Moonlight Insanity

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  1. Insanity
    1. A deranged stated of mind usually occuring as a specific disorder
    2. Such unsoundness of mind or lack of understanding as prevents one from having the mental capacity required by law to enter into a particular relationship, status, or transaction or as removes one from criminal or civil responsibility

    She never had been a large city girl, always lived in the country. So when she first moved to the bustling world of city life, no more than 4 years ago, Alexandra had a serious culture shock. Where the country had its lazy evening roads upon which the lights would dim out and the stars stretch out for endless miles before you, the city was full of motion day and night with the lights blaring and giving off an eerie glow from dusk to dawn. The welcome arms of the simple country folk were replaced by the cold dog-eat-dog mannerisms of the city slickers. She felt like the black sheep in the herd of white sheep. Out of place and lost.

    For the longest time she was just the flower on the wall that no one saw, but who everyone knew was there--somewhere. You just couldn't quite put your finger on where. Keeping her gaze lowered and never meeting anyone’s eyes, she never spoke; some perhaps thinking she was a mute. She was never noticed; not that she cared. However, despite that, she was a careful observer of the strange people of the city.

    After about a year and a half Alexandra finally started to get used to the ‘city life’. She still longed for the quiet, secluded, nature of the country, but she could at least survive. She managed to find a decent part time job working at a busy café on Main Street called The Moonlight Café. It was a semi-small café located at a corner and it was open from morning to dusk. She often worked the odd shifts, early morning or late night. Despite it being small, the people often tipped rather nicely. However, the people weren't always--the cleanest--that came in, especially later at night. That was the city though. She could remember, in particular, one man who once walked through the doors. She found it odd that she remembered almost every detail down to the exact outfit she was wearing that day, but life is odd like that...

    ...It was a Saturday evening and Alexandra was stuck working the late shift again. She could have thought of a thousand other things to do, besides work, but that never mattered. Work was work, and work was money, and money meant she could live another day. Money was something she needed, so she just sucked it up and took the shift scheduled. It was her, Julia, and Sam. All day it had been storming on and off, and now that the sun was just setting, it's crimson rays shining an eerie light inside and casting shadows, the rain decided to come down in sheets; as a result, business was slow. Sam was busy cleaning off tables and flirting with Julia while Alexandra sat behind the counter reading a book she happened to bring with her. No one was really expecting customers to be coming in, so Julia and Sam ‘disappeared’ into the back room. It wasn't brain surgery to figure out what they were probably up to, but Alexandra didn't care. To each their own, and she would rather not have thought about that, so she didn't.

    As she listened to the steady pitter patter of the rain, focusing on the romance novel she was reading, her thoughts were interrupted by the soft ring of a bell. Glancing up and a strange individual walked in, soaked to the bone with a glassy look in their eyes. She didn’t want to be rude, and so she put the book down and walked over as they took a seat in a corner booth, “hello, how can I help you?” she asked and waited for their reply with a kind smile on her face
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  2. He shifted around uncomfortably in his seat.

    His usual brown, unkempt hair is now a wet flop on his already drenched face. The normally cheerful-confident expression he would have on his face is replaced with a look of pure horror, as though he had witnessed something that was not suppose to happen; the look in his terrified eyes added a certainty in this speculation. His black coat, all buttoned up to the top, was wet from the rain and...something else. Perhaps, upon closer inspection, one would notice a certain dark green-black goop that dripped from the edges of his coat. In fact, the very same goop can also be found on the soles of his black boots.

    He looked up and saw the waiter smiling at him. It was a momentary repose for him.

    They can't know about this. As long as they stay up here, they should be fine.

    "Ah, y-yes, hello," he stammered, still trying to make sense of the transition between what he had just seen and where he is at the moment, "Sorry, just had a...a bad day. Yea. Could you get me a coffee? Black. No sugar,"

    His hands remained hidden in the pockets of his coat, as though clutching something very precious inside it. Perhaps to others, it was probably nothing. But to it, it was beyond precious.

    "I know," a low, guttural voice spoke in his mind, "I know where you are."

    Whatever he was clutching in his pocket, he held it much tighter than usual. He felt colder than before, perhaps chilled from wet coat, others would suspect. But he knew it was something else that was causing this...uncomfortable feeling.

    He only hoped that he did the right thing.
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  3. The rain had come out of nowhere and attacked Valerie Caulfield, resulting in her turning up at work fifteen minutes late and drenched. She ran down the alley to get to the employee entrance of The Moonlight Café. She knocked briskly, hoping to get warm and changed.

    No answer.

    "This isn't funny guys," she said desperately. "It's cold!"

    And the alley seemed more eerie than usual.

    "Open up!" she cried again, knocking some more. The eerie feeling had escalated to a feeling of being watched. She dared not turn, afraid of what she'll see. But another side of her tells her she's overreacting to the locked door and stormy weather. And the alley.

    She shivered.
  4. He sat there, staring at the empty table before him. His thoughts were elsewhere, trying to find sense in what he had just seen...and how to rectify the situation. At least, he hoped he could.

    It was meant to be a harmless experiment. He just wanted to do something different from the others in his faculty. They would not understand where he was trying to go with this, of course. How could they? They were far below him in intelligence and brilliance. He, Kerrigan Yates, was the best thing that happened to the university! The experiment was suppose to be a--

    Those aren't my words. I...I was never like that.

    Then what? What was the truth? What really happened? Was it all just a dream? Thus, Kerrigan Yates sat there, in confusion.

    How did I get myself into this?

    And now Kerrigan Yates wonders how to get himself out of this mess; the very mess he asked for.

    Stop. STOP IT.

    "I know where you are."

    He rose from his seat rather abruptly, accidentally bumping his side on the edge of the table as he rushed out. Kerrigan turned back to the waitress and managed somewhat of a reassuring smile; "S-sorry, I need to use the bathroom. But y-yea, coffee. Black. No sugar. Thanks."

    The goop, though they were not as much as they were on his coat before he came here, dripped in tiny droplets across the floor. It trailed from behind him as he made his way to the men's. He turned back to see those droplets on the floor, and quickly entered the bathroom.

    Water may not be enough, but it was all he had at the moment. He scrubbed the remaining goops from the corner of his coat, but even with much effort, they were still clinging to it. Kerrigan Yates truly tried his best, he truly did. Perhaps he should have tried harder.

    Perhaps he should not have asked from me.

    "G-go away!" he cried, still attempting to get the goops off him.

    Kerrigan Yates should not regret his decision after having just seen a wondrous sight. Kerrigan Yates should have just accepted what he had seen.

    "You're here, aren't you?"

    That was the last straw. He discarded his coat and tossed it in the bin, along with his boots; it was still there despite his efforts. Whatever was haunting him, it was getting closer to him. Delirium, Kerrigan felt it. He had to get out of here before it starts messing with other people.

    But little does Kerrigan Yates know, it is already out there, searching so desperately for him. Will it find Kerrigan Yates?

    ...or will it find someone else?
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  5. The timing of the evening just seemed off all together. The strange man came in and fumbled about seeming rather preoccupied with his own thoughts. Agitated? No. Scared would be a better description. She asked him politely what she could get him but he seemed too distracted and there seemed to be something gooey upon him. While she waited there came a knock from the back , must be the next shift. She was about to excuse herself when the man beat her too it. Asking for a black coffee he quickly ran to the men's room. or so he said but he was headed toward teh back door which Alexandra was about ot tell him but he was already otu of sight, "That brings a new meaning to dine and dash....more of dash before you dine" sighing she jotted down his order and went behind the counter to get him his coffee. Grabbing a cup and the pot she doubled to the back entrance to let her coworker in, "There's towels in the back....Sam and Julia are at it again though so I'd be careful" she said nonchalantly as she moved to the table. SEtting down the cup she poured the hot coffee and glanced up to watch the rain fall outside. When was her shift over? she just wanted to get home.
  6. Having recovered from the misfortune that she went through, Valerie had changed into her uniform and went out to assist Alexandra immediately, starting with the dishes. She tied her hair and told her colleague, "You said the lovebirds are at the back, I knocked for what felt like hours! They used to notice."

    She went on, hurriedly helping prepare other orders. "They got a little quiet while I changed. Didn't bother checking them because, duh." She glanced at the digital timetable and asked went on, "Am I on bathroom duty today? Bummer, wanted to go home early. I mean look outside, the street lights are busted like we're in the Twilight Zone."