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  1. ( i hope you guys understand that you cannot move freely in the cages, you are chained down to a spot )

    See In Character thread
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  2. (ohhhhhhh well im giving Key an expason sicne one she little and do shit and two she a child Night she wil be chained)
  3. (I'm hoping that a leader is like...selected soon, because I'm planning on helping the leader save the there a chance we could speed that process up???)
  4. ( Grimm it doesn't matter if she is young she will be chained down sorry :/. and corvo im having my friend join to be the leader so dont worry well speed it up soon )
  5. ok ^^')
  6. ((awesomeness :3 ))
  7. We do not allow purely Out of Character posts in the In Character forums! Please use this OOC thread for your chatting and plot discussions.
  8. i need you guys to post a bio something along the lines of

    Anyone your related to in the RP:
  9. It's jump in, this is for the other sections but I'm happy to do it for you.
  10. It's okay for him to ask for a bio, but he can't require one before you can post and he can't make you wait for approval!
  11. It's a little more than a bio ozboz (if I can call you that. I remember it from a movie but I can't recall which one... It's fun though right ^.^) but you learn something new every day.
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  12. Im just asking so i can get a visual of your character but like he said you dont have to.
  13. Name: Dark
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Bio: He had gone up the ranks of the human army only because of his fighting ability. He is the captain of the attack squad, said to be the strongest of all the human squad. He is the second most feared of the Human army, behind the commander. He hides his true power from the others to stay a captain. He does not want to challenge the commander because the commander is hiding something as well.
    His sword is enchanted with elven magic and he posses other spells that strengthen him in battle.
    Race: Human (Secretly an Elf)
  14. ok here i go

    'key' bio
    name: Key
    age: 6
    gen: female
    bio: Key has been a little sister to her sister. she even hold the darkest screats of the clan. shee not that storng but she has bains that is when she usng it. her sister is Night Mother is sa Her father is unknow but they belive hes dead (if anyone want to schok tham you can take tham you have to be an sneke)
    race: shocking she half wolf half snake
    looks like: get a photo later
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  15. Lol sorry you cant be Half wolf half snake this is a strictly Lycan, Vampire, Human role play i should of been more clear about that
  16. Hmm, is it ok that I'm an elf then, or should I change that?
  17. o wow i didnt even notice that...well you know what..its fine you guys
  18. she can be a wolf snake just...she really cant be apart of the "Lycan Kingdom " and since your disguised as a Human they shouldn't really notice the difference
  19. awwww ok