Moonlight Sonata Grand Finale

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  1. Well Iwaku it has been an amazing almost 8 years. In that amount of time I’ve gone from twatty freshman class child ameba to fully grown intelligent gentleman. During that time Iwaku has been something of an online home and despite the grievances between staff and the numerous ban targets I think it is the only place that one can call virtual home. Yet, all homes must be left some day and the appeal of the same people isn’t as lustrous as it was before. With new people coming in it is hard to relate to the newest generation each time and with the addition of certain new aspects I find myself answering questions and pondering ideas just to gain publicity that I never would have had to in the past. So with that I shall take my memories of it in as a pristine package as I can.

    So eight full years, man how time flies. My special thanks definitely goes out to the original staff back in the day for recruiting me from the un-intellectual slums of the virtual universe. So Gabe, Anne, Homac, Asmo, and Rory you guys introduced me to this Role Playing site back in the days of proboards, for that I thank you. Plenty of good times were to be had. Then as time went on more thanks to Katsugi, Tuxedo Mask (aka Zelkirb), Weavel, and many more who were the starting of my first truly completed RP of ICSYL. As we moved out of proboards I had to follow my instincts and stick with Iwaku and in those years after when we completed the full story of ICSYL. Thanks to the previous group as well as Diana for keeping Iwaku alive.

    So what now? Well, as they say, the world. The stories have been getting out of my branch of taste and so I must seek a new illustrious beginning. Yet, this is far from a farewell and goodbye forever. Much to the contrary I’ll be around until the end of ICSYL: Scourge and maybe pop in time to time. But if you had found me so interesting that perhaps you’d want to hang out then I’ll always be around as “Pseudoping” on skype display name Piro. So happy 8 years Iwaku and to the rest many more.

    Writing in the Moonlight now and forever,