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  1. Just sending out an alert to anyone interested in a few new RPs... Well, they're new for Iwaku.

    I'm only GMing a few here so I'm not too overwhelmed. If you are interested, click a link and check them over.
    They are probably considered Intermediate/Advance RPs, except for Dog Eat Dog... which is a Beginner/Intermediate RP.

    There's lots of plot bunnies in each one and tons of interesting goodies any interesting, imaginative player can sink their teeth into.
    Let's play around with these ideas and find out what can come to those who run with scissors. LOL!

    *randomness runs very well in my family*

    Moonlight - Vamp/Lycan Romance Mature A:

    It's a Dog Eat Dog World - Modern Survival:

    Legionnaires: Dragon Riders of Wynn:

    Souls Forbidden - Fallen Angels - Mature A Private RP (Still looking for one more)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.