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    In the world of the distant future, ruins and skeletons decorated the streets. It was the year of 2300, and the ancient land of Choga was living in awesome prosperity. Youkai, vampires and other humans lived in harmony. Many of them celebrated many secular events that were used to be banned in the Feudal period. Mikos (Shrine maidens) cherished the youkai everywhere. New, evolved species came about the land, and everyone was promised a happy life betwixt each other.

    One species in particular, the Shinigami (Death Gods), worked to preserve the dead. Many of the national Shinigami were proclaimed "Guardians of Death" and had since carried on this role. The otherworldly Shinigami were known as "The Gods of Death." The Gods worked together to place the dead in their designated places. The Shinigami are NOT immortal, but they do, however, have an extension to life. They can die by getting cut up or getting sick.

    The Yama, the Judge of the Court, declared a destination in the afterlife for the convicted spirits. The Yamas gave orders to their Shinigami, and told them what to do. Yamas were to watch the pairs and ensure that Shinigami did their jobs. The Yama and the Gods always have their final say of fates. The Yama in Japan is called "Enma" such as "Judge Fern"="Enma Fern".

    Shikigami, on the other hand, are very different. Still, many human monks feared them for being "evil messengers". They were to serve their masters just like the many human and pure-blood wizards of Choga. Some Shikigami are able to make their own Shikigami from papers and other crazy things. Many Shikigami work as monks who pray to the Gods of Choga. Others prefer to cause trouble with their army of demons around their sides.

    Everlasting dreams and fates should have brought some happiness and sadness to the land. An abundance of love was brought to the land by a youkai named Faucette. The youkai first made her presence as a maiden in 2018. The youkai children loved to play with the maiden as she herded her own farms as she sang beautifully. She brought wisdom and peace to Choga, providing them Earthly gifts to everyone she met. She kept the children in company, and began treating humans with respect.

    By 2093, humans began taking advantage of the beautiful maiden. They treated her like she could give them anything. The kind humans began to get their own things and only wanted advice once in a while. After three years, she finally rejected their offers peacefully. Faucette then began to beat herself up with abundant sleep, abundant drinking, and cursing herself with illnesses. Her negativity continued for a year until a human came to visit with obvious worry. The youkai appeared close to her death as the human arrived to her home. He apologized for what the residents of Choga did, and asked for something to do. The human began giving Faucette medicines and herbs to get better.

    By 2100, it was time for Faucette to be sealed. Faucette's anger in being sealed was vented passively as she continued to give and receive. As the anger welled in her, she exhibited unthinkable behavior. She began to scare little children away from her home, and would burn down the homes of other youkai. Angry at what the humans planned, Faucette stopped helping all humans and youkai. With that, she didn't do anything, and was the first humanoid youkai to die of a natural cause.

    As one Shinigami named Skrell went to take the girl to the Victim's Court to be sent to Hell, he was suddenly stopped by an evil demon, who viciously mutilated the dead youkai by violently slashing her up. Her blood was like the river valley that was left untouched by the hands of other Shinigami. Angered by this, Skrell began to rue the demons someday. He told the Yama, which was Enma Draco. Draco Tretyakov, the current Yama of Choga, noticed something wrong. The youkai was too bloodied up, but he saw nothing wrong in her heart to be in that condition. Draco knew she was a good lady to be suffering in such places.
    As a result, he then took sincere revenge on the demons by threatening them death. Hearing of the ideas, the demons began to cut up the bodies of other innocents. The demons then began to possess the innocent bodies forcing them to do their bidding. Some shikigami that thought bad of human/youkai unity sided with the demons to destroy the human race. By January 13, 2256, Skrell passed away and gave his trusty scythe to his long-lasting daughter, Chiyori. Chiyori then began to row the convicted at the Styx of Dread to the Victim's Court. Chiyori has since watched the land of Choga turn from a happy and peaceful land to a miniature Apocalypse. After 54 years of guarding and guiding, Chiyori suddenly dies of an unknown cause.

    Now it is up to Choga's shinigami, Shikigami, and other magical beings to banish the demons from their land.

    Spoiler: Character Skeleton Layout


    Provided Characters Policy
    They MUST NOT have YOUR real name, nickname, or username anywhere. It is all right if they have only ONE part of your name, but nothing more. Anything like that will NOT be accepted to the characters. You need to have my permission to add "yourself" to the "Provided Characters".
    If you are found trying to post one of the provided without my permission, you may risk in getting terminated. BEFORE posting, ask which characters are available before randomly selecting a character on your own. Asking if you want a character, however, is acceptable.
    It is all right, however, to provide a picture for their appearances. For the sake of security, I would recommend making your own person.
    If you are inactive and you request to be added to the "Provided Characters" section, note that others have the right to take your character.
    Some characters that I will make will be in that section. Provided characters are entirely editable, but you should NOT make them into a new person. If you want to revamp them, you should have their name, birthplace, birthdate, and Bio the same as was provided. In other words, you CAN NOT edit them. Otherwise, consider making your own and PM it to me instead of publicly show it to me.

    The Lovely Cast of Choga

    Coming soon~!



    Hopefully NOT coming soon~!

    (characters that are entered HERE would be the ones whose control has been replaced. Any member that no longer wishes to use their character may have their control replaced via permission from me or the original owner of the character.)
    Ex: Ranelle Draco (Visage)
    Controller: Sagittarius

    Any not taken will be NPCs, respectfully. You are free to take one if you're not sure of a character. To reserve, ask to "Sit on (Provided Character's Name)". You will have up to two days to reserve your character. Any (SOLID) character cannot be edited and must be kept as is with formatting. You are more than welcome to come up with a picture if they do not include one/dress them up.
    Spoiler: Avada Solaria Victoria Hansen-Soiree (SOLID)

    Goujou (the Priest at Baseltown's Goulash Catholic Church)

    When I am not here, YOU MUST LISTEN TO THEM!
  2. What to Know About Choga
    If you have any map ideas or wish to expound upon the given areas, please PM me a rough draft!​

    There's a VAST amount of areas you can live in: Togada (very Eastern-like town where beautiful maidens come to visit; most human hybrids and faries come to live here)

    Kiln (most sensational youkai, vampires, and succubi [incubi] and dragons live there; known for its giant Battle Coliseum and Fairy Tale Castles)

    Jovust (A forest with a small waterfall in its center. Halibut Island, to it's left 200 miles away, is very dirty compared to Jovust, which is known for its wonderful smells of abundant flowers; most insect yokai live there)

    Halibut Island

    Ocean Oasis

    Makai (Hell)

    Celestia (Heavenly Harem)

    Baseltown (Must be ghost-like or a mortal to visit)

    Lunasta (A place for the People of the MOON; many moon rabbits and Lunarians live there)

    Doburon (where the magical races went and resided for peace and Unity; dragons are not an uncommon sight)


    Avada (A militaristic town with the robot Calculus stored underground; tanks and other military weaponry is made there)

    Armageddon (Where the damned are imprisoned before going to Hell; a dark, sad place where most orphaned youkai lived; shinigami usually take the dead there as the final step for Afterlife),


    Garoth (Where the dark gargoyles and most Oni lived; known for its delicious winery, sushi and sake)

    Ipsen (Ice Town)

    Hyparoah (HAI-pah-roh): (Mainly Egyptian and desert-like)

    Cyber Suplex (Futuristic city where most golems and cyborgs live)

    Ingirid (???/NOT YET REACHABLE)

    Tulsaba (Religious but damaged town; centaurs and Minotaurs live there.)

    There may be shinigami, shikigami, and some others slacking off. Not everyone would be doing their job.

    Messinia is thought to be a Sacred Place to Pray for the Gods. Autumn is very much extended there due to its deciduous forest beauty. Tigers and some other animals native to the Savannas live in the easternmost part of the land. Baseltown is like a small Japanese village but the requirement is that you must be a mortal or have been dead to visit this city. It is known for its vast cemeteries and beautiful springtime flowers. Halibut Island is very, VERY swamp and forest-like area; the fog sometimes picks up the scent of bodily wastes and decay. Ocean Oasis is a very fantasy-like island with many thunderstorms and periods of wacky weather. Otherwise, it can be very summer-like most of the year and like visiting an everlasting beach (except summer).

    A special Elixir called Ferdinand's Water is known to cause immortality in humans.

    Lots of specimen live around in the caves and around the Mountain of Uviara.

    Quon is their currency; 1 Quon equates to 50 cents in US currency

    The national shop is at Togada--Adrenaline Shoppe; you can get your metallic weapons sharpened for free there.

    Five Shrines exist: The Trinity (Togada), The Calibur (Halibut Island), Soiree (Doburon). Yumani (Meridian) and The small Visco (Garoth).

    Monsuna is completely submerged in water. To get there, you have to go to the Styx of Dread and literally dive deep to see the town. Mermen, mermaids, and other sea creatures live in these watery lands.

    Youkai is the same as a monster/demon.
  3. Rules That Must Be Followed
    1) No God-Modding, Meta-Gaming, or Power-Playing/Posting. Meta-gaming isn't truly necessary as the Skeletons will be posted in the IC.
    2) There will only be four Yama spots available. Minus the one I, the Goddess of the Game, would make three spots remain. Yamas and Gods will immediately get co-GM status, provided that you give me a detailed essay (should be AT LEAST three paragraphs or more) on why you're apt to judging the souls, looking after the world, and looking after shinigami. They'll only be four god spots available.
    3) If you're a species that has a power that may be frowned upon (teleportation, shape-shifting, mind-reading/manipulation, blood-bending, etc.), use it in STRICT moderation or make it look vague with an NPC.
    4) If your species is NOT an immortal and dies, they cannot be brought back. If immortal, but they become bloodied to the point of unresponsiveness, you are to stand out for a while until you're fully revived. You can still report your recovery or if using another character, be them for a while. The only time an immortal can actually "die" is if they lose lots of blood to the point where their heart won't work.
    5) Some species that are in moderation can be used, but in order to use some to their potential, permission MUST be given to the person they want to use it on. Otherwise, do it on an NPC.
    6) ALL General Forum Rules & Guidelines still apply. You must abide by these rules, regardless if Out-Of-Character or In-Character.
    7) A Yama or a God has the right to kick you out of the RP provided that they have a valid reason to do so. Otherwise, learn and go on. If you decide to screw everything up by saying "The Moon's mine!!" or anything deemed extremely unorthodox, you may be kicked out of the RP.
    8) If you think something of yours may be frowned upon on this forum, please PM me (or a staff member) for approval or feedback. And the use of multiple fonts AND font colors are usually frowned upon as it increases eye strain, especially for those with different formats for this site.
    9) Yamas must respect their shinigami and the Victim's court AT ALL TIMES. Even OOC, a Yama must not use profane language excessively. Additionally, this is a PG-13 area.
    10) PLEASE post at least three paragraphs in the IC, though I should expect a lot better from you. A Paragraph equates to 5-6 sentences or more. Since I prefer description, I recommend everything to be spell-checked with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. If you are not an English native, please give it your all. If you don't have a spell-checker at home, you can always ask for some proofreading help. If your character talks in a certain way, translations should be parenthesized.
    11) Please write the Character Sheet with the best of your ability. I WILL be checking your choices THOROUGHLY. For the Species, please be specific. If a youkai, tell me EXACTLY which youkai you are.
    12) If you have recently visited my RPs, you saw that I had a Pre-Made Character Option. It will be here once again, but there will be some that may have choices left blank. If you never knew me, the policy will be shown below.
    13) There will be combat in this RP; be aware of your species and what powers they have. If you want to be something other than a vampire, I recommend that you do some research. Note that teleportation can only be used in moderation, not all the time.
    14) Don't just put "RTG" and not reveal the thing. When you add "RTG" you HAVE to reveal in the I.C. Thread. This counts as pure laziness, and will not be tolerated. You really need to take your SWEET time making stuff like this! Also, your character sheet has to appear presentable.
    14) When you heal, you have to make it 100% REALISTIC; they can't instantly heal as this process takes time. Taking Hartmann's Elixir may speed up the process by 25%.
    15) There may be bosses that may be around that can ensure instant death with one ability. Note that the bosses should use nature and elements to do that.
    16) It is ENTIRELY up to YOU on what kind of stuff you want for a city in the Land of Choga. You MUST PM Me so I can approve of it BEFORE I consider your ideas.
    17) This would not comply if you're posting In-Character, but you MUST be respectful and not use any profanity Out-Of-Character at ALL times. Even though it's an M-Rated Role Play, try to keep it at a moderation Out-Of-Character.
    18) EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! ALSO EXPECT SOME SEXY SITUATIONS~! During extremely sensuous scenes, if it gets to the point where it's just "MILKY SEX", have the scene FADE TO BLACK before it happens and if necessary, take it to the PMs. Otherwise, I will have to ask you to water down your posts. This is also discussed in the regular RPA rules, so this rule's pretty much a no-brains request.
    19) You may make another character, but the MAXIMUM you can have participating in the IC is THREE AT A TIME (this exclude NPCs). If you want to control more than the specified amount, you must contact a yama, a god, or me for further approval. The only exception to this is if you abide by ALL rules and your mortal characters die.
    20) Rules, Info, and all else are subject to change as I see fit without notice. For this reason, PLEASE check in this role play often (at least twice a week). As to provide a safer environment, PLEASE expect changes.
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