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  1. I walked in with the strange man. The sign read Moonlight Blade Academy. When I entered the boarding school, kids were looking at me. I was the new student. Yumi Kyosuke. Age 14. Female. The man showed me my dorm room. He said I'll be sharing with 5 other people. "There will be more new students here. On April We will do the Test of Scourge." I looked at him confused. "Test of Scourge?" He nodded and said, "Students will form in a group of six and we'll teleport them to Depression; an island which has all kinds of creatures, including dragons. We'll teleport weapons with them too. If they already mastered their skill of magic, they won't need the weapons. We'll teleport blue dust with them so they can re-energize their magic. You only have 4 months to train...the test lasts a year. in order to past, you must survive and not let any other student kill you.. we allow students to kill each other in the test." I froze in fear. kill? "4 months only to train. Use your time wisely.

    I walked out of my dorm and into the cafeteria. Looking around i saw kids playing with their magic and swords. I went down to go sit at a table.
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  2. My name is Ambrosia Valencia Alicia Van Sorren, shortened to Ava by only my family, Amber by only my close friends, and princess by everyone else. Aside from the teachers, of course, who I will allow to call me Ambrosia if they so wish or Miss Van Sorren, but only those two options. I am THE one and only daughter of Vincent Van Sorren, owner of Pegasus Corporation, one of the largest blue dust suppliers in the Umberon sanction and the beautiful Alicia Van Sorren, previously known as Alicia Rose, the famous actress and singer. Yes, my family's background has always been one of great honor and prestige, and it's only right that I should follow in their path as both were attendants of the very academy I am now enrolled in (not to mention avid supporters of the academy): Moonlight Blade Academy. And, it's no surprise, I am one of the most well known and popular (not to mention prettiest) girls at the academy, but I digress.

    The academy is preparing for the Test of Scourge, and I already know that I will pass it with flying colors. It's in my blood, after all. Of course with the sudden enrollment of new students all rooms are being changed, and I'll be forced to room with new girls. I'm sure they'll make good lackies for me though, just like my other roommates. Sitting at the lunch table, with my group of fans, I scan the area to size up the new meat. Oh look, a new girl. I heard rumor her name is Yumi Kyosuke, but she doesn't look so tough to me.

    I watch as the girl has the nerve to walk over, nonchalantly, and sit at the end of my table; as if I invited her to do so. I feel eyes look toward me but I only put on a smile. Well, I can't be 'mean' to the girl. She doesn't know any better. Smoothing my uniform out I stand and walk toward her, "Hi, you must be new--"
  3. "HEY BUDDY!" he yelled across the table he sat a.t. "I'm gonna need tone down the magic using. Just because I'm not good at it, doesn't mean I can't rip you're freakin windpipe out!"

    Gavin Granger was the basket case of the school. He was one of the only students who couldn't nail his magic, so instead he drove himself mad trying to acquire a skill with magic. So far he hasn't been successful, but his combat skills shot through the roof. Defending himself was a challenge and as he got attacked more and more every day, he simply adapted. He was able to defend himself. Some of the few spells he actually knew, he used them on himself, which made it easier for him to defend himself. At this point Gavin was about ready to give up on magic, which he didn't see the problem with.

    Gavin sighed "You wanna try that um...little 'set my hair' on fire thing again so I can kill you in your sleep tonight? I know where your dorm room is friend. Don't be surprised if you wake up to me with a knife to your freakin throat." As Gavin said that the student stopped immediately. "That's what I thought" as Gavin rubbed his eyes before taking another bite out of his sandwich. He looked up to see that b**** of a girl walking toward a new face...a cute new face he might add.

    Gavin set his sandwich down and made his way over to the two. He sat down on the opposite side of Ambrosia and let out a sound that almost sounded like a low growl as Ambrosia got closer. Gavin distracted new girl from the fake smile that was coming her way. "Hi...Gavin! Nice to meet you." Gavin was shocked. This was the first sane thing he'd said in months. He hoped that he hadn't messed up his look after going AWOL. From what he could recall he was a pretty handsome hunk of male. "Couldn't help, but notice you were new here."
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    A school for those magically inclined, a melting pot of knowledge and ego's alike. Within these humble walls the worlds next greatest wizards, enchanters, warlocks, and alchemist would be born. Bringing with them the infinite capacity for both good and evil. It was this reason that the Solar Elf Dominion had sent in one of their own Justicars. Even by Mer standards the solar elves possessed an uncanny natural knack for anything related to magic. Many whimsical rumors lingered of their grand floating cities, free power and libraries larger than a human settlement.

    Those students that had been apart of the school for a minute have seen or have heard of this ambassador of the dominion. An elf whose skin was gold, eyes vividly colored and beauty beyond reproach. But all of this was a facade, an illusion meant to mask her lethal nature. Even among the human world, tales of the Justicar's were rampant. Grand stories of a small group slinging spells, dancing with blades and tearing through hordes of undead and demon alike. Sealing vicious magical artifacts and preventing the usurping of thrones. Their origin remaining illusive, a mystery shrouded by conspiracies and theories.

    For though they appeared to be elven, in truth they were something greater. Mutants birthed from vile magic and alchemy, said to fornicate with the archfiends of other realms to obtain great power. Though this may seem like a fantastical work of fiction, those that have seen their prowess in combat question even themselves. As the students gathered to consume nourishment, the Justicar found herself being led by two teachers into the cafeteria.

    "This is where the students socialize and partake of their meals." One of the teachers pointless explained.

    "No need to state the obvious. It is an insult to both of our intelligence." She replied, matter of fact like. As the other teacher stepped forward.

    "May I ask why a Justicar was dispatched to inspect our humble school?" The female teacher struggling to keep together both her composure and tact.

    "No, you may not. You are right to distrust me; though I can assure you I mean both your students and your institution no harm." Shurliah replied, her words ushering both frustration and relief.

    "How can I be so sure?" The female teacher retorted. Her distrust natural while proving to be tedious as well.

    "If I meant you or your students harm, you'd be dead already. We Justicars are many things, however we are not liars." With that being said an eerie pause settled between them. "In order to properly carry out my duties I must observe your curriculum more closely. And request to observe a small pool of your students."

    "By request you mean demand I assume?" Sharply one of the teachers replied.

    "If that is how you wish to see it than so be it." The solar elf responded without delay.

    Begrudgingly the teachers led the mer to a group of students. Teenagers mostly by the look of it, one of which seemed out of her element. No doubt this child was new to the flock and felt uneasy with this change in her environment.

    "Gavin, Ambrosia Valencia Alicia Van Sorren we have lovely news!" The female teacher spoke with an obnoxiously false sense of enthusiasm. "You and your group get to represent our school! So for the remainder of the year you'll have this Justicar of the solar elf dominion shadowing you...Isn't that splendid?" She concluded, offering Shurliah a sly grin.

    "My name is Shurliah Draas Val'Granduervun. I am the 22nd seat of the fourth house of the Inquistor regiment. Justicar number 005. I have no interest in shadowing you like some sort of apparition. However I have been dispatched from the house of inquiring in order to annotate this curriculum as well as the conditions by which you live." She finished, offering a humble bow, refusing to dignify the teachers sarcasm with even so much as a syllable.
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  5. Ben slowly made his way to the gate upon reading the sign "Moonlight Blade Academy" and panting as he burst through the doors. As a woman greeted him, he looked around in marvel at the vast school as the lady asked for basic information and showed him his dorm and around the school. When the tour was finally over, Ben rushed to his dorm and let his bags drop. There wasn't that much in there, since he came from a poor family. His clothes were ripped in places and his sweatpants were a little too small for him. Hopefully there wouldn't be snobby rich students here, Ben thought, before heading to the cafeteria and sitting at a table with quite a crowd surrounding a girl. I pull out a notepad and pencil before slowly starting to draw.
  6. shade sat alone far away from everyone thinking and writing in his journal notes of alchemic potions he looked down then flipped to the last page and there was a picture of a bow of great proportion notes and ideas and he started to add to the bow and then next to the bow started to draw a quiver and the arrows he smiled and taped his chin and then started drawing more then he smiled set down his journal and just sat around thinking of everything he just wrote still wondering why he was there he had no interest in making friend but no one had ever tried to be his friend he just sat there staring an a blank wall.
  7. Obsidian walked into the Moonlight Blade Academy cafeteria still trying to process the thought of killing anyone, surviving wasnt what scared her she was a good fighter but she will never take a life....she hopes. The thought makes her shudder as she walks numbly to a table away from everyone one guy sitting at it staring at the wall, she tucks her long golden blonde hair behind her ear shyly looking over at the guy her eyes dark blue.

    "Hello im pretty new here is it okay if I sit here?"
  8. "sure I don't see why not" he chuckled and sighed "im shade and you are??"
  9. She smiles and sits across from him "Obsidian or Sid for short" she holds out her hand for him to shake hoping he was nice and not like most jerks she seems to attract
  10. shade shook her hand "nice to meet you" he smiled but in his mind he was flipping out he had talked to a girl he always was a idiot when it came to that knda stuff his face did not show it though
  11. Obsidian smiles back "you too, so....any advice for a newbie? This school is a bit intimidating" she shifts her black leather jacket slightly looking around the cafeteria
  12. "heh I don't know im a lowlife here no one but you notices that im here so .. keep low I guess do work and don't get intimidated by it all" he shrugged "ya " he looked at his journal that was still on the tables
  13. She giggles quietly "Not too encouraging there. I dont think your a lowlife, lowlifes are the ones that bully others to make them feel better about themselves" her voice gets slightly bitter but as she looks back at him she smiles again noticing his journal "you draw?"
  14. he chuckles " a little most of this book is just notes" he chuckled
  15. "oh? Can I see? Your drawing that is not your notes I won't cheat" she leans over slightly closer to Shade trying to peak at his sketch
  16. he opens to the picture of the bow he drew with all the notes "they arnt class note there just notes of a hobbie I guess"
  17. She grins looking at it "wow that's cool I cant draw really at all mine look like 5 year old scribbles" she giggles looking up at him "a hobbie?"
  18. "alchemy I just do it cus it can give another the edge needed to win such as a poison that paralyzes your foe"
  19. The 16 year old Manor walked past Obsidian and Shade. He was here just for one reason.
    To become the strongest axeman his family would ever know. He always loved to fight with his dad's axes. When he was 14, he got a stone axe from his dad, so he could train with it and even go to the Moonlight Blade Academy.
    Now 2 years later, he was here with his trusty Iron BattleAxe to prepare himself for the 1 year challenge. This time, he could finally enter the challenge as his father would be gone for 1 year to his own family.
    He would come back with honor to his family. Well, that is if he wasnt killed in the proces.

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    His Iron BattleAxe:
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  20. Obsidian looks at Shade obviously interested smiling "ah that sounds cool and handy maybe I should learn some, I hope you dont plan to use that on me" she jokes teasingly noticing the other man walking past us curious about him
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