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  1. ( This is about a Lycan village that was destroyed when these humans attacked, This Guy was captured along with alot of the villagers. and this Lycan group has to survive through a enslavement period. until a lycan leader came to rescue him and the rest of the prisoners. we will start off as slaves, until we establish who the leader will be. People can be human or you can make up Npc humans, just be a bit real with it, were inside an armed fortress so it wont be easy to escape.)

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    Dark, cold, Damp, Humid, Torturous, Painful. This...this is what describes what his kind is going through. Fur placed on the floor, covered in blood.... his blood. It hurt; it hurt to stand here in this cold place my feet hurt, my legs shaking holding up this massive wolf like body. This...this Lycan and his people in these dungeons, but would be different. She..she was coming, the leader the leader of his pack. She was coming for him. Chains place around his neck like he was a undeserving beast. But...but i cant...i cant do this, the lycan body would return to human...human again. What a great feeling it was, but at the same time his body crumbled to the floor. he remained on his knees lifting his head up, His medium long black hair hung over his face. He only wished " she " Would hurry up... before the humans come back to torture him more. These creatures who were suppose to be friendly kind, and courteous had only attacked them and he was caught in the midst of it. He heard a faint whisper.. it was " her " his green eyes looking around slowly but his head falling again his body to soar to move.

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  2. the door opened he was tossed in his body rolling down the steps leading to the rest of the large holding areA . He rolled over to his stomach all acrossed his back whip markings are seen blood spewing from most of the fresh marks. He lets out one loud groan and then consecutive lower ones. . "thats horrible the questions they ask are so obscene . .. Who are my parents pshk" he crawls over to his spot. and lays. Due to all of the whipings and for so long he changed back to his normal human for hisclaws just now going away. He looks over to his friend"they say your next" he looks at him his brown hazle eyes meeting his . He lets him know what they did to him. He begins to rock side to side his chains clicking aginst the ground. He gets lost in it ... Click clack click clack.. It repeats that way for a while
  3. Looking up from being held in all these chains he said " Be quiet...talking will get us all in trouble " He then looked forward out the small window they left. His green eyes still hoping and praying for the day of a savior, He then looked back at the bow who was just thrown in here. Razeleth looked at him with a smirk " What is your name " His head shaking a bit from being held up for to long, he let it hang again and he took a slow breath.
  4. He stops rocking .. Looking up his hair hanging over his eyes he peers through straining his eyes. "im Alfonzo what about you " as he finishes his statement the door creaks open.. the first thing that pops into his head was "Freedom." .. In walks three guards. one stands at the door while te other two make their way to my body.."wait" i scream the guards stop i lunge up head butting the guard to my right . the one to my left quickly takes out some type of glove and electrocutes me i fall smacking the ground . both guards kick me repeatedly in the ribs . after a while they chain me up to the wall both feet separate. then my hands. they leave."you were right i should have been quiet. " he put his head down
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  5. Yeah...I'm human...that doesn't mean that I'm going to hate lycan's saved my life a long time ago, and I made a vow to help the lycan race for the rest of my life. And I swear I will never break that vow.

    Corvo took a look at the fortress from afar. "Damn, heavily guarded. Nothing I can't handle," he said to himself. He slipped his mask down in front of his face. His right hand started to glow and within seconds he was teleporting through trees. He stopped once he heard the sound of a crow he stopped and looked for it. Once he spotted it he possessed it, he switched it's route to come back to him. He attached a small note he had written. It read 'Attention remaining lycans. There is a heavily guarded fortress that is keeping fellow lycans as prisoners. I'm a human, but I'm one that you can trust. Please come and help immediately. The fortress isn't hard to miss.' the letter was written in an old lycan language. Not too many humans understood it. He let the crow go and continued to make his way towards the fortress.
  6. " Don't blame yourself these Cretins are nothing but Savages, Now Alfonzo how long have you been in the village for? " He stood up from the ground the chains chattering as he did so. He pulled on them a bit and a guard looked through and said " BE QUIET YOU UNWORTHY BEAST! " Razeleth looked back and said " You fowl smelling human do not yell at such a high ranking being for if i was not in these chains and this spell was not casted upon me I WOULD TEAR YOUR BODY APART! " The man put his hand up and turned it to the left a symbol on my chest, Which was on every lycan in the dungeon so they could not escape, Began to glow. Falling to my knees i lifted my head up to look at the roof and let out a loud shout. " AAAAHGG! " the man smirked and said " You are nothing but a peon here Lycan filth " he put his hand down and Razeleth collapse back down to his knees.
  7. "i guess . ( he pauses) ive been here since almost the beginning.. well ive been in solitary confinement most of the time thats probably why this is our first meeting. " he sifts his body trying to get comfortable. "So are you one of those breeds of lycans Who can change at will or can any lycan do it . its just like an adopted trait. cause i only change at night but i can hold it off for awhile. " he looks checking to see if he made since. His ribs aching from the beating .
  8. Graeds beings in two new mabers both girls the first girl clamely walking into the cell and the othe a little girl yelling and scearming about rights and everything. she was beening carryed in. "SHUT UP YOU STUPID WOLF" he throws the little girl in and locks the door.

    Key the little 8 year old girl her hair snow white and eyes black was yelling "YOU WILL NEVER GET ME ALIVE" she shakes the cells door but it does not bugge

    Night older sister of of Key at the age of 19 hair black and gold eyes said clamly "Key that do got us and were alive now sit"

    Key sits and yells "I want mommy" she start to cry and howl Night just lets her cry it out
  9. looking at the boy he had a questionable look on his face when he said " What?...type of lycan? All lycans can change when they must be a retarded form of a werewolf " He laughed at his own joke and then heard crying and howling, the most annoying things to the guards. So when she howled, the mark on Her chest would begin to glow and begin to burn Key. The guard smiling and laughing as she would of squealed in pain, He then stopped and said " Now stop your infernal yapping you mutt! " the guard walking down the hall whistling a tune. Razeleth shook his head and some sweat and blood fell from his brow. But it was only a matter of time before they would be brought out to the fields to hunt.
  10. Key hissed "You can kiss my ass Ass hole now let me out" she turn to Night "make him get us out i want to go home Night"

    Night shaked her head "sorry key i cant i wish i could" she was siting near the wall she holds out her arms "come here" she said with a smile wich Key did and huged her

    Key start to sing alycan lalluby And Night joins in (gone from snow white and the hunts man)
  11. Dark, well that wasn't his real name, he was just called that, stood guard at the edge of the cell. Once again he was tempted to unlock it and let every one of their prisoners go... but he couldn't. Not only would he die but their was a good chance they would die too... non of them wanted that. Sure he was a master swords man, unbeatable even when giving his opponents a handicap but he couldn't take on an entire army alone, or even with this rag tag team of Lycan. He just sighed and ignored the other guards to verbally and physically abused them. One of these days he would lose it... but not today. Instead he just slipped some extra food into the cage for them to ration out. He did this every change he got but even so it wasn't much. Some day... some day all this would change...
  12. Dark...dark what a good man he was...extra food and sometimes might spark up a conversation if no other guards were around. Razeleth heard two guards come through the passage and walk up to the cell, one of the guards opened it and walked up to Razeleth. They unbound im and jumped back just incase Razeleth tried anything tricky but he didn't he complied. They grabbed him by the hands and put him in the mobile chains and began to march him out, His eye sight locked with Dark's as he passed him. He then let his head hang down again, as they dragged him out the dungeon area and into the large fields. They let him hit the ground and said " GET UP YA MUTT! " he got up slowly and turned around to face them. He looked them in the eyes when they said " Alright you mangy mutt you are going to clean out the horses stable, get them new food, and put new horseshoes on them and if you do well...we might not beat you in the end " The two laughed and pushed him towards his duties. Which he continued to do they stood there watching him the whole time, He was cleaning up the horse stables when he turned and asked " Can you please unbound me it might help me get this done quicker " The guards were laughing and then stopped and walked over towards him the main guard leaned towards him and said " What did ya say boy?...sounds like your asking me for a favor " He strikes his hand on the human formed lycan causing him to drop to one knee. The other guard punches him in the back of the head and said " Get back to work you good for nothing flea bag " He got up and continued his back straining work.
  13. Dark was holding back now, doing everything in his power from drawing his sword as he watched what was happening from where he stood. They were down, far down near the horses and he was watching from a wall that came out from a hill. The wall was almost thirty feet above them and they were maybe 20 feet from the wall. Still he could hear what they were saying and see in plain light what they were doing. He sighed and leaned against the wall taking his hand away from this sword, "Don't unsheathe it today. Not today." He whispered to himself calming down a little. "Hay, will ya leave the thing alone until after its done? You know our superiors will get pissed off if its not done with in the hour." He stood up and looked down at them, he outranked them "I may get mad as well. So beat it after the work is over." He knew they were intimidated, last time he was mad he killed several of the grunts. They beat a girl until she miscarriaged. He excused it with a simple, "That boy would have been a strong slave for a mine, if these idiots couldn't see that then they don't deserve to work under me." They passed it over without another word. He did wish he could stop the beating though, at least he had prevented multiple beatings...
  14. The men nodded and one of them undid his hand shackles but not his leg ones, they backed away from him and whispered to each other. these harsh things wouldn't affect Razeleth though, Razeleth has been through worse with these guards. Hes been here awhile and he just cant wait for the day for someone to come rescue them, he smiled as he finished cleaning the stalls and went to grab them new food. Which didn't take long he filled the containers up and walked away, the horses came up and began to eat. He came up behind the horse and he slowly guided them down to a laying position, he took the new horseshoes and clanked one onto the horse. the horse began to flip on him and Razeleth had no choice but to knock it out, the sent one kick jab to the back of the horses neck causing its head to rattle and it to pass out in seconds. He then continued on doing the horse shoes for the horses, each horse he knocked out got back up in the matter of 1 minute to 2 minutes. They were unharmed just dazed from the sudden blows, He stood up when the work was done. He hadn't finished in the hour provided, the men walked up with smiles on there faces. They grabbed him by the arms and lifted him, carrying him behind the horse stables so that dark couldn't see them. They began punching and kicking and beating, one gaurd pulled out his horse whip and smacked him on the back a few times. Once the beatings were done they took him back inside, throwing him into the cells and taking the next lycan to go do work for them. He was chained back up before they left but this time his arms were suspended in the air.
  15. Saris was thrown in yet another dark and mysterious cell. She hated everything about humans now. They were greedy and strange beasts. She hated her human form because she had to look like them. Saris had whip wounds from the top of her back to her ankles. Some were from just a minute ago. "Hello?. Anyone around?"
  16. Corvo watched to make sure the crow flew away safely. "Okay. Time to cause a distraction...maybe a little bit of chaos," he said to himself. He made his way towards the fortress and once he was hidden in the darkness a short ways from the few guards guarding a large iron door. It stood about 40 feet in the air. Corvo extended his hands towards the two guards they fell into a trance. They both started to walk towards a booth and within a minute the huge door lowered itself into the ground. The guards fell out of the trance and they were both very confused. They wondered how the door opened of course. During that confusion, Corvo visualized a rooftop that was apparent. He extended his arm towards that area and he appeared there. He looked around and tried to get a visual of where he was. He crouched down. Where could they be keeping them... he thought to himself.
  17. Dark watched for a couple of minutes after before walking back inside and standing guard at the door. Another one was thrown in and she was clearly confused and filled with hatred. Talking would most likely set her off which in return would bring guards over and she would be beaten as a 'lesson'. It was best to let her be for now and maybe talk to some others first. He sighed slightly and leaned back against the wall. Razeleth was brought back in, set up in a position that was clearly uncomfortable but Dark was smart enough to leave him like that. He could make their lives better with small actions but going out of his way would bring suspicion. Again he stayed quiet.
  18. "mom is that you" Key though it was her mother and ran to the door and kicked it but it didnt buged a bit Key looked around

    Night smiled "Key thats not mother that just someone call out and yes where here in frount of you" she said geting up

    "oh ok" Key choughed then yelled "LET US OUT NOW YOU ASS OLES OF A GUARDS" she starts all over again about rights and lawers and who she missis her mother then start randmoly yelling things out loud till some one would come
  19. Saris panicks. "Who's there?! Key! Please tell me it's you!" Saris hasn't seen or heard her daughters in what felt like forever. "Please tell me I'm not going crazy!" (I hope this ok with you.)
  20. "no it is mommy" Key yelles out "mommy mommy"

    Night runs to the door "mother help us we dont want to get hurt anymore we want to go home mother please" they bouth start to cry

    (^^ dont mind at all)