional and determined – especially when caring and protecting their own. Family is everything to them.

    Death for a Lycan is not a silver bullet, but shooting them is probably the only way to really kill one. Their speed and strength is remarkable… so close combat is stupid. The only being capable of fighting them are Vampires. Dhampiers and Shifters are capable, but will require weapons and a lot of help. Kill by any means necessary, and when they’re down decapitation and burning to kill the body and the spirit.

    (Any ideas for Lycans will be wonderful!!)

    Shifters – Human/Lycan hybrids. Shifters are our standing Lycans – the typical werewolf concept we all know, but with less feral cravings. Their human side causes them to continue to walk on two legs, and also harness the urge for…raw things…

    Their Lycan side gives them the speed and strength required to work as Protectors. Their dominate concern for watching over others guides their instincts to patrol. They are the watchmen of the night, monitoring any and all threats that might be dangerous or harmful to life in general, whether it is theirs, their families, or the human population. They will even help out a vampire, for they are neutral in this stupid fight and just want everyone to stay safe and life on. They will be happy for the battles to stop, but they rather live to see it happen.

    Death is the same as for a Lycan and moonlight is also their salvation.

    (Any ideas for Shifters will be great!)

    Humans - Oblivious… Or either aware of such things that go bump in the night, but refuse to speak of it out loud. Some do, and they are considered psychotic, delirious, or seeking attention.

    There are a handful of humans who know exactly what’s going on, and are trying to understand it, either for fun or for their personal entertainment.
    I will be holding a particular human who is a bit obsessed over the idea of demons walking the earth. His obsession is not for entertainment, but to protect a dear friend. His knowledge may come in handy – if he survives…

    If you are interested in holding a charrie and an Upiri or Shifter, reserve a spot by posting reserve or a template.


    Now, the Vampire/Lycan conflict is not the same-ole thing. Vamps and Lycans are cousins. They don’t fight each other because of an innate hatred for each other’s kind. Their battle stems back into sibling rivalry (the brothers blamed the other for their mother's death, as well as felt the other was the problem that caused their father to avoid choosing a heir) – which, over time, turned into territory issues, and “an eye for an eye” situations between families that just seem to blend into everything else.

    Really, if asked, neither side will be able to recall the real reason for their war, except for the older generations who lived through the 14th century, or the few scholars of this time who has read up on it all. No matter, some of them would say simply that it should all end, they should all stop fighting. But the fight is not for territory, or a lost kingdom, or to see whose fangs are bigger.

    They know their leaders are dying…it’s a silent knowledge they try to not speak of, or try to ignore. If their leaders shall they.

    They’re now fighting to find the truth behind a single myth…a farfetched idea that somewhere, some unknown stranger, is the one with the means to end the battle...and bring forth salvation.

    Template - Human: (I'm taking one more human)

    Appearance (Photo – no anima please, Description, or both)
    Special Information (Things you want others to know)
    Note: Humans are subject to being turned during the running of this RP.

    Template – Vampire/Lycan (All Types):
    True Age (If you are not Human)
    Appearance Age (Applies to all types. )
    Appearance (Photo – no anima please - realistic illustrations are fine, Description, or both)
    Special Skill (Nothing too dramatic; we’re going on the lines of enhanced natural abilities, mental abilities… nothing too magical.)
    Special Information (Things you want others to know)
    Note: Build your charries secrets and mysterious backgrounds. They may come in handy…for someone…

    WE all know the RPing rule - they are etched in our DNA, so I will not repeat them. All I ask for is respect for yourselves and others, enjoy creating this world with me, and hopefully this will become life.

    I do expect everyone to try your best to breath your charrie(s), to take on their personalities, to dream their little dreams. Make them real to you, and they will be real to us. Take your time getting your thoughts across, because it will help us all to create little sub-stories for our charries that will move the main story along.

    If you are unable to post, PM me with your thoughts and how long you will be gone. I will hold your charrie for you the best I can. Or, you can ask for someone else to puppet your charrie until your return. IF you leave the RP, PM me a week in advance so I can prepare to take over. I will try to keep up with summaries to help everyone keep up, but if I can't if anyone is interested in making quick summaries, do so in the OCC thread (that I will make as soon as we get more participants.)

    Alright....I think I'm done... Now for my templates!!!


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  8. Template - Human:

    Name: Jenascia Sands (Jena)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19 yo
    (Birthday coming up in three months. Looks younger than her age...and there's a logical reason for that...)
    5'7", 124 lbs. She has dark grey eyes, and short black hair.


    Personality: Jena is a very likable person, yet she is rather secluded in most of her mannerisms. Sometimes she feels that things will be better for her if she did not learn about someone, in the deeper sense of the term. To avoid warming up to them completely is her strange security blanket. She fears them falling victim to...her....

    She is slightly paranoid after all the odd accidents that tend to pull towards her year after year. She believes that someone is after her, trying to kill her - by any means necessary - but her uncanny ability to heal quickly, keeps her alive. Her caretaker is determined to learn about this mystery, even though she's warned him countless times to stop while he can and just drop her off at the nearest train station.

    (Clase and his brother are the only two people she's actually been close to since her parents' deaths; Clase more than Micha.)

    Clase Sands has promised her he would stop his research, but dumping her off somewhere...never!

    Jenascia is an alternate cello player for a Arnadia Symphony Orchestra, which allows her to travel where ever the Symphony tours. She is also an intern Executive Assistant for the Lead Conductor. She attends Arnadia University - majoring in music composition and performance.

    Her instrument: Orion - half-moon cello.

    Jenascia is a walking miracle, and she has no idea why. When she was younger, she was hit by a car, drowned while swimming out in the ocean during high tide, was severely stabbed by one of her father's friends, and had her hand severed at the wrist by a stranger attacking her with a machete; all of which she survived without a scab on her and with all body parts intact.

    Her mother considers her daughter blessed by an angel. Healers, Mambos, Priest, Doctors have discovered something unique in her blood, but can give a medical explanation to where it came from and how it allowing her to defeating death time and time again. Their curiousness lead to testings, and then greed wanting more than her mother was going to allow. They've decided to avoid the medical profession, the media, and anyone looking to Jena as tehe "Fountain of Youth".

    In spite how wonderful this gift has been for Jena, the downside for her is rather painful. Minor injuries are no problem to heal, but any life-threatening incident takes her body longer to heal - each and every time. The process slows down, and her tolerance for pain weakens. Sometimes her body will place her in a strange walking coma, just so she will not feel the pain as she stays conscious during the healing process.

    Plus, no matter what happens to her, someone close always end up losing their life in her place... Hence why her parents are no longer present.

    She lives with Clase Sands, a police officer who stumbled across Jenascia when her apartment blew up in an unexplained inferno - she was the only survivor. With no home, or family to claim, Clase kindly took her in. That's when he learned of her powerful, supernatural dreams, and soon her ability of rebirth. Being a bit of a scholar and holding an interest in foreign cultures and science, he began to research her ability and her unusual surname. After a bit of research he learned of an unbelievable history and fearfully hid Jena from the truth the best he could.

    Clase moved her from the city of Arandia, to a spacious cottage on the outskirts, hidden beyond groves and orchards of fresh fruits and flowers. With the war between the vampires and lycans, which only a handful of humans knew about, he felt that if they knew of Jena, she would be in danger...and to this day, he is the only one who knows why.

    Detective Micha Sands is Clase Sands' older brother. (28 years old - visually speaking.)

    Special Information:

    Jena is constantly being mentally bullied by a voice of pure bliss - blissful hatred and anger. The voice pesters her, taunts her into committing suicide, claiming that if she continues to live on another person will die soon. Clase has heard the voice once before - through Jena's fretful sleep, and has remained strong beside her, trying his best to keep her spirits up.

    But Jena knows...she knows that that song, which has played all throughout her life, is not a baby's lullaby...

    Template – Lycan:

    Aiden Cristal
    True Age:
    Appearance Age:

    Appearance: (An idea in facial structure and hairstyle.)

    Neither too tall, nor average of height; Aiden stands at being around five feet ten inches, with an elegant body structure. Narrow waist, long torso, lengthy legs and lean, yet proportioned, muscles. He could be described as sleek or even dainty in appearance. His name serves a lot of justice to his appearance, meaning "little fire", hence the fact his head is full of vivid red locks, thick, wavy and rich in color. They compliment nicely to his pale skin and wide, ocean blue eyes. A handsome face, that comes equip with dimples when he smiles.

    Usually, his attire consists of demin, straight-legged jeans and a dark green or black turtle-neck. Sometimes he can be caught wearing a vintage grey vest over a white turtle neck. Or any casual clothes he can find that are clean in his closet. Always has a dull, silver band on his left ring finger. <o:p></o:p>
    (Lycan) A sleek wolf, larger than a regular wolf, but smaller than most lycans. Built for speed. With a dense, smooth red coat, he almost looks more like overgrown fox than a wolf. Eyes change from blue to a bright gold. His snout is long and defined, teeth smaller than most but razor sharp. They are jagged and layered, able to deliver a fatal bite.
    Endearing. Sly, sweet, and a compulsive liar (he hasn't always been, just an acquired taste over the years). Sometimes too sugary sweet to be true, which is in fact true. He cares about people, but doesn't care much about hurting others, and won't instantly love anyone. Nearly egocentric in the fact that he must gain something from a person, or could care less about them. Charming, yet, detached and clever like a fox. Gives people only one chance, one time to make a mistake and he is done with them. The type of person that can cause some serious psyche frustration if someone were to get attached to him.<o:p></o:p>
    A man of many talents, he does an assortment of jobs. Due to his acute attention and remembering of details, he paints scenic portraits as a hobby and for quick, easy, money.

    Currently, Aiden works/studies part-time at a local studio as a contemporary and classical dancer. He can also be caught performing magic tricks late nights at various clubs and will sometimes play the violin for small events; nothing that requires too much of him, or much papers and identification, but just enough to live a somewhat normal life.

    <o:p></o:p>History: His father was fairly known magician and violinist back in the 40's-50's, and his mother a prima ballerina as well as classical harp player. So, Aiden was born with performing and art in his blood. He is the only grandson of an oil merchant, so he is financially set. And, randomly as a tidbit, he loves to swim, and used to swim and dive competitivelyHe was bitten and turned at the age of nineteen, which was around fifty years ago.

    <o:p></o:p>Special Skill: A definite strength would be that he has an uncanny ability to remember things; numbers, maps, people, faces, names, entire books, anything. Not just short term memory, everything seems to lodge itself straight into his long-term, working memory. And he remembers right down to each and every small detail; very intelligent.

    He can read people well, see the slightest shimmer of color around them, letting him know what emotion they are feeling. It helps to know when someone is ready to explode, so he can get the heck away from them, which is good because he isn't the strongest of lycans. Actually, nowhere near being strong, but what he lacks in strength he makes up with extraordinary speed, eyesight, hearing, and smell. Another strength, though minute, is that he can lie/sweet talk his way out of most bad situations.<o:p></o:p>
    Being of a later generation, his weaknesses seem to nearly overpower his strengths. Though stronger than a mere human, he would probably lose in a one on one battle against a vampire or lycan of earlier generations. Lose badly.<o:p></o:p>

    He can only change at night under a full moon, and the process involves severe pain. Despite his actual lycan form being stronger and able to withstand and endure more, he rather stay human because once he changes back he is left crippling weak.
    Special Information: His is the lycan who finds the moonlight!

    ((If I decide to create any more charrie for myself, I will add them here... So, be on the lookout. More will come.))
  9. Alright, character template is available!! :bananaman:

    I will accept anyone willing to recreate this old vision of beauty.

    Just post a template. Once I get about...6 to 8 people present, the story will begin!

    Thankie for your interest.

  10. Template-Human
    Name: Tyler Adams
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28

    She usually is a a calm person, but when someones getting to close to her or making her uncomfortable she will tell them up. She loves playing her violin and hanging with her guy-friends and girl-friends to party or go do something fun. But the first thing that has scared her is the creatures lurking at night, but she wants to keep that a secret.

    Occupation: Teaches adults and children how to draw and play violin.
    History: Her parents would always get into arguments, then it started to get out of hand. Then would hit each other and yell and throw. Pretty soon Tyler got tired of it and ran away. Her parents noticed but really didn't care, so Tyler decided to go and live with her sister. She practice her drawings and her violin, got her education.

    I hope its good, I'm not very good with the history part.
  11. Looks good, TrueCookiezMon$t3r...
    Mind if I just call you TC, or Cookiez? Let me know.

    Now, if we can just snag a few more players, we'll be good to go.

    I've ran large, two year RP campaigns with only three people on board, but they were crazy epic writers...way better than myself; but I'm an aggressive RPer and can move a story along when my hearts into it. I'll do what it takes to keep a story going just right...

    So, if this so happens to be the case here, hope you're up for spontaneous charrie bunny action! We'll all be popping them out of the wood works if we're stuck with only three or so players.

    (All the more fun, I say.)
  12. A few people have mentioned that my information post is a bit - overwhelming.

    Just to let all know, the history bit is just for the few who care to know the depths of this story. The majority of this information will probably not be used - or seen - in the story until the end, somewhere.

    So don't be intimidated by it.

    If you need any help, questions asked, for information explained, just post or PM me. I'll help however I can.
  13. Okay, I know there's two or three people interested in this RP.

    If I can get - at least - six more or so, then I will start this story.
    If not, then I will clear this RP and try it out on another forum.

    Just letting all who have inquired know what might happen.

  14. IF you have mentioned your interest in this RP, please post either a template or a request to hold a place.

    If there are no more interest, I'm still considering running this RP. It will require me holding several charries at the same time, but I'm not new to that.
    Still, a story is much more fun when others are involved.

    If you are weary about a vamp/lycan story - trust me, this story is more about a race to freedom more than anything else.
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