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  1. Name: Yumi Kyosuke
    Gender: Female
    Magic: Doll Control (can control objects with her mind)
    Source: Dolls (help her gain strength)
    Past: She killed her sister on accident and ran away to go join this academy
    Future: Wants to be the best of the best
    Attitude: She's determined and never gives up. Stubborn too.
    Pet: Allo (a flying piglet)
    Boyfriend/girlfriend: none
    Likes: flowers, headbands, brownies, and pigs
    Dislikes: bugs, horror movies, and unicorns (long story)
    Appearance: blue eyes, dark long hair, wears a headband, wears a red tank top, blue jeans, and brown fuzzy boots.
    Anything else: Sometimes she can change emotions quickly[​IMG]
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  2. Try make a plot and how the character template is. Go here to use mini, basic, or ulimate temples. I use basic.

    Like this, Character Name:


    General Appearance:Eyes:


    Current Goal/Purpose:T
    General Personality:
    Inner Personality:
  3. Hi @YumiChan and @Lycealon ! I wasn't sure if this thread was a Signup or not, but it looked like a Jumpin style thread to me. >> I moved the IC post in to the main area of Jumpins for peeps to play, and your bio sheets here so you can plot and get bios!

    If this was meant to be a PRIVATE one/one thread, my mistake and I can move it all to one/ones if you need it to. O_O
  4. Hiya there! :3

    Character Name:
    Sigmund Maler Lars
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 16
    Birthplace/World: Earth
    Occupation/School/Grade: 11th


    General Appearance: Sigmund is a tan skinned man of a lean, yet athletic build. With shoulder length brown hair that at times can be quite messy. There is a noticeably large horizontal scar that goes across the bridge of his nose. His outfit consists typically of brown slacks, a white button up shirt which more often then not contains a pack of cigarettes, black dress shoes and a black suit jacket. His eyes are normally unseen due to the purple tinted Lennon shades he wears.
    Eyes: Brown

    Strengths: Above average strength and speed, high intelligence, Excellent marksman.
    Weaknesses: Cannot cast any magic bar summoning and magic brush. Ill and is prone to coughing fits.


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    Talents: Skilled summoner and marksman, Intelligent and crafty fighter, Talented in use of his brush weapon "Schalkgott"
    Inabilities: Aside from his family's bloodborn talent for summoning he cannot cast any magic, has intense coughing fits that can put him out of a fight
    General Personality: Sigmund is a rather collected individual, rarely giving away his thoughts. however can be prone to bouts of anger which can be his undoing. Staring death in the face humbled him, as he's much more somber than he once was, often seeming very tired beneath those glasses.
    Inner Personality:
    Secret: His disease cannot be transfered, as it is the family curse. He is one of the few living who made it this far using the power,
  5. Character Name: Kimi Kyro-Logan
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human

    Past: Left by her mother, and her father dead when she was 6, she grows up in a vast jungle, training to join the Moonlight Blade academy, a dream in the distance.
    Magic: none
    Skills: Incredibly dangerous with any weapon
    Future: To make the world a better place for people like her
    Personality: Adventurous and open minded
    Pets: Winged mouse (Kyro)
    Likes: Insects, nature, katanas
    Dislikes: Rich people, soap and shoes
    Appearance: Bright and cat like eyes, ruffled dark hair, run down shorts and an old t shirt, and no shoes
    Other: She has a cleverly crafted katana slung over her shoulder, made by her father

    Sorry if this doesn't make sense... My first time
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