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Moonless Streets with Darker Alleys

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Violet Shadows, Jan 25, 2014.

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  1. My character is Gemma, a nineteen year old woman. I am a criminal, one that seeks justice for the suffering people of the kingdom of Aberach. Aberach is in the Middle East and the roleplay is set in modern time. My character is known for getting into violent fights with soldiers that abuse beggars and I have also blown up a couple of government vehicles. I have a strong influence over Queen Reina's people and am always encouraging them to fight against the corrupt government. However, most do not due to the soldiers' violence.

    Ryder is another criminal that is looking for Gemma, well aware of her power over the people. Ryder yearns to take over Aberach and believes Gemma can help him gain the people's favor. He is much more ruthless than her and will not hesitate to blackmail her or use violence to have her as his ally.

    Then there is Jameson, the leader of Queen Reina's army. Jameson has been hunting down Ryder for months and upon discovering Gemma was approached by him, he goes after her. Jameson does not know that Gemma is the infamous rebel that has such a strong influence over Aberach's people. Jameson's plan is to use Gemma against Jett so he can arrest him.

    Questions? Please post them here. I am looking for 2 male partners. Feel free to post thoughts on Ryder & Jameson here. If you would like to you can definitely brainstorm their background information (childhood, age, etc) but that can always be figured out as the RP goes along.

    If it wasn't obvious already, I am a very spontaneous roleplayer. This is really just the shell of the plot, a lot more things can happen if you just allow them to. I am looking for a confident roleplayer that isn't afraid to go his or her own way in this. So let's get this party started!
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