moondust sends a greeting...!!

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  1. Hello! I'm moondust and.......... I'm really not sure what to write here ahahahhaa (thinking off a title was even harder wowzie how does people do it you guys are incredible)

    I've been roleplaying since I was a kid, but ended up taking a break when school started to get demanding ahaha rped every once in a while, but it's only a few months ago that I really got my rp-cravings back!! woho!!!
    That said, this is my first time on an English roleplay forum... I've spent most of my time roleplaying in Swedish with some occassional english rp, so this is pretty scary ahaha It took a few days of telling myself that "I can make myself understandable in English!!!" before I gathered the courage to join laUGHS

    So!! I decided to keep being brave and write a hellothingiething to get into the forum more!! I'll do my best to pick up things quickly and write as well as I can!!!

    ....I feel like I should talk about something other than rping as well so I might as well mention that I spend a great deal of time in the yo/utaite community ahaha not necessarily working on stuff all the time, but I listen to covers a lot ahahhaa I also watch a tv a lot (crime shows is like everything i watch woops) and I love games but I'm bad at finishing them. I said I was gonna finish 3 of the games I was almost done with (and get further in some others) and I... finished one....... _(:3)/L NEXT YEAR!!!! .....sobs

    ...ok i shall leave it at this LAUGHS thanks for reading!!
  2. Ah, I send my greetings to moondust! Welcome to Iwaku and you seem like an Interesting person ^ ^ Enjoy your stay~
  3. I think it's really cool that you took the leap and branched out into writing in a different language than your native tongue. Props for that, moondust. Welcome to Iwaku. :)
  4. Greetings Moondust! >:3 Welcome to our abode! I hope you find many fun things here!
  5. Welcome to Iwaku Moondust!

    Covers of songs can be awesome! If you you haven't checked out Alex Goot or Boyce Avenue, those two are really good artists to listen too!

  6. ehehe hello!! and uwaah thank you ///v\\\ I'm really happy you think so!!

    aah thank you!!! /)////(\ It's really nice of you to say that ehehe////

    Hello!! && I hope so too ehehe

    Oooh, yeah, I've heard a few covers by Boyce Avenue!! Re-discovered them recently since a friend shared their covers ahaha Will definitely check out Alex Goot though!! Thanks for the suggestions~