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  1. I saw them there. Looking at me. "You want to join?" The man said. I nodded and followed them to the boarding school. Kids were looking at me. I was the new student. I glared at them right back. The man showed me my dorm. "You will be sharing with 4 other people." He said. I nodded and sat down on a bed. "This Academy is one the hardest schools. Why? Because every April, we will do the test of Scream." I looked at him confused. "What is the test of scream?" I asked. He smirked, " five people will join each other and we'll teleport them to the Land of Depression. Using their magic, they'll need to survive from cannibals, beasts, and mermaids. You only have 7 months to train. If you pass the test, you'll graduate." Then he walked away.
  2. (Can I jump in as a roommate? ^.^)

    Jet sat up on the bed. He didn't speak. He only glared at him, his eyes a icy blue color, his shaggy jet black hair waving a little in the wind from the window, which was creaked open slightly. There was no bug screen in the window. A bug flew in, and Jet glanced at a flyswatter on the table beside his bed. It began to float slowly towards the bug, then it slammed into it, making the bug fly towards the wall, slamming into it, falling down, dead. The flyswatter slowly floated back to the table, landing on it gently. Jet then glanced at the window, and it unlocked and slammed shut. Then it locked again. Jet then adverted his eyes back to the new kid. His eyes were pure evil. It wasn't hard to notice. They glowed in the sunlight, his dark hair turning blue where they hung over them. Jet stared at him like he was a meal. Like a chicken just begging to be plucked and eaten. He finally shifted his glance to a book beside him on the bed, titled '1,000,000 ways to kill a person with Telekinesis.' He was just itching to finish reading the last 19 entries. But he resisted the urge and stared the boy up and down, picking out his his body type and memorizing it. He might need to know later on.
  3. Another body entered the room. "chill out Jet. The new blood won't hurt ya." I threw my stuff onto one of the beds and smiled at the new kid. "hey, names Kit. nice to meet ya!"
    I almost hoped the new kid wasn't freaking out. New school, new people, and my kitsune tails waving around didn't help that probably. oh well.

    I was here to keep an helpful eye on Jet..him being a childhood associate of mine, and to master my illusion training before the test of screams. I closed my eyes as i laid on the bed, playfully tossing a book at Jet, watching him stop it with his Telekinesis.
    " blood...what do we call ya?"
  4. Qimbra sidled into the room, bangles jingling with every movement. She was dark skinned, her ancestry comprising of those who survived with nature. Her white hair was drawn up into a rather large o-shaped bun, revealing smaller, looped earrings.

    "If he can answer to 'Hey you!' then I should think we're all good," she intoned mock-sagely before slinging an arm around Kit's shoulder.
  5. Kit smirked. It was good to see her, she was a good friend of his for as long as he could remember, even longer than Jet was. "Ah, so you made it into our dorm too then eh Qimbra?"
    He enjoyed her company and to some people, they seemed like a couple. Although, he didn't know where she stood on that subject or what she told people.
    He always said to ask her.

    His long wavy hair slung little past his shoulders. His lean toned body stood proudly. His azure eyes glanced at everyone in the room. "So Qimbra, what bunk you want?"
  6. "Yes," she grinned triumphantly. "I'll take top bunk," she hummed. "Makes for flashy good morning cheers."

    With that she wedged the tip of her foot under her bag and effortlessly flipped it onto the top bunk. Ah, the wonders of the power of the earth, sometimes. And with a flourish, she sat on Kit's then-designated bunk with crossed knees.

    "A final seven months," she whistled. "How 'bout that!"
  7. ryuuto walked in. when he entered the room it immediately got hotter. the ears on the top of his head showed that he was a flame fox. "hey guys. im ryuuto."
  8. Kit glanced at Ryuuto as he entered. A fire fox eh? This just keeps getting better and better. Now they had illusions, earth, fire, telekenesis and whatever power this new kid had as well.
    With this set-up, they might have a chance of passing the test of screams. "So this is our group then eh? well, might as well introduce ourselves and get to know each other better since we'll be living in this dorm together."
  9. Qimbra fought hard to contain her squeal of delight. Foxes in her opinion were absolutely adorable. Her fingers twitched to scratch behind one of his ears. Instead she just smiled and waved politely.

    "I'm Qimbranimous Falsettiscious Baldosa Ferramosthe 47th," she declared without becoming short of breath; a neat little joke she made just to toss people off guard. "But Qimbra's just fine, if you want to avoid swallowing your tongue."
  10. Kit smirked as he watched Qimbra scratch the fox behind the ears. He swore that sometimes she forgot that he was technically a fox too. Maybe that was why she liked hanging with him so much.
    "Guess it's my turn. Names Kit. I specialize in illusion magic. I'm technically a kitsune, but i take on a variety of forms." His three tails wagged visibly behind him, a sure sign of his amusement and excitement.
  11. Urge satisfied, Qimbra went back to hanging onto Kit's shoulders, one hand absently moving to scratch that particular spot behind his ear that made him purr against his will. "I take care of the heavy lifting," she quipped. "Earth and metal are my specialites."
  12. Nils walked down the hallway looking into each room and talking to the occupants. He made his way to the room where everyone was introducing themselves. He knocked on the door frame to get their attention, "hey guys. My name is Nils, I am going to be the new dorm RA for this hall. You have any problems or questions you can always ask me. My room is at the end of the hall on the right." He looked like a normal human, blue eyes, black hair, pale skin..but on his right arm a short length of barbed chain dangled lazily from under his long sleeve.
  13. Ryuuto purred when qimbra scratched behind his ear. After she stopped and went to kit "my names ryuuto im fire fox and you guys are lucky we have air conditioning. I guess i can change out of my formal form." He transformed into fox form.
  14. He felt the purr rising from his chest. She knew exactly where his soft spot was..and she used it to get a purr from him everytime. His purr was just about there when a voice from the door distracted him and kept it hidden. He introduced himself as the RA and he looked normal enough.

    Kit immediately noticed the wire hanging from his sleeve. A weapon maybe? We might have to test that sometime. He glanced at Qimbra. He would have to get her back too. He thought that she was ticklish..he was sure she was. He just couldn't remember if she was..or where.
    He shrugged. He would figure that out later.
  15. "I see we don't have a need for a campfire then," Qimbra mused aloud. She looked up at the RA and waved with a grin. "Welcome aboard, Nils!"
  16. (Hey there, are there more dorm rooms open? I'd like to jump in with a character but I think you have your 5 people in the dorm ^.^')
  17. (i guess so sure!)
  18. (he could be my roommate or something)
  19. ((we can always figure out something. Feel free to jump in! :D ))
  20. Nils leaned against the doorway "I am just talking to everyone on the hall and getting to know everybody." He looks around at the various students "so you guys are freshmen huh?, I am guessing none of you have ever taken the test before?" He reaches as if to scratch his head but he doesn't use his hand, stopping his hand short the chain floats up and scratches his hair for a second before Nils puts his arm back down. Acting like it was a normal occurrence.
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