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You know why they name planets after gods? 'Cause neither keep their names forever.

There's been a hundred names given to this world - one for each year since we discovered it. When the religious groups, corporations and governments quarrel over ownership, it's always the name they come back to. They want the right to call this world what it is to them - their new eden, their sanctuary, their goldmine, their weapons platform...

Everyone has a different use for their god. And the dispute's still ongoing - a hundred-year cold war over a chunk of rock a galaxy away.

But like most gods, this rock is untouchable.

Every colony has failed. Every base has been destroyed. This world doesn't want us here, and resists every foothold we make.

We might've given up a long time ago. The colonists might've gone home, put the space race on ice and found a better way to live with each other back on their homeworlds...

But there was those damn moons.

The planet has dozens of them - all sizes, climates and temperaments. They're habitable, and boy have they been habitated. Every faction wanting a piece of the planet has taken a moon and made their own little world in orbit of the prize.

A pack of slow-circling vultures.

But something new is coming now... and feathers are gonna fly. You mark my words.

This is a roleplay in which you play an inhabitant of one of the moons orbiting the Unnamed Planet. You are about to get caught up in the middle of a cosmic battle, and your life will never be the same again. You can play any kind of character, but the more insignificant your start the more exciting will be the adventure!

As well as submitting a character, you must submit the moon they live on. Feel free to use your favourite Sci-Fi movies for inspiration. Will your moon be a dark Blade Runner style cityworld? A lush Pandora-like forest? An elegant Star Wars world? A moon run by machines? A moon inhabited by majestic aliens? Anything is possible. There is no limit on technology or races, as long as we can mesh it all together.


Character Name:
Day in the life: (what do they do on the moon?)
Role: (what part do you see yourself playing in this story? The rising hero? The stalwart ally? The love interest to another character? The wise mentor? The comic relief? The traitor? Please explain how you will fit (or not fit) into the group of characters who will be swept up in this adventure)

Moon Name:
Description: (what type of sci-fi world do you want on this moon? Images can be used)
Interest: (what do they want from the Planet below?)
Technical: (Does it have an atmosphere? What's the gravity like? Does it have days and nights? Any hazards? etc.)
History: (Who first colonised it? How long ago? What kind of faction runs it? What did they originally want from the Planet?)
Relations: (How does your moon get on with the other moons?)

Character Name: Tiniri


Day in the life: Rides around on his landsail searching for space debris he can scavenge, either to sell or build with.

Role: He is the opportunist, the prospector, the inventor and tradesman. They're not interested in building an empire, they're looking for what they can find or invent (or buy or steal) to sell for as much as they can. The MacGyver of the group, he'll rig up something to save himself and help the others along while he's at it. Besides, you can't sell something to a corpse now, can you?

Moon Name: Govad

Description: Rolling desert and deep seas. Sea life thrives, but land life is restricted to the moon's few oases.

Interest: They want to find and exploit the resources there, either to fuel their inventions or to lay claim to them and charge everyone else for the right to use them.

Technical: Is one of the most outlying moons, so is most subject to falling space debris and winds. Has a high atmosphere, but the constant sun/heat has created such a constant wind that crafts can only land or launch at night when the thermals are at their weakest. The moon has a few resources that the colony lives off, but they mostly depend on trade with other moons.

History: (Who first colonised it? How long ago? What kind of faction runs it? What did they originally want from the Planet?)

Relations: The Govad Colony a very professional relationship with the other moons, but they are seen as secretive and standoffish by the others. They drive a hard bargain, and are unforgiving to those who try to cheat them. They guard their secrets carefully, and use this mystique to their advantage in negotiations.

Character Name: Julius Venton

Day in the life: Venton is a Level 3 Service Engineer, responsible for maintenance in the cathedral district of Rykelian. Due to the nature of the biomechanical machines that inhabit this moon, Venton's expertise lies more in biology than engineering. He has a number of "pets" that assist him in his work - insect-like biomechanoids that can perform simple errands on his behalf. Most human engineers have a difficult time taming these creatures, but Venton is exceptional at befriending the drones, and is thus held in high esteem by the Nexian Clerics. In return, he finds the Nexians fascinating and lives a life in solitary and obsessive curiosity.

Role: Obi-Wan meets Doctor Doolittle - a merlin type with a pet for everything and a tendency to ramble the plot exposition at any given moment. He is the old man who doesn't do the action-hero stuff. He will be the mentor or information-dispenser for the group - using his words and wit to get things done that brute force can't.

Moon Name: Rykelian


Description: A Giger-inspired bio-mechanical urban cathedral world - like the hiveworld from Aliens but where the aliens are part of the giant machines that form the cities and churches.

Interest: Rykelian considers the Planet to be the Promised Land - the holiest of places in the universe, where the Chosen will be granted enlightenment. The presence of the Nixians (an outcast mutation of their original race) on another moon has only increased the Nexian belief that this planet has meaning for their people.

Technical: Eternal night, freezing temperatures, low gravity, breathable atmosphere but less oxygen than normal.

History: Together with Fahli, its sister moon, Rykelian was one of the first satellites of the Unnamed Planet to be colonised - more than two centuries before the human race discovered this system. It belongs to an old and utterly baffling race known as the Nexians. The Nexians, it is believed, were once a super-advanced species who used their knowledge of biomechanics and cybernetics to traverse incredible distances and modify themselves for survival in different corners of the universe. However, that technological veracity has now come to a standstill. The Nexians have stagnated, retreating to monasteries and asteroids and letting their spaceships turn to rust. Some have theorised that the Nexians have forsaken the physical world in order to explore other dimensions of time and consciousness. Indeed, to look at a Nexian is to look at a creature that is not fully there... but half-ascended to another plane.


Relations: Humans are second-class citizens on Ryeklian, considered inferior to the terrifying and beautiful Biomechanoids. However, humans are essential for the service and maintenance of the Nexian machines and are therefore given a share of the resources on this moon. Few humans choose to live on Rykelian, save those who are fascinated by the Nexians or downright deluded in thinking them holy creatures. In return the Nexians provide the other moons with key components for spacecraft, terraforming machines and atmospheric processors. Most governments think the Nexians aloof or even dangerous, like sleeping giants who may one day unleash their terrifying power. But for the time-being, it is clear that the Nexians are not interested in anything at all on the physical plane.

Also, the Nexians are aware that their distant genetic cousins, the Nixians are present on another moon. The Nixians are viewed as being at a lesser stage of enlightenment because of their abandonment of the Nexian homeworld millennia ago and their regression into aquatics rather than bio-cybernetics. There is no hostility between the races - only a kind of disinterest. The Nexians have the same visions as the Nixians, but have not felt the Geas compulsion and therefore do not believe in it. This remains the fundamental point of contention between the two races.
Character Name: Franklin Gaiman
Alias: 'Atlas'
Day in the life: Freelance Hacker & Thief
Role: Franklin, known professionally as 'Atlas', is a wise-cracking con man who possesses great skill at breaking into things others don't want broken in to, be it electronic or be it physical. He stands by the laws of honour amongst thieves and is willing to stick his neck out if he feels the cause is just enough.


Moon Name: Osiris

Description: Osiris is a dystopian cyberpunk hell-hole; all technology, progress and Orwelian regimes coupled with haves and have-nots.

Interest: The planet below is home to some of the rarest elements and materials in the known universe; if the Haluu Corporation successfully colonised and began mining those materials, it will make a fortune. Osiris itself does have these materials, but in far less quantities.

Technical: Densely populated, the reasonably large moon is covered in sprawling cities that are home to most of the corporation's workers and employees. The rest is covered by the corporate strip-mines that tear natural resources from beneath the moon. Poor planning and failure to recognise what such actions would cause has led to the atmosphere becoming heavily-polluted by the mines; those less fortunate (the majority) are forced to wear masks when outside to prevent exposure to dangerous chemicals, whilst the more fortunate (the minority) live in vast corporate megastructures, high above the polluted areas of the atmosphere.

History: Osiris was one of the earliest moons to be colonised, the planned stepping stone for the Haluu Corporation to the planet below. Haluu tried over half a dozen times to colonise the planet, each colony failing within a month of being established. Frustrated, the corporation turned instead to profiteering from the moon they had colonised, establishing vast mining complexes to tear natural resources from Osiris and vast cities to house those who lived upon the moon.

Soon other corporations appeared on the planet and established a foothold. Criminal syndicates and gangs sprang up amongst the population. Crime and corporate espionage became a way for those who wished to avoid the mines like the plague to stay alive on Osiris... though such work was and still is highly dangerous.

Many years have passed since. The resources are drying up. Rampant corporate greed has damaged the atmosphere irreversibly. And the moon is dying. Haluu seeks a way to stave off the inevitable whilst keeping the people in the dark as to what is going on with the moon they call home.

Relations: Osiris has a sinister reputation, largely due to the Haluu Corporation's presence there. The technology that can be found on Osiris surpasses just about anything that can be found upon the other moons, and the vast population and criminal elements means that Osiris is said to be the place people go to when they need to disappear. However, the mines have a terrible reputation as a place to work, and the damaged atmosphere puts others off.

Character Name:

Species and Species info: Yaprytin. Yaprytin actually are not adapt at living in water but are very good at climbing. They usually live in trees or other high places. They are quick and agile but lack a lot of physical power. However, they tend to become very wise as they get old (they usually live to be 150 years old). Both gender have appendages similar to frills on the back of their heads, though it is much larger and colorful in males. Yaprytins use more traditional methods of technology instead of large computers and whatnot, but more are recently becoming more interested in advanced technology. They live in city-tribes, that are basically like cities that are very large tribes. Their second part of their name shows what tribe they are from. (The -Hyun means Taelin is of the Hyun tribe-city.) Tribes are usually at peace with each other, but fights occasionally break out. They do not last long. Recently, Yaprytins are becoming more involved with inter-galactic politics and events.

Has dark green skin sprinkled with green-blueish spots on it. Her eyes are black with white pupils that can see well in the dark but are sensitive to bright lights. Above on her forehead and three smaller black eyes that can see heat, though nothing else. Has a frill-like appendage on the back of her head that is pierced and has strings with shells and ornaments on them (traditional for a female). Has a 4 foot tail that has fingers on it and is able to pick up small objects with it (though it is weak). Often she wears a kind of armor jumpsuit and with arm-bracelets that can act as weapons.

Day in the life:
Often goes out hunting on her home planet either for food for her tribe or simply for sport. When it's for sport, she rarely kills her prey.

Role: Soldier who fights alongside her comrades if they can earn her respect.

Moon Name:


Description: A planet covered completely in swamps with many different kinds of wildlife inhabiting them. The Yaprytins live in treehouse tribe-cities well above the water that are built into the giant trees. Bridge-like roads are sometimes built along the branches, though for the most part they simply run on and climb the limbs of the huge trees. Some large and dangerous predators are known to live on Fahli. Along with them are an abundance of unique wildlife. Due to the high danger level of the predators, tribes have a group of warrior-protectors that fight them off. Often, the thick canopy of trees blocks out a lot of sunlight, leaving large areas of shade with little light. These are referred to as the "shades" by locals and are known to be the places where most Yaprytins are killed by the wildlife.

Technical: Very humid, being hot in the day and cold at night. Oxygen rich atmosphere with Earth-like gravity. 40 hours in a day with the nights being longer.

With it's sister moon Rykelian, it was one of the first moons to be colonized. To be more specific, the third moon to be colonized. Some few hundred years ago, a group of Yaprytins were sent to find a place to migrate to from their crowded home planet. Eventually they found Fahli and began to adapt to the life on the new planet. According to legend, the planet is named after one of the first Yaprytins to live on the moon who heroically died defending the other colonists. Little by little, Yaprytins traveled to this strange "Other Home" and began to colonize it. Soon enough they had established a long-lasting and strong community on the moon. This is considered to be a great advance and event in Yaprytin history.

Interests: Yaprytins wish to colonize the planet for two main reasons. One, they want to show other species how far they had come in their race and how well they can adapt to different situations. Second, the Yaprytins wish to spread their legacy and impact around the galaxy. To do this, they believe they must be more numerous and widespread in their planets.

At first, the planet had an uneasy relationship with the others due to many of them being humans and the humans being wary of the "aliens". Eventually, their relationships smoothed out and some trading occurs between the planets. However, some pockets of unease may still arise...

Character Name: Ex-Sheriff Margo Lux

Appearance: Slightly tanned skin, dark hair, and blue eyes. She still wears her star and spurs, despite losing her job.

Day in the life: Once upon a time, she was local law enforcement. Corruption in the system has left her on the other side of the law, doing what good she can and keeping the poor, homeless, and falsely accused fugitives such as herself protected.

Role: Take-charge heroine. She'll be the one who steps up when no one else will, willing to make tough calls and bring direction to the group.She'll also be the one keeping people safe and in line.


Moon Name: Damascus
Description: Mad Max-esque volcanic desert wasteland with Wild West overtones.
Interest: Predominant religious scripture views the Unnamed Planet as the cradle of life and rightful paradise of the true believers. The Holy See of Damascus is the one organized governing body on the moon's surface, and they claim the planet is rightful property of the Basilica.
Technical: Long summers, short winters. The moon's surface is ravaged by high volcanic activity and frequent sandstorms, tornadoes, dry thunderstorms, and windstorms; one large storm in particular has been ongoing for 50 rotations. Climate tends toward arid with high temperatures. Soil is ideal for farming, but issues in sustained farmland include volcanic eruption, destructive weather, and sparse precipitation. Mining has been a somewhat successful industry due to high mineral and heavy metal presence. Atmosphere contains slightly elevated levels of nitrates; respiratory ailments are common.
Relations: Damascus is too busy struggling with its own planetary politics- or lack thereof- to bother much with foreign relations. The Basilica sends missions to the other moons, but off-moon visitors aren't taken kindly to by the populace. The thriving mining and robotics industries do participate successfully in inter-satellite trading.

Keith Logos
Day in life:
Keith is mining supervisor on the moon Alpha 66. Its his family jobyou see, because on Alpha 66 your job is given to your family to liveout for the rest of thee time your on the moon.
Keith is going to be the supportive character helping out thestragglers and help push the RP forward. Like the second maincharacter that normally dies or is if you think deeply about actuallythe main character of the story.

Moon Name:
Alpha 66
Alpha 66 is a Sci fisteampunk still of planet were cities have lots of smog, deep cavesof coal and ores of all shapes and sizes. Many people with differentpersonalities, and creatures beyond your imagination.
Alpha66 has a small atmosphere, enough for animals to adapt and survive onthe surface but not enough for the average human being
Alpha 66 was colonized only a few decades ago by aman named Joe Farterny. The man was as smart as anyone one of us,everyone surprised he started a reasonable colony on this rock. Thismoon has only been used for mining operations, but that's what thegovernment want you to think. Three fractions have arisen from thisthe AMC, the all around civilian faction standing for alpha miningcompany.The GR the rebels, which stands for Global Revelation, andlast but not least Beta, beta is the Military force that is in chargeof all military actions that take place on the moon.
Alphas Relations with the other moons is quite positive. Alphasupplies all the other moons with building supplies, in change forfood to feed the colonies on Alpha.

Character Name: Marcus Vakkarrian


Day in the life:
Marcus doesn't work for the Kepler foundation anymore, now he just travels among the moons using the skills he honed in Horizon's intelligence agency to make a living.

The former spy. Marcus knows how dark the universe is. He spent much of his life committing atrocities in the name of his home. If you need something, he has the contacts to get it. If you want to get into someplace he has the skills to get you there
. If you want someone dead, he has the tools to kill them.

Moon Name: Horizon

about forty five percent of the moon is covered in city, and one half ocean. The other five is the moon's original environment. The city that covers Horizon is unusually clean. Everything from the buildings to the streets are kept immaculate, even the air has a purity unheard of in an urban setting.

Horizon has one goal, Scientific Discovery. The unnamed planet offers a completely unique opportunity for scientific research.

One of the more recently inhabited moons, Horizon is controlled by The Kepler foundation
. The Kepler foundation is an organization devoted to exploration, research, and scientific discovery. The Kepler Foundation first colonized the moon around a century ago, and it has grown into one of the most successful moons in the system. the foundation began to develop the colony in anticipation that they would be able to perform research without government intervention. The moon quickly became a mecca for scientists. Despite being controlled by The Kepler Foundation Horizon is very much like it's own nation. Law in Horizon is very strict, and punishment is very harsh. Horizon is very competitive and for years has been sending agents out to sabotage it's neighbors. despite the politics, The foundation is still devoted to science. The foundation wants nothing more than complete control of the unnamed planet, they have already poured many resources into ensuring their domination. They are ruthless and will stop at nothing to obtain what they want.

Relations: Outside of the system Horizon is considered to be a paradise in the wasteland. Horizon is a center for research and education, millions come every year to attend one of the thousands of universities run by The kepler Foundation. The advanced technology that is developed and produced there is considered to be some of the best available. Among the other moons Horizon is generally distrusted. Many factions blame The Kepler Foundation for differing problems among their own ranks. (not all of it unfounded) Horizon is very aggressive, they constantly challenge other factions. The only thing keeping Horizon from being destroyed by the other factions, is because of the other faction's unwillingness to work together. Horizon does however have a good relationship with Osiris, and the Haluu corporation. This is likely because the two have similar goals, that do not impede each other. It is believed that there is an alliance between Horizon and the Haluu corp.
Character Name: Marielle Silverstar

Species and Species info: Shastinian. Shastinians are among the oldest and most advanced species in the galaxy, having developed space travel and faster-than-light transportation independantly. When humans first encountered them, they dubbed the Shastinians as "elves" because of thier resemblance to the mythological creatures. Shastinians typically grow no taller than 5' 5", but on average possess the strength of two strong human males. Many Shastinians have telepathic and telekinetic powers. Shastinians once ruled a vast interstellar empire, but that empire has now gone into decline. Only Shastinians know the location of thier home world, and they refuse to disclose it to other species for fear of a surprise attack. As thier power wans, thier legendary technological prowess has gone to waste, with Shastinians just barely staying one step ahead of thier neighbors, many of whom are newly liberated, former subjects. Many secrets and advances are now lost. Many Shastinians cling to the image of thier once great empire - a symbol of strength for a small people - though they must face the reality that thier place in the galaxy is shrinking to its original size.
Day in the life: Marielle works with the Shastinian Intellegence Bureau, monitering the other moons for signs of hostility toward the lone Shastinian outpost, which is rather isolated from the main territory of the Shastinian Empire
Role: Marielle has come along to ensure the other group members do not endanger Shastinian interests in the planet or the lone remaining Shastinian colony. Her role - for good or for ill - remains unknown.

Moon Name: Klearian
Description: a geologically active world full of jagged peaks and deep oceanic trenches. The planet's native vegitation is indistinguishable from Shastinian plants introduced to the environment. Shastinians are known for blending thier development in with the natural landscape, so thier colonies are difficult to detect, as the landscape appears, at first glance, undisturbed. The moon was once heavily colonized, but with the decline of the Shastinian empire, many settlements have been abandoned. The few that remain exist as small outposts.
The moon is said to remind the Shastinians of home, whatever that looks like
Interest: As the original discoverers of this world, the Shastinians wish to claim what is "rightfully" theirs
Technical: the moon has a nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere and a mass equivalent to Earth's - or teh Shastinian home-world. There are many earthquakes and volcanoes, but the Shastinians seem to be well adapted for these hazards.
History: At one time, the Shastinians controlled a vast, interstellar empire, at one time even occupying Earth itself during the early 21st century. Eventually, humanity rose up and overthrew thier Shastinian overlords, beginning the steady decline of the Empire. This moon was the first moon colonized, as it seemed teh most hospitable. The Shastinians explored teh other moons and the planet below, but focused most of thier attention on this one, using it as a base. The planet was surveyed from orbit, but after several disasterous exploration attempts on the surface, the Shastinian high command forbade anymore trips to the surface. Most people believe the moons are unspoiled and uninhabitated, as the Shastinians, in thier arrogance, left only metal plaques to mark thier presence. These plaques were swallowed up by the elements. Some colonies were already established when a survey ship uncovered the Shastinian colony hidden on Klearian
Relations: With the Shastinian government experiencing one of thier rare periods of peace following the loss of Earth, they don't seem to care about alien "squatters" coming to occupy the other moons. The few surviving colonists nerviously trade with the aliens, while eying thier modest defense forces and thier communications gear in the event they must repel an attack - something unthinkable during the Shastinians' height. It is rumored the Shastinian government knows the secret of the Planet below, but that this information is stored on an external memory card buried deep within the Shastinian home-world. It is also rumored that if anyone, even a Shastinian, views this card without the proper software or security clearance, all they'll find is a collection of the lowest, dirtiest Shastinian pornography imaginable.
I see we have a "who is the oldest race" competition going on.

So, the Shastinians discovered it first, then the Nexians and the Yaprytins showed up.

So, Tiger, you're going to be the Mr Spock of the group? Always advising caution and objecting to courses of action? That's what I'm trying to get at with the "ROLE" entry. I need to know how you're going to interact with the rest of the group.
Hm. I imagined it that the Yaprytins came after the Nexians, so I believe that Yaprytins are in third place when it comes to who discovered what first. Should I edit my post to make it more clear?
Yeah, it might help.

Okay, once my future wife gets her arse in gear and stops embarassing me in front of my roleplay friends, we can begin.

The plan is to run a series of mini-chapters in which we introduce the characters one-by-one to the main plot. This will help with characterisation and also make for an exciting opening to each character's story.

Think of it like Star Wars, where the action switches between each character on a different planet as they slowly come together.

The mini-chapters will only last a few posts and will be entitled like so: "THE STORY OF "X" - "BLAH, BLAH".

So my story will be "THE STORY OF VENTON - A GHOST IN THE MACHINE", and it will be a small chapter in which Venton arrives to fix a Nexian machine and stumbles upon a secret within the network - namely a prophecy of a "darkness" that is coming to the Unnamed Planet.

In this story you guys can play NPCs such as Nexians, human workers, members of Venton's engineering team, or passing civilians. You'll probably only have 1 post, and the goal is to help my story get quickly to its point.

You will all go through the same process with your characters. So if you can submit your idea for your opening scene, we can get this organised.

Does that make sense? o_O
Sal Tempest

Day in the life: Every Nixian must complete a geas in their lifetime, so that they may find spiritual enlightenment and become a fully accepted member of the community. Their journey will reveal itself to them in prophecy and dreams. Nixian children are raised in communal temples until they experience their awakening. Then, they are sent away to complete their geas and enter adulthood.At age 20, Sal is the oldest Nixian to not have yet recieve a vision of her geas. She is more than eager to begin her journey.

Role: Neophyte, spiritual guide, psychic, empath

Moon Name: Terra'Nix
Description: Aquatic planet, completely covered by oceans.
Interest: They do not yet know their role for the unknown planet, it has never revealed itself in their prophecies or dreams, and so they wait.
Technical: Nixian civilization is comprised of various underwater cities located at the higher ocean levels. Their technology is by no means advanced, though it is sophisticated and unique in design. The Nixian live in communion with the other sea creatures of Terra'Nix, and even seem to share a kind of telepathic link with them.

Memory's swell has ebbed.
For countless millennia our people wandered. From what war torn planet, distant galaxy or dying star, we can no longer say. Only that we were lost, adrift, drifting, drowning…

Then we dreamed of the strange, blue planet.

They say that the earliest creatures looked up, saw the sun piercing the water, and pulled themselves onto the scorching earth. That's where they went wrong.
And so we plunged ourselves back into the sea.

The Nixian's are aware of their distant Nexian heritage, but much of the history has been lost, and they do not wish to reclaim it. Not out of malice, but a willing seperation from their ancestors, since they are no longer even biologically similar.

The Nixian are a neutral faction, often giving aid to the other planets in the form of diplomats, missionaries and healers out to fulfill their geas. They do not take sides in any inter-planetary dispute.
Keith is mining along and gets called to the command centre. While at the command centre the head of the colony Keith lives in (an rp-er) tells him to not mine any further then what he has already has mined, and they get into an argument. This confuses Keith because the head never acted that way before and decides to keep digging. A couple of guards come down and tell Keith his is being sent to the unnamed planet, due to what ever reason, the Roleplayer that choose to play as one of them, gives. And etc etc keith follows etc etc keith is on unknown planet blah blah :P
Marcus is in a cafe talking with some friends. A protest is being staged nearby. Marcus and his friends discuss current events. After a short conversation, he bids his friends goodbye, and walks into the crowd of protestors. The leader of the protests walks up to a podium and begins speaking, but is gunned down. Marcus calmly walks away, another job well done. and heads off to the spaceport.

I know it isn't much but I thought something dramatic would be nice.
Well duh. I'm having a goddamn shootout at the Lunar Corral.

Bike gang starts a turf war with Margo's renegades. Local law enforcement shows up to throw their weight around. I'll need at the very least someone to be the gang leader and another to be Margo's old deputy, now the new sheriff. Also someone to be the bishop of the basilica she takes sanctuary in with what remains of her crew.
Character Name: Steven Godfry
Image/Appearance: Steven is a physically fit man standing at just a little above 5'11" in height. He has short blond hair, trimmed back from the neck and ears to form a professional military haircut, and brown eyes. His posture is rigid and straight at most times, and it's a rare occasion when he appears to be relaxed. Steven's formal military uniform is a red jacket and tie over a white dress shirt tucked into a pair of black slacks, the legs of which are tucked into a pair of polished black boots. For day-to-day activities, he forgoes the jacket and tie for a reinforced combat vest lined with pockets.
Day in the life: Steven is a Security Chief on the moon's principal flagship, named the Peacemaker for its primary missions of keeping the peace on the moon and protecting it from invasions from other moons. As the Security Chief, his duties include policing the ship from criminal activity on the interior and leading missions to pacify crime on the surface. Though this is rare, if the ship were ever to be invaded, he would also lead the rest of the security forces in its defense.
Role: Steven could best be described as the Quiet Muscle. He's proficient with a number of weapons and is decently strong, but lacks the technical expertise and motivation to make hard decisions, preferring to simply do what he's told (within reason) and let others come up with the ideas.

Moon Name: Little Europe
Description: Little Europe is largely aquatic, with the major landmasses separated by large expanses of water. Due to the impracticality of building bridges to connect continents, the people stay connected by boat or by utilizing the starships they used to get here. Settlements on the interior of these continents are generally small, with most people preferring to live near the sea, and almost everyone knows how to swim and fish.
Interest: Due to the shortage of materials for maintaining the starships, the people of Little Europe want to control the planet so that they have more resources. Food production is no problem, but raw materials on Little Europe are scarce. At the current rate, most of the ships will have some important component damaged or unusable in a decade or two, and at that time, the people will be landlocked, as it were, until someone comes to save them.
Technical: Due to its smaller mass, Little Europe has roughly three-fourths the gravity of Earth, making it easier to get around, but also requiring the people to have regular exercise or risk atrophying their muscles. The atmosphere is breathable, consisting mostly of Earth's composition, and therefore allowing for a more moderate climate. Principal lifeforms on the planet are aquatic, although the colonists did bring over a few farm animals such as sheep, chicken and cows that have since mated and brought forth offspring. Otherwise, there are no forms of life that live on land.

Geographically, Little Europe is fairly level, and the closest thing to a mountain is Goober Hill, standing at an imposing hundred feet above the rest of the land. As explained, materials that would be useful for spacecraft are in very short supply. Most rocks found are stone and clay, and materials such as gold and iron are rare. The colony itself is fairly recent, but even now, the strain of locating resources is already taking its toll on the inhabitants.

Due to the dangers of holes in space, security forces on the ships are equipped with low-caliber firearms, gas bombs and melee weapons such as knives and stun guns. The ships themselves are equipped primarily with 21st century aircraft weaponry such as missiles and Gatling Guns, along with a division of smaller fighter craft attached to each ship.
History: Little Europe, as the name implies, has its origins on the old Earth, and in fact, most of the colonists hail from France and Germany. About ten years ago, a major manufacturing corporation based in Europe sponsored a multinational effort to seek out new types of materials and resources on other planets, and news of the mysterious Unnamed Planet made it an ideal target. Bringing together scientists, military personnel, engineers and a bevy of workers in various fields, the company acquired four large military warships and sent them off with high hopes and sky-high dreams. The company would never see them again.

Upon coming to the Unnamed Planet and realizing its inhospitable nature, the four warships docked instead on the moon they would eventually settle, dubbing it Little Europe after their continent of origin. Far out of contact with their home planet at this point, the military group commanding this expedition decided that they would simply stay here until they achieved the results expected of them. They knew that if they returned home empty-handed, not only would most of them probably be out of a job, but the chances of the company ever sending out a second expedition would be next to none. They would simply have to buckle down and find the resources they were sent out to find.

Eventually though, the people began to marry and have children. Many would eventually forget the reason why they'd come here in the first place, and for most of them, they were content to live by themselves on this planet, free of society's rules and expectations, able to simply live free by their own code. Even with these new freedoms, however, there are some who still remember their original mission and are still fighting to achieve it. One of these people is the aging captain of the Peacemaker, who pines to go home, and is beginning to grow desperate. He and his three fellow captains have been talking at length about a new means of acquiring the precious samples that the company needs, one which may require the ships to interfere in the affairs of other moons.
Relations: Little Europe does not fraternize with other moons. Early in its settlement, the military commanders made strict rules prohibiting contact with the other colonies, and said commanders also police the space around the moon regularly to prevent any visitors from making contact with them. As a result of this, the people are distrusting of any foreign presence, and a feeling of superiority has begun to slowly creep in as well.
Alright. My opening post will be Taelin hunting a fierce swamp predator for sport.
Yeah, we'll probably only do one post each to help whoever's story it is. The idea is to get the openings done as quickly and coolly as possible.

Okay, so the opening of our movie can run like so.

MARGO'S STORY: Our hero gets into a shootout and takes shelter in a holy place. The bishop hints that darkness is coming.
Margo's gang, Bikers, Sherriff, Bishop, bar customers
VENTON'S STORY: The prophecy of darkness is felt in the Nexian machines as Venton works on them
Nexian biomechanoids, Venton's pets, human engineers
STEVEN'S STORY: Steven is part of the crew that witness something at the edge of the system - he bails out in an escape pod.
Members of Steven's crew
TINIRI'S STORY: Tiniri is the one who finds Steven's escape pod in the desert and drags it home.
Fellow scavengers and villagers
KEITH'S STORY: Keith is sent off-world by his mining chief, for reasons linked to the darkness
Mine chief, Keith's friend, miners
TAELIN'S STORY: Taelin hunts a predator which is not behaving as it should be.
The predator, other creatures, ambiance, other Yaprytins who fail in the hunt
MARCUS'S STORY: Marcus talks politics with his friends then oversees his latest assassination
Marcus's friends, rally members, the guy who gets shot
MARIELLE'S STORY: The Shastinians react to Marcus's latest assassination by sending Marielle on a mission to blah blah
Shastinian ambassador, other Shastinians, etc.
SAL'S STORY: Sal is led by visions to a place where the other characters will meet before the coming darkness.
Random civilians who don't understand the mad religious woman

Can you see what I'm trying to do here? Blend characterisation with plot rather than having the two get in each other's way?